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INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World *

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INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Empty INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World *

Post by Paul Fri 22 Dec 2023, 12:04 pm

The Most Unique Restaurants In The World

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Fe3c8d21814b729db12af7514ffb749d
Photo Courtesy: [Patrick Jouin/Archello]
There are many restaurants around the world that are unique in their own way and should be on your list of places to visit. Here are fifty of the most unique restaurants from around the world. Some are unique because they have a theme, some are just breathtaking, and some are unique because of their location or building type, but all of them are worth a visit.

Steirereck (Vienna, Austria)

The Steirereck Restaurant is located in Vienna, Austria, and has been family-owned for generations. The restaurant is housed in a monolithic, architectural marvel of mirrored glass in Vienna's Stadtpark, and the interior speaks of fine international dining. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 044a3ed05b15a8aaa886b02eb1e866b2
Photo Courtesy: MatthiasPitra/Steirereck]

One of their popular dishes is the freshwater mountain fish, and it is cooked at the table in hot beeswax before being put on a plate with yellow carrot, pollen, and sour cream. It's the go-to restaurant for cutting-edge cooking in Vienna.

Sci-Fi Diner in Disney World Hollywood Studios

The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant is located at Hollywood Studios at Disney World in Florida. It is modeled after a 1950s drive-in theater, and the booths resemble convertibles while some servers act as carhops and wear roller skates. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Bbc7358ac7814e1077fed78d32eac827
Photo Courtesy: [Sci-Fi Diner in Disney World Hollywood Studios/UnknownAuthor/Reddit]

While the guests eat, they can watch film clips from the 1950s and 1960s on the large projection screen. The restaurant serves traditional U.S. cuisine and opened in 1991. The entrance looks like a box office, and the ceiling simulates a night sky with twinkling stars.

The Jane (Antwerp, Belgium)

The Jane Restaurant is located in Antwerp, Belgium, and opened in 2014. It is located on the ground floor of a repurposed military hospital chapel with its dining room illuminated by a spectacular 900kg starburst chandelier. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 72551f5f92865afb12fcac0baf5be9b7
Photo Courtesy: [The Jane/UnknownAuthor/Discovery]

The kitchen is located where the altar once stood. The food they serve is sophisticated and displays highly skilled cooking, with one of the popular dishes being the Norwegian scallop. The upper room in the building is a bar that serves cocktails.

Ultraviolet (Shanghai, China)

The Ultraviolet Restaurant is located in Shanghai, China, and is a single-table restaurant owned by French chef Paul Pairet. The Ultraviolet is the first multi-sensory restaurant in the world that uses sight, sound, and smell to enhance the food through a controlled and tailored atmosphere. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 72627fdaf5a79d8fb9667a2d0735fcfb
Photo Courtesy: [Scott Wright/Traveler]

There is only one table with ten seats in the restaurant, and it serves a 20+ course dinner menu each night. The room has multi-sensory high-end technology such as dry scent projections, stage and UV lighting, 360-degree wall projection, table projectors, beam speakers, and a multichannel speaker system. The meal is accompanied by lights, sounds, music, and scents.

Fangweng (Yichang, China)

The Fangweng Restaurant is located in Yichang, China, near 'The Cave of the Three Travelers.' It is in the Happy Valley, which is an incredibly scenic stretch of cliffs and caves. The entrance is a grey brick building and caves into the cliff with the floor hanging several hundred feet above the ground. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 37f4eec7bd39d7834ae57cf441034766
Photo Courtesy: [Louise K/Twitter]

Part of the dining hall hangs out of the cave, sitting high in the air, where guests can watch the flowing Yangtze River below. You can also take the scenic 30-meter-long plank road along the cliffside to get to the restaurant.

