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INFO VINE * 50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time *

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INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Empty INFO VINE * 50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time *

Post by Paul Thu 8 Feb 2024 - 5:22

50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 6cde36147655eeac9cfcdafe8532c271
[Photo Courtesy: TV Shows / PixaHive]
One thing that brings a household together more than anything else is an amazing TV show the whole family enjoys. While many TV shows are aired daily, there are only a few that have been able to capture the hearts of many like the ones on this list. The shows on this list are sure to be some of the ones you watched, as well as some to put in your queue. Scroll through this gallery and see which one of these you missed out on. 

Full House

The American sitcom’s first season was aired in 1987 and was a massive hit from its first episode. The series begins with Danny Tanner becoming a widow, with three daughters to raise. Accepting he can’t raise his daughters alone, he recruits Joey Gladstone, his best friend, and his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 14a995d89aa26c6609b068521e2ccd89
[Photo Courtesy: Full House / ]

The following seasons are full of humorous events of the family’s expansion; with Jesse falling in love, getting married, and then having two kids with his wife Becky (all while living in the same house), Danny’s three daughters grow into young ladies, Joey pursuing his career as a comedian, and welcoming more members (pets) to the full house. In 1995, ABC announced the show was being canceled due to production costs, despite the fact that it was still one of the most popular shows at the time. 

Grey’s Anatomy

The show premiered in 2005 on ABC. Grey’s Anatomy is about the lives of five interns as they try to settle into their new duties. Following the interns’ journeys in pursuing to become the best doctors, they can be, while they adjust to their surroundings within and outside the Seattle Grace Hospital. The story goes to show bits of the personal lives of the interns, specifically the main character Meredith Grey. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 9590eafbf3831a08375a2fe7a92e5009
[Photo Courtesy: Grey’s Anatomy / ]

The show also explores the incoming patients’ diagnoses, new incoming interns, and the supervisors. The show lasted seventeen seasons (the 17th season aired in 2020) and it will most likely remain that way. The show won the Golden Globe Award of the Best Television Series in 2007 along with various other recognitions. 

Stranger Things

The American science fiction/horror-drama series Stranger Things created by Matt and Ross Duffer aired in 2016. This entire series is set in Indiana in the 1930s. Starting the first season with a young boy disappearing into thin air while a young girl appears out of thin air, the series of events just gets more and more intense as family, friends, and town police go down the rabbit hole into all sorts of investigations. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * F7396854e79c772a11bc274ab8744dd9
[Photo Courtesy: Stranger Things / ]

This series is full of mysteries with the revealing of supernatural forces, the exposure of government secrets, and well... stranger things. The series is still ongoing with season 4 currently filming, with no true release date as of 2021. 

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror series that was inspired by Robert Kirkman’s comic book. The show premiered in 2010 and was considered one of the best shows of the 20th century and of all time. The show is based on survivors of an apocalypse and their journey trying to escape the zombie-looking monsters (aka “walkers”) that roam about. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Aae77a6ba86ab8e7c8a9d5d8a1c49721
[Photo Courtesy: The Walking Dead Panel / ]

Throughout the series, characters come and go, while also getting to know the remaining characters at a more personal level as they try to find the security and safety, they once thought they had. So far, it's been reported the show will come to an end with its 11th season. 

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy was written by Kurt Sutter. At first glance, it appears to be all about violence, but there is a lot more to the characters that captivated a large diverse audience. Inspired by Hamlet, SOA is a crimeTVshow/series of motorcycle gang members who try to protect their town from other criminals, that’s the simple version. The show is based in a fictional town called Charming, California where SOA resides with families, allies, and ties, with deeply repressed internal wounds and conflicts.

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 8ade51b38f9cedcdddd1bef8bcfc6f54
[Photo Courtesy: Sons of Anarchy / Voices Film & Television ]

SOA came to an end after the seventh season due to the production costs, the main character’s story was perfectly written in such a way that it would come to an end after just a few seasons. The first season premiered in 2008 and the last one was in 2014. 

The Office (US)

Inspired by the UK sitcom, the US version was very successful thanks to the cast and the humorous script. The Office aired on the NBC channel in 2005. It is based on a group of colleagues who work at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office, despite such a simple plot, the uniqueness of each character is what truly encapsulated the audience. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 763d8130a147a4fc942f0d2b44ba0787
[Photo Courtesy: The Office (US) / IMDB]

The script was well written, characters well developed and the audience found the show “addicting.” The first few seasons ranked the highest views. The last season aired in 2013 with a total of nine seasons. 