Le Panoramic (Chamonix, France) 

Le Panoramic Restaurant is located in Chamonix, France, and provides extreme mountaintop dining. The restaurant is open for lunch and snacks, offers spectacular views of Mont-Blanc, and is accessible by the gondola and cable car. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 1dd12c3b323bce9759f67e8ac78549cd
Photo Courtesy: [MONTBLANC_NR/Twitter]

The restaurant serves Savoyarde food as well as pasta, soup, steak, and foie gras. The restaurant sits 8,300 feet above sea level so that you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the entire town of Chamonix.

Le Jule Verne (Paris, France)

The Le Jule Verne Restaurant is located in Paris, France, on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower. The cuisine has been led by Frederic Anton, and all the chefs from Le Jule Verne's have been awarded a Michelin Guide star. The restaurant's specialties are the Langoustine en ravioli, Cabillaud cuit au natural, and Souffle chaud chocolate.

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 3723d5f03f5ee862e3fc8bfb12e4526c
Photo Courtesy: [GASTRONOMIC EVENTS/UnknownAuthor/BoomersDaily]

It is a very comfortable restaurant with amazing views of Paris, but it is a more expensive restaurant. Imagine not just looking at the magnificent Eiffel Tower but eating inside of it.

Grotta Palazzese (Polignana a Mare, Italy)

The Grotta Palazzese is located in Italy and is a restaurant with a terrace created inside a natural cave. It is an enchanting place with refined cuisine and the beauty of the blue sea and the natural cavities. The food is always taken care of in every aspect, with the maximum attention to the ingredients' quality. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 6bd2c9131522f5ac686d701ac39a31f2
Photo Courtesy: [GrottaPalazzeseRestaurant,a unique place/UnknownAuthor/Grotta Palazzese]

The meals are based on foods belonging to the Apulian culinary tradition, with aroma, spices, and fragrances. They also serve the most prestigious national and international wines.

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant (Diani Beach, Kenya)

The Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant is located in Diani Beach in Kenya. You can drink and dine in a coral cave that's at least 120,000 years old. Diners enter through an unassuming, whitewashed facade, then descend 33 feet underground to have a meal in an ancient coral cave with a wide mouth overhead for excellent stargazing. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 32351b69a4c96f4ba6eb2e5abf55c253
Photo Courtesy: [ALI BARBOUR’S CAVE RESTAURANT/UnknownAuthor/Diani]

In the evenings, the restaurant glows in the candle lights and the twinkling stars above. The menu is international, but seafood is the specialty.

Ithaa (Maldives)

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is five meters below the ocean's surface at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in the Maldives. It is the world's first undersea restaurant with panoramic coral garden views and has a capacity of 14 people. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 17570b3314c3ec0da06a9fc473fdf37a
Photo Courtesy: [Ithaa – One and Only Underwater Restaurant in Maldives/UnknownAuthor/PandoTrip]

Its entrance is a spiral staircase in a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty and a transparent roof offering a 270 panoramic underwater view. The restaurant can also be booked for private parties, weddings and can even be booked as an overnight residence.

Stratosfare Restaurant (Queenstown, New Zealand)

The Stratosfare Restaurant is located in Queenstown, New Zealand. It is at the top of the Gondola with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, and the surrounding mountains. The signature buffet offers locally sourced wild meats, seasonal vegetarian dishes, and a delicious dessert bar. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * F16b2df4b7327688fb1716a2fe89c1da
Photo Courtesy: [Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar/UnknownAuthor/Skyline]

You will need to take the steepest cable car ride in the Southern Hemisphere to get to this restaurant. When you purchase tickets, it includes the roundtrip Gondola ride and your meal at the Stratosfare Restaurant.

Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant (San Pablo, Philippines)

The Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant is located at the base of an artificial waterfall in San Pablo, Philippines. The restaurant calls for no shoes, has bamboo tables, and the watery eatery sits feet from the rush of a small waterfall. They offer a buffet of fish, rice, BBQ chicken, bananas, and fresh fruit. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Ce9a68330672f7ba26c8c07fac626315
Photo Courtesy: [MArkAndrew/EliteReaders]

The artificial waterfall is actually the runoff from the Labasin Dam, the Philippines' first hydroelectric plant. The falls allow guests to lean under the rushing waters after finishing their barefoot meal.