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother was written by Carter Bay and Craig Thomas. The series begins with Ted Mosby, sitting down to tell his two kids how he met their mother 25 years earlier. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 169d053069bab96f4eef4a10b7468167
[Photo Courtesy: How I met Your Mother / Amazon]

The series follows the Mosby’s journey back in time, as he narrates the dissatisfying relationships with women that ended in disappointment until he meets Tracy. In the plot, there are four main characters; Ted, Lily, Marshall, Barney, and Robin.

The show premiered in 2005 on CBS and was canceled after seven seasons mainly due to cast contracts having to be re-negotiated. 

Modern Family

Modern Family is based on the life of three-modern-day families that are interconnected with one another by blood and the love for each other. The show is based on quirky marriages, raising their children, and maneuvering work-life. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 8a254d23bc4c1e414c50c3f69524b850
[Photo Courtesy: Modern Family / ]

The diversity and individuality of each character made the show remarkable, humorous, enriching, and relatable to watch. Its last season (11th season) was aired in April of 2020. With more than 7 million viewers, the show ended just when it was about to reach its peak, nevertheless, it seemed to be just the right time as sometimes it's best to leave on top than to wait for viewers to make that decision for you. 


Suits, follows the journey of two top lawyers or so that is what they want you to think. The series begins with Manhattan's top lawyer, Harvey Specter, in search of another lawyer as his associate. Specter is impressed by a college drop-out, Mike Ross. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * B2bea8f09400c23512fa2d0d4143be09
[Photo Courtesy: Suits /]

Ross is brilliant, intelligent from both books and real-life experience but with no formal/professional qualifications. Specter however decides to hire him anyway. The rest of the series follows both of these men trying to do their job without getting caught. The show received multiple awards and both actors received individual recognitions. The first season was aired in 2011 and the ninth season (last season) premiered in 2019. 

The Big Bang Theory

In 2007, The Big Bang Theory was aired on CBS and came to be one of the greatest comedy shows in history. The series was about a group of socially-awkward friends who supposedly understood the intellectual ways of how the universe operated but had very little clues on how to communicate with people. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * B44b74d8aa8d8cd262840a1e75a1a851
[Photo Courtesy: The Big Bang Theory / ]

The lives of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard change when they meet the aspiring screenwriter, Penny, who moves in next door. The show contains plenty of jargon that only science peeps may understand. This series is geeky, quirky, and humorous. The show currently has 12 seasons in total, with a new spin-off, Young Sheldon. 

Breaking Bad

This crime series first aired in 2008. Breaking Bad follows the story of chemistry high school teacher, Walter White, and the events that follow after he is diagnosed with cancer. With a family, home, and responsibilities, Walter gets caught up in the methamphetamine-drug-dealing business with the intent to lighten the load of his medical bills. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * E087304a11f77de13534274b81a95238
[Photo Courtesy: Breaking Bad / ]

Directed by Vince Gilligan, Terry McDonough, and Johan Renck, the show came to receive various industry awards; with the latest being the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series in the Drama category division in 2014. The actors received individual industry recognitions as well. 

Dragon Ball Z

A 1989 Japanese series, Dragon Ball Z was highly encapsulating to kids and adolescents alike. The show follows its main character Goku and the Z Warriors as they try to defend the Earth against the dark forces. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 221813a5c2599a541ad475bd9736a275
[Photo Courtesy: Dragon Ball Z /]

One of the most recognized TV shows of its time, Dragon Ball Z portrays the high virtues of loyalty, teamwork, and trustworthiness. The show lasted nine seasons and was listed as the 78th best-animated show in the Top 100 Animated Series of its era. Dragon Ball Z was an inspiration to the youth, reminding them of their inherent capabilities, values, and virtues. The show has also had multiple spin-offs like Dragon Ball Z GT and Dragon Ball Z Super.

Law and Order

Created by Dick Wolf, the 1990s Drama, Law & Order is about how to identify guilt from innocence. Throughout the series, each episode starts off with crime investigations and the second part of the episodes is when the case is taken to court. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 94ead3002f1b68b808f11ce0bfae10d3
[Photo Courtesy: Law and Order / ]

The show received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. With 20 seasons total, this series was the audience’s number one show. Its last season aired in 2010. Law & Order became a franchise with videogames, films, and international adaptations of the series. 