Biutiful by the Lake (Bucharest, Romania)

The Biutiful by the Lake restaurant is located on a floating terrace on the bank of Herastrau Lake in Bucharest, Romania. It was designed as a hanging garden over the water with the ceiling and windows being retractable to view the water and serve as a shelter. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * D62692ceb24d28935f21cad8a2a8dc89
Photo Courtesy: [Biutiful By The Lake/UnknownAuthor/TwinStudio]

The whole restaurant harmonizes with its surroundings and has 250 sitting spots with space around the bar. They offer a wide variety but are known for their seafood. The restaurant is only open during the summer and provides a relaxing atmosphere.

The White Rabbit (Moscow, Russia)

The White Rabbit Restaurant is located in Moscow, Russia, and offers a spectacular 360-degree view of Moscow. The dining area sits under a domed glass roof and features different colored velvet sofas and cozy curved booths. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Ce9a73d5a02c3bd35d70213ab63c3794
Photo Courtesy: [ANDREA TIM/UnreservedFoodandDining]

It is the place to come for Vladimir Mukhin's inventive cuisine using Russian ingredients. Weird and wonderful rabbit-themed art adorns the restaurant, including giant Russian dolls with white rabbits in their arms, and the elevator is painted to look like the doors to a mysterious room. Some popular dishes include sea urchin with tangerine in a baked potato and coco lardo with black caviar and black bread.

Aescher (Wasserauen, Switzerland)

The Aescher Restaurant is located in Wasserauen, Switzerland, and is a 170-year-old Swiss guesthouse and restaurant built into the side of a mountain. The cozy restaurant offers dining with a panoramic view of the Alps but, to get to it, you need to take the cable car and then a 15-minute hike. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 8e149d0727dc4ae9fe57adf5e6c68d26
Photo Courtesy: [Herbert Haltmeier/UniqHotels]

The tables are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the most popular dish is the Rosti, Swedish hashbrowns, which come with sausages and a local beer. This restaurant is closed during the winter.

Piz Gloria (Murren, Switzerland)

The Piz Gloria is a rotating restaurant on the Schilthorn summit in the Bernese Alps. The restaurant is located in Murren, Switzerland, and sits 9,700 feet above sea level. Scenes from the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service were filmed here, and there are 007 touches throughout the restaurant. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Ff0fcca3ff535297eaff2db70b043887
Photo Courtesy: [Piz Gloria/UnknownAuthor/SwissSkyline]

The rotating restaurant offers all guests a 360-degree-view, and the menu offers classic Swiss and international food, including schnitzel, curry, pasta, and bratwurst. You can reach Piz Gloria by rail.

The Rock Restaurant (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

The Rock Restaurant is one of the most scenic restaurants in Africa and is located on a rock in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Highly-known for their fresh seafood, they have twelve tables and are accessible by foot or boat. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 3ee5312a26ed7f9df121d1129b1f7f2a
Photo Courtesy: [THE ROCK, A RESTAURANT/UnknownAuthor/MybestPlace]

The restaurant was originally a fisherman's post and is one of the most renowned in Zanzibar and a high-end stop for those who wish to enjoy fresh seafood recipes in exotic settings. The restaurant serves delicacies such as octopus salad, seafood spaghetti, squid, and queen prawns.

Soneva Kiri (Koh Kood, Thailand)

The Soneva Kiri Restaurant is located in Thailand on the island of Koh Kood. Guests have to hike through the island's beachside rainforest to reach their table, an egg-shaped, handmade structure built by a resident craftsman with locally sourced bamboo and rattan. The 'pods' are made to resemble the nests of the native birds and are hoisted by electric cables 36 feet in the air, floating among the rainforest canopy. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 47925e75357681cd684a5a83b40259ba
Photo Courtesy: [TYLER RONEY/RemoteLands]

Guests enjoy unobstructed views of the Gulf of Thailand and are brought their meals by waiters soaring through the massang trees on zip-lines. The food is sourced from the resort's organic garden and features Thai classics, seafood, and fresh fruit.