The first premium TV show ever produced by HBO, despite being overly graphic in its violence and sex scenes, the show still lured in the audience. The overall performance and curiosity of the unusual lives of the inmates in the Oswald State Correctional Facility was somehow “intriguing.” 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * C383003eeab59bdaeec3aa37787b0d1a
[Photo Courtesy: Oz / Amazon]

The series follows the lives, activities, and shenanigans of the criminals within the facility. Its first season was aired in 1997 and its last season in 2003. With six seasons total, the show was awarded the Satellite Award for Best Television Series (Drama category) in 1999. Actors were also individually recognized. 

The Crown

The Crown portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth as she takes the crown after her father’s death. The series follows the life of Elizabeth before becoming queen, plus an inside look at the people surrounding her. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Dbe9e5bac9d80b6380bc8f6c86724ae2
[Photo Courtesy: Netflix / YouTube]

The story is driven by what was most assumed to have happened in the reign, from political disputes, romance, and frauds to the circumstances which came to shape the 20th century. The first season was released on Netflix in 2016 and a total of four seasons are ongoing as of today. The Crown was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series in 2017 plus it received other recognitions and nominations. 

Anne with an E

Despite not receiving recognition from the media and large audiences, Anne with an E is a must-watch. The three-season series is a coming of age story based on the children’s book Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery which is based in the early 1900s. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 2d5913513f89ab28416228cd8d3b9459
[Photo Courtesy: Anne with an E / IMDB]

The show emits beauty, imagination, inspiration, love, trust, and acceptance more than anything. Each episode is filled with life lessons while exploring life through Anne’s eyes, and getting to know the characters a bit deeper. The first season premiered in 2017 and the last season in 2020. Various actors received individual recognitions. The show remains on Netflix, we recommend you stream it. 

South Park

An American sitcom, South Park is based on the adventures of four young boys, with an adult twist and lots of violence, jokes, insults, and the like. This show was known to be the most shocking of its era, due to its uncensored truths, “controversies”, government exposure, and news’ lies. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * C151c42d791f65c953e57181c73286eb
[Photo Courtesy: South Park /]

Even though the show lost its “spark,” South Park continues to be one-of-a-kind. South Park was aired in 1997 on Comedy Central and so far, they have 24 seasons out. It received the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2013. 

Gilmore Girls

The Pop-Culture phenomenon, Gilmore Girls was widely cherished in North America and soon after in the UK. The show is based in a tiny town of Connecticut, following the life of a single mom, Lorelai Gilmore, and her single daughter, Rory Gilmore. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 83b7968c608711fe3d22c0b913059b50
[Photo Courtesy: Netflix UK & Ireland / YouTube]

The show consists of relationships, romance, education, jobs, and diversity issues. The audience loved the show for its colorful and witty characters. Gilmore Girls became widely popular mostly by word-of-mouth. The first episode aired in 2000 and the last in 2003, with only three seasons total. 

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones was a revolutionary TV show, bringing a new edge to fantasy. With spectacular scripts, outstanding cinematography, and unpredictable performances, Game of Thrones blossomed. The show follows nine families fighting one another for the leadership of the mystical/fictional land of Westeros. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 103a890a310ca90fbb0a53a1202593b1
[Photo Courtesy: Game of Thrones Cast / ]

The show was aired on HBO in 2011 and the last in 2019, a total of eight seasons. The show received various awards with numerous nominations as well as the actors receiving individual recognitions. Game of Thrones was drama-filled with action and thrilling events, keeping the audience on their toes. Without giving any spoilers, this series taught us that no character is ever truly safe. 

Mad Men

Produced by Lionsgate Television, Mad Men is based on the fictional character Don Draper and his personal and professional life within the 1960s and 1970s. The show explores the U.S. shifts and historical background through particular events during the time. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 9751560d890e7dea0afb36dcf78f94ba
[Photo Courtesy: Mad Men Cast / ]

Mad Men was recognized for its historical authenticity, visual style, script, overall writing, directing, and overall performance. It won five Golden Globes and six Emmy awards. It was the first cable series to have been awarded the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. The show lasted seven seasons from 2007 to 2015. 


The medical comedy-drama, Scrubs, first aired in 2001 on NBC and then later on ABC. Considered similar to Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs is based on medical interns in the Sacred Heart Hospital (fictional). Every episode is narrated and seen through the eyes of the character Dr. John Michael, who is meant to be writing in his diary. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 48b98336857a84dc29f07227d308f0c6
[Photo Courtesy: Taylor Juanita / Pinterest]

Michael narrates his experiences, difficulties, and unpredictability of the hospital staff and patients, while some other episodes are narrated by other characters to tell their own stories. The show was popular for its moral lessons, love stories, and humorous episodes. 

The X files

From 1993 to 2002, the American science fiction show was written by David Duchovny, Chris Carter, and Vince Gilligan. The X-Files is about Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, two FBI agents who venture into the X-files, a bunch of unsolved paranormal cases. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Adaea17727e472c15cdf9ea057d30410
[Photo Courtesy: The X files / Amazon]

Fox Mulder is the explorer with unusual theories of the cases while Dana Scully is the realist/skeptic who analyzes Mulder’s conclusions. The show is mysterious, filled with surreal events and discoveries. The show lasted nine seasons with 202 episodes in total, and in 2016 another extra season aired. There was also a stand-alone film released in 2008 called The X-Files: I want to believe. 


The American sitcom Seinfeld was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. The show aired on NBC in 1989. The show’s main character is a fictionalized version of Jerry Seinfeld, with three friends George, Elaine, and Kramer, based in New York City. The series explores the life of Seinfeld with never-ending humor. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Fba5500b0411a59e6c509152451f11e6
[Photo Courtesy: Seinfeld / ]

The show was ranked by the Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Rolling Stones as being one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. The show finished off with nine seasons and 180 episodes in 1998. Apparently, Netflix is seeking to get exclusive rights to the show to stream sometime this year in 2021. 

I Love Lucy

One of the most widely known sitcoms in history, I Love Lucy first aired in 1951 on the CBS channel. The show is based on the life of Lucy Ricardo (Lucy Ball) as a housewife in New York City, with then-real-life husband Desi Arnaz and her two friends Ethel and Fred Mertz. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 8724aa2a01d9e310cd27d6efb4896005
[Photo Courtesy: A FUSCO / Amazon]

It was the number one show watched in the U.S and the first one to have ended at the Nielsen Top Ratings (which were matched by the Seinfeld show in 1998 and The Andy Griffith Show 1968). The show was the first in many, it was recognized for being the first scripted tv series to be shot in 35mm film. The show ended in 1957 with six seasons total. 


The Mystery/Drama series Lost first aired on ABC in 2004. It follows the journey of plane crash survivors on an “uninhabited” island in the South Pacific Ocean. They soon come to realize that they aren’t alone and they must fight for their survival. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 4df6b5b50ec643bb70add229484ce3ac
[Photo Courtesy: Lost / Hulu]

Throughout the episodes, there are a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards to get a deeper understanding of each character. This show was one of the most expensive ones on television at the time. The show received over 16 million viewers for each episode in just the first season. They won the Emmy and Golden Globe awards and many many more. The show came to an end in 2010. 

The Nanny

This 1993 sitcom starts off with the Jewish fashionista/cosmetics saleswoman Fran Fine landing a job as the nanny of Maxwell Sheffield’s (widow) three-high-society children. Grace, Brighton, and Maggie (Sheffield’s children) soon warm up to Fran. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 5f90720b53ebae13dc0879a56ec22f5c
[Photo Courtesy: The Nanny / IMDB]

Fran brings her sense of humor and sharp honesty into the family. The show received an Emmy Award and came to be an inspiration for many other take-offs, most of which were international. The show came to an end in 1999 with six seasons. 

The Andy Griffith Show

The show aired on CBS in 1960. The Andy Griffith Show is based on the life of the character Andy Taylor as a sheriff of the peaceful town, and father to his young son. The other main characters are Andy’s aunt/housekeeper and Andy’s cousin. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Eab642da2a6d4ecb117fff42d59fd7ca
[Photo Courtesy: The Andy Griffith Show / ]

In its final season, The Andy Griffith Show ranked number one in Nielsen’s ratings and throughout its entire existence, the show never rated below 7th place. It was ranked ninth place by TV Guide as Best Series in American TV History. The show came to an end in 1968. 