The Grotto (Krabi, Thailand)

The Grotto Restaurant is located in a limestone cave on Phranang Beach in Krabi, Thailand. The only way to reach the romantic restaurant is by boat from Krabi town. Their specialty is seafood, bbq, and they serve light snacks and great desserts, and a range of delicious cocktails.

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 56abdb11792eae5bd22ae2f57ec8e142
Photo Courtesy: [THE GROTTO/UnknownAuthor/RayavaDee]

The setting is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset or take in the views and sea breeze. The restaurant's floor is the sand from the beach at the Rayavadee Resort, located in one of the world's most beautiful caves.

Baan Rim Pa Patong (Phuket, Thailand)

Baan Rim Pa Patong Restaurant is one of the most famous Thai restaurants in Thailand. It is located just north of Patong at Kalim Beach, and it is an open-air, two-story teak house that offers panoramic views of Patong Beach and the Bay of Kalim. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * F5f63e39a50694e688f48521720c8c50
Photo Courtesy: [Nickie/Khaolak]

The large terrace clings to a cliff directly over the ocean, and every table offers stunning views of the blue sea. The menu offers Royal Thai Cuisine that was once prepared only for Thai royalty.

71Above (Los Angeles, CA)

The 71Above restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and sits at almost 1,000 feet above ground level. It is the highest restaurant west of the Mississippi and offers amazing 360-degree views with a circular dining area. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 25c482997466fad2df94b5c87fbbb491
Photo Courtesy: [Wonho Frank Lee/Vox]

The restaurant has modern American tasting menus from chef Vartan Abgaryan and expertly crafted cocktails. The food is on the expensive side, and you can expect to pay about $70 for a three-course meal at this upscale restaurant.

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INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Empty Re: INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World *

Post by Paul Fri 22 Dec 2023, 12:06 pm

Commissary (Los Angeles, CA)

The Commissary Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, is housed inside a massive greenhouse on the hotel's rooftop deck. The restaurant focuses on vegetables along with their other dishes, and they offer a list of cocktails. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 3a87c9b7e447d6685f21b03fb2c86482
Photo Courtesy: [Cheryl A. Guerrero / Los Angeles Times]

Many plants are hanging in the restaurant with lots of natural sunlight to give you the feeling that you eating inside of an actual greenhouse. The produce-focused restaurant is located right in the middle of Koreatown's office buildings, strip malls, and karaoke bars.

Snow Castle of Kemi (Finland)

The Snow Castle of Kemi is located in Kemi, Finland, and is rebuilt every winter with a different architecture. It is the largest snow fort in the world, with ice tables and seats covered with reindeer fur and ice sculptures. The drinks are served in solid ice cups, and the food is broad in range and simple, but one of the favorites is vegetable beef soup, followed by fillet of reindeer, vegetables. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * E96b2207d7c927cdc0a28612200e2ec3
Photo Courtesy: [Katrina Ramsey /Twitter]

For dessert, cranberry mousse cake, or you can have Finnish pasties and soup if you want something lighter. The building also has a hotel and a chapel, and come spring, it all melts away.

The Safe House (Milwaukee)

The Safe House is located in Milwaukee and is a family-friendly, fun restaurant that keeps all of its guests entertained with interactive gadgets and espionage. The spy experience includes scavenger hunts, magic, delicious entrees, and more. All the junior spies will receive a souvenir color-changing cup and an undercover activity guide. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 3a00ccd26b539f31dcb0c5eab0859048
Photo Courtesy: [Rebecca Kames/Milwaukee]

The restaurant is filled wall to wall with spy memorabilia, and it has been featured as a backdrop in movie shots and on the History Channel as one of the best secret locations to visit. "You would have to be a CIA agent to figure this place out in one trip." --- Rachael Ray

Trinity Place (NYC)

Trinity Place Restaurant & Bar is located in lower Manhattan in New York. It is located in an old bank vault that sits beneath a skyscraper, and the vault is unique in that it has an entrance at either end. The front dining area has a 40-foot mahogany bar anchored between the original five-inch steel walls, and the dining room has the original Brass Chandelier.