The Simpsons

This animated sitcom first aired in 1989. The Simpsons is about the life of an animated character, Homer Simpson, a working-class father, and his somewhat “dysfunctional” family, including Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The Simpsons was written by Matt Groening, as a reflection of American life. The American culture, society, and human condition are explicitly and consistently showcased throughout the episodes.

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * C4e0db111aedf3d408ac83d086b8b470
[Photo Courtesy: The Simpsons /]

Matt thought that the resemblance of the name “Simpsons” to the name “simpleton” was humorous, so he stuck by it. In 1989 and 1990, The Simpsons was on the Top 30 best TV show ratings. The show has become the longest American sitcom and primetime television series. The show continues to this day with 32 seasons so far. 


The British crime television series was aired in 2010. Created by Steven Mofatt and Mark Gattis, Sherlock is based on the detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. The show follows detective Sherlock as he investigates and solves the mysteries/crimes around London. He himself is suspected and not well-trusted by numerous field members (police & other inspectors). 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 1b64a6e5973df426fe32d33d2c63a867
[Photo Courtesy: Sherlock / YouTube]

But soon, his bold powers, bright observations, and intelligent executions come to show his integral character. The Sherlock series has been recognized for its exceptional writing, directing, and overall quality, winning the BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Emmys within various categories. So far there are only four seasons, with a fifth one on the way. 


The most well-known, adored, and outstanding sitcom ever. The show follows the lives of a group of six friends, each with their individual charms. The series is full of romance, insecurities, life struggles, disputes, acceptance, and above all, friendships. Despite different characters coming and going, the six remain close. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Be27cd170e0ac2a8540b9ae79eea00fb
[Photo Courtesy: Friends / IMDB]

The first episode aired in 1994 on NBC and the last one in 2004. Each season of Friends ranked somewhere in the Top Ten. The last season rated the most viewed episodes in 2000 with over 52 million viewers. Friends received numerous awards including a Primetime Emmy Awards twice. Ranked in the Top 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time by TV Guide, Outstanding Comedy Series, and many more. 


The historical drama is inspired by the books of Diana Gabaldon. Outlander is based on the main character, Claire Randall, a British nurse serving in WWII. After Randall marries officer Frank, she is transported into the year 1743, where her entire life is twisted and threatened. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Eef761a177ebc805823e15577d65872a
[Photo Courtesy: Outlander / IMDB]

In order to survive, she marries Scots warrior, Jamie Fraser, and Claire only finds herself even more confused and tied into two vastly different worlds and with two different lovers.
The first season premiered in 2014 and there are currently five seasons, with a sixth predicted to come in 2021. 

Boy Meets World

The world-known sitcom of the early 90s, Boy Meets World is about Cory Mathews, a young boy whose romance, school, and friendship life is tested. He is followed throughout the seasons trying to understand the difference between right and wrong. His home life consists of his two parents, elder brother and younger sister. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 599965a7431b0a92cf21e1477998c629
[Photo Courtesy: Boy Meets World / ]

Mathews’ friendship with best friend Shawn Hunter and his crush Topanga are the most prominent throughout the seasons. The show aired in 1993 on ABC and ended in 2000 with seven seasons total. There was then a sequel of the show, Girl Meets World, a modernized version with the now-married couple Topanga and Cory, and their young daughter. 

Parks and Recreations

Parks and Recreations is an American sitcom/mockumentary series that aired in 2009 on NBC. The show was meant to showcase the inner workings of the process that entails building a recreational park. With the character Leslie Knope helping to build a community park in a disused construction, the audience gets a closer look into the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 4e92d913e29cc0417ec4e79f27125e89
[Photo Courtesy: Parks and Recreations Cast / ]

Leslie Knope is tested with imposing neighbors and a few obstacles impeding the construction of this park. The show was inspired by real-life events and the financial crisis in Indiana. Parks and Recreations was awarded Outstanding Comedy Series, a Golden Globe and Television Critics Awards with numerous others. The show ended with seven seasons total by 2015. 


This American miniseries was considered exceptional and a one-of-a-kind story. The series is based on the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family published in 1976 by Alex Hayley. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 4abd8b463a799c6f068a4ec505bda442
[Photo Courtesy: Roots / IMDB]

The series goes on to follow the story of Kunta Kinte, a man who is abducted from his African village and taken to the United States to be sold into slavery. The series also includes the events of the Civil War and slave uprisings. There was a remake of this mini-series in 2016. Roots received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series. 


The ER TV show series was written by Michael Crichton, Paul Manning