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 772cc529bb4a3892c188d5534f68d9eb
Photo Courtesy: [CLAIRE LEADEN/SecretNYC]

The chef brings contemporary touches to traditional dishes and creating new dishes along with his traditional Irish brown bread and Guinness-Treacle bread.

Vertigo (Bangkok)

The Vertigo Restaurant is located on the 61st floor at Banyan Tree Bangkok, and it offers a 360-degree view of the Bangkok skyline. The menu offers a range of food from seafood to premium steaks, and guests can either eat from the full a la carte or from a set menu, with three and 4-course meals available.

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 2216721184a5fcf0f8675c54d0ce72d3
Photo Courtesy: [Sam Gao/Flickr]

The restaurant is also located right by the Moon Bar, where you can find exotic cocktails, expensive champagnes, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. The best time to visit the Vertigo Restaurant is early evening when the skyline lights up with the setting sun.

Dinner in the Sky (Belgium)

Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant where the guests are strapped into seats at a table suspended 164 feet above the ground from a crane. Well-known chefs cook and serve from the center while up to 22 people sit along the perimeter. Dinner in the Sky offers three sittings, one for lunch and two for dinner. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 2ea6e6fae459236cbb23748e60796125
Photo Courtesy: [Dinner in the Sky Belgium/UnknownAuthor/Linkedin]

The price for this experience is roughly $350 per person, and you can also rent these for your group for special occasions. You can enjoy the fantastic views while delighting in rare dishes and fine wines.

Remvi Restaurant (Santorini, Greece)

Remvi Restaurant is located in Greece and offers spectacular caldera views in the heart of Firostefani. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood along with tasty meals from the Mediterranean and international cuisine, and they serve lunch and dinner. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Cdf437e7b6694abc94f880344d020973
Photo Courtesy: [RemviRestaurant/UnknownAuthor/RemviRestaurant]

Guests can enjoy the shaded patio where each table has wide views from Fira to Imerovigli, and there is also an open and airy interior dining room with gorgeous views. The restaurant is open from March through December.

Wildman Wilderness Lodge (Australia)

Wildman Wilderness Lodge Restaurant is located two hours west of Darwin in Australia. The restaurant is on the fringe of Kakadu National Park and is nestled in the lush Mary River wetlands area. They serve outback-inspired cuisine, have outback views, and you will dine under the canopy of a million stars. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 5841803d90586e8b00cc987b6b65c1ec
Photo Courtesy: [DINE UNDER THE CANOPY OF A MILLION STARS /UnknownAuthor/Australia]

You will be eating outside as the sun sets, watching for wildlife. You will also enjoy a didgeridoo performance, a traditional Indigenous dance, and a guided tour of the sky by a resident 'sky talker.'

Bateaux Dinner Cruise (Dubai)

The Bateaux Dinner Cruise glides along the Dubai Creek on an evening cruise. You will admire Dubai's skyline while enjoying a gourmet dinner. When you arrive, you will walk the red carpet onto the boat and receive a welcome drink and canapes. You will pass by top Dubai attractions such as the Clock Tower and Al Maktoum Bridge and then enjoy a four-course meal and beverages. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 74f7bbd45ba5cff30aae9bf2c505a1ee
Photo Courtesy: [Bateaux Dinner Cruise/UnknownAuthor/TripxTours]

The cruise takes about two and half hours, and you can sit inside the glass-covered deck, find a spot on the open roof terrace, or on the outdoor deck where you can watch as the boat glides beneath the floating bridges and the Maktoum.

Redwoods Treehouse (Warkworth, New Zealand)

The Redwoods Treehouse is located near Warkworth in New Zealand. A pod-shaped structure built 192 feet above ground in a Redwood tree and access to the restaurant is provided by an elevated tree-top walkway. It is not open for casual dining but can be rented or used for private functions, work parties, product launches, intimate weddings, and other celebrations. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * E577156c5db5e1aacd52dba83e8ff5f4
Photo Courtesy: [YELLOW TREEHOUSE/UnknownAuthor/NZStrong]

The Treehouse can hold thirty guests for a seated meal or fifty for a stand-up function and can be hired daily with a range of catering options to choose from.

Modern Toilet (China)

The Modern Toilet Restaurant is a bathroom-themed chain restaurant in China. The interior is decorated like an interior of a bathroom, with wall tiles decorated with poo-shaped cartoon characters. The dining chairs are actual toilet seats, each one decorated, glass-topped sinks as the dining tables and rolls of toilet paper are used instead of napkins. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * C1c8c8c4c54542daec1b28b2f06141d8

They serve a mix of Italian and Asian cuisine, and the food is served in toilet-shaped dishes, and ice cream is served in a toilet bowl in the shape of poo.

The Bubble Room (Captiva Island, Florida)

The Bubble Room Restaurant is located on Captiva Island in Florida. The restaurant is full of old toys and plenty of Christmas toys and lights. The restaurant is Hollywood, Christmas, and a toy store all in one place. They serve soup, salad, sandwiches, fresh seafood, and steak but desserts are their specialty. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 94d01cebe8c95ad8a4b663fdda16f39a
Photo Courtesy: [The Bubble Room/UnknownAuthor/FunandFork]

The restaurant is a lot to take in, and the food is pricey, but if you have young children, they would love this restaurant. It has had mixed reviews but overall a pretty unique place.

Kayabukiya Tavern (Japan)

The Kayabukiya Tavern is located in Utsunomiya in Japan. It is a traditional-style Japanese sake house restaurant with two macaque monkeys who work at the restaurant. The first monkey is twelve, and his job is to take customers their drinks. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 8750447d294370808a0389eeb7292e14
Photo Courtesy: [Hayley Pugh/StoryTrender]

The other monkey, who is only four, has the duty of bringing the attendees hot towels to clean their hands. They both receive boiled soya beans as tips from the customers, and they are each allowed to work two hours a day.

The Airplane Restaurant (CO)

The Airplane Restaurant centerpiece is a fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker and is located in Colorado. There is space for forty-two passengers to actually eat in the plane of the 275-seat restaurant. The aircraft was built in 1953, is rich in aviation history, and displays hundreds of pictures, memorabilia, and rare artifacts.

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Fca50c58d3af31445f7607cd3700f09b
Photo Courtesy: [Mark Ostermann/MilestoMemories]

It is also outfitted with seven rows of comfortable booths, serves American food, and is known for its World's Biggest Cod Sandwich, breaded and deep-fried.

Vista Restuarant (Cambodia)

The Vista Restaurant is located in Cambodia and is situated over the water. Guests take the bridge to the lounge and enjoy the panorama of the vast ocean. Famous world-class chefs prepare fresh food, and they blend local Khmer flavors with the Western Cuisines. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 235162985eeedabd1f074fb0ccdcfb78
Photo Courtesy: [Song Saa Private Island/]

They also offer an impressive list of beverages, the finest wines, champagnes, and beers. The lounge and sunset create the most romantic and memorable dinner. The resort that the restaurant is located at is 40 minutes away from Sihanoukville by boat.

Huvafen Fushi (North Male, Maldives)

The Huvafen Fushi is located in North Male in the Maldives. It is set over the pale blue lagoon with uninterrupted ocean panoramas. They serve 100% raw, organic, wholesome food in a relaxed bistro-style setting—juices and hand-picked ingredients from the chef's garden and lean, clean selections for a healthy lunch. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 8f0cea3fdca2ffd39e25c83c3c5e3650
Photo Courtesy: [A Perfect Vacation at Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives/UnknownAuthor/Pandotrip]

Indulge in an unforgettable breakfast or dinner while enjoying the glittering views of the Maldives. There are many dining options in the Maldives so you can't go wrong with any that have a view of the water.

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INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Empty Re: INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World *

Post by Paul Fri 22 Dec 2023, 12:07 pm

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar (CA)

The Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar is located at the iconic Fairmont San Fransisco hotel in California. The restaurant offers tropical decor, decadent libations, and Polynesian-fusion cuisine. The Tonga Room features The Island Groove Band and a dance floor that was built from the remains of the S.S. Forester. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 020d23cdfb48f0a0f32c2541103100d9
Photo Courtesy: [Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar/UnknownAuthor/WhereTraveler]

They offer periodic tropical rainstorms, complete with thunder and lightning. In the center is a lagoon with a floating stage for the band.

Catacombs at Bube's Brewery (Pennsylvania)

The Catacombs Restaurant is located in Pennsylvania and is several stories below the street's surface in the aging cellars of Bube's Brewery. When the guests arrive, the host greets them and leads them on a tour of the historic brewery, and then you will descend 43 feet into the stone-lined vaults of the Catacombs. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 9ba3d5bb136b6cef4bd640f7663e30d1
Photo Courtesy: [Donovan Roberts Witmer/Susquehanna]

The restaurant serves various traditional and gourmet dishes and offers a complete list of cocktails, wines, and beers. This restaurant offers fine dining, but there are restaurants nearby if you are looking for a more casual dining experience.

M6m (Maadhoo Island, Maldives)

The M6m underwater restaurant is located on Maadhoo Island in the Maldives. The restaurant is located 6 meters under the Blue Lagoon and is the first underwater restaurant being included in an All-Inclusive Plan. The tables are all set for two. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 50c454e678f76a00aa27f0b9582b6657
Photo Courtesy: [OZEN LIFE MAADHOO/]

The Executive Chef and his culinary team deliver some of the finest Modern Seafood cuisines in a mesmeric underwater space. Anyone that stays at the resort for more than four nights will be able to dine underwater at no extra charge.

The Yurt (Solitude, Utah)

The Yurt is located in Solitude, Utah, and offers a memorable four-course dinner prepared right in front of you. Dinner follows a guided snowshoe hike through the snowy forest. Everything that is used for cooking the meal, including tableware, is all hauled up the mountain to the Yurt. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 581720967e7d7414d4a4a6a8433c3048
Photo Courtesy: [The Viking Yurt/ParkCity]

Everyone is seated communally, and after sharing some wine, your fellow dinner guests are your friends. This experience is only offered during the winter months.

The Green Dragon Inn (New Zealand)

The Green Dragon Inn is located in New Zealand and offers a tour of the movie set The Hobbiton and a visit to the pub. The pub provides beverages and meals with your tour. If you purchase the Evening Banquet Tour, you will eat in the dining room and be treated to a banquet feast fit for a Hobbit, and the tables will be heaving with traditional Hobbit fare. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 652577218a685f5992e34a2b65952142
Photo Courtesy: [THE GREEN DRAGON:tm: INN/UnknownAuthor/Hobbiton]

The Green Dragon Inn is only accessible as part of a tour of The Hobbiton movie set. You can rent the space for private events as well.

H.R. Giger Museum Bar (Gruyères, Switzerland)

The H.R. Giger Museum Bar was created by Swiss artist H.R. Giger and is located in Gruyeres in Switzerland. The ceiling, walls, floors, fittings, tables, and chairs are all modeled by the artist in the style of his acclaimed 'Alien' biomechanical environment and character designs. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 1e3e251635349aaf0befe1222ce99fe8
Photo Courtesy: [Yashasvi Matam/Twitter]

The interior is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle. The restaurant serves bar, pub, and cafe food, and has mixed reviews.

Alice In A Labyrinth (Tokyo, Japan)

Alice in a Labyrinth is located in Tokyo, Japan. When you enter the restaurant you walk into the main dining room to various scenes from the story, the hedges from the queen's garden, a ceiling with enormous cards, and chairs in the shape of rose bushes. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * Bb4f741c7f561afd13f2aaff5038eff2
Photo Courtesy: [francisco javier hernandez delpon/Twitter]

The food is even themed; appetizers are in the shape of cut-out cards and roses or an ice cream dessert that resembles the Cheshire cat. Their drinks and food are themed and have Alice in the Wonderland names and it is an excellent place to visit with children.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant (Bali)

Tsavo Lion Restaurant is located in Bali and is the first African-themed restaurant in Asia that allows you to have a close encounter with real wildlife. The restaurant is located side by side with the lion's exhibition. You will be able to see lions in their natural habitat while you enjoy your meal. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 5b2d63520d4ffb62738dc1ad5af975ef
Photo Courtesy: [Bali Safari & Marine Park/UnknownAuthor/BaliTourService]

The cuisine is made with traditional Balinese recipes and Asian and local specialties freshly served buffet style. You can then go explore the safari and see all the animals.

Blackout Dining in the Dark (Las Vegas)

The Blackout Dining in the Dark Restaurant is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you arrive, the staff with night-vision goggles will escort you through the dark dining room to your seat, where you'll be guided through each delicious course. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 93cb038c90754070bbdc4d226384e6ea
Photo Courtesy: [SEE VEGAS IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHT/UnknownAuthor/BalckoutDiningintheDark]

Your meal will consist of soup, salad, appetizer, salad, entree, dessert, and drinks. When you are done eating, your server will guide you back into the light, where they will reveal the secret identities of the dishes you experienced. The restaurant was named one of the top restaurants in Las Vegas.

Robot Restaurant (Tokyo, Japan)

The Robot Restaurant is located in Tokyo, Japan, and is one of Tokyo's most popular tourist attractions. It has a show that combines robots, dragons, ninjas, blue-haired dancers, drums, neon lights, and really loud music. You are brought in past two giant robot statues that you can climb up and sit in if you want. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 9dc8c8e2cc1ba411dcc3dd6b215fde6e
Photo Courtesy: [Robot Restaurant/UnknownAuthor/TimeOut]

Then you are brought up an elevator into a holding area, and after you are seated and eating, the performers come out. You will experience a sensory extravaganza; the restaurant is certainly not a quiet night out.

Barbie Cafe (Taiwan)

The Barbie Cafe is located in Taiwan and sells Barbie-themed food and drinks, including macaroons, iced biscuits, sundaes, and cakes. It is located in Taipei's shopping district. The interior is full of hot-pink sofas, and neon pink tables shaped like stiletto heels. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 4f63b1144d82245b2c04e3f93a2a033e
Photo Courtesy: [Barbie Cafe: Menu/WorkingwithGrace]

The chairs are decorated with fuzzy pink tutus and red corsets, and Barbie illustrations in several different outfits. Staff wears bright pink Barbie T-shirts, pink tutus, Barbie armbands, and sparkly tiaras.

Parallax Snowcat Dinner (Mammoth Mountain, CA)

The Parallax Snowcat Dinner is located on Mammoth Mountain in California. It is a really unique experience where you get to experience the snowbound backcountry's sights and sounds in the heated comfort of a luxury snowcat. 

INFORMATION VINE * The Most Unique Restaurants In The World * 3769a1ee8501a92e689a685869ab2a50
Photo Courtesy: [MEGHAN MIRANDA/MammothLakes]

Then you will be driven to the Parallax restaurant at McCoy Station for your evening meal. You can also take the daytime tour, which included snacks, and kids can enjoy a waffle sundae and hot cocoa. The tour starts and ends at the Mammoth Mountain Inn.

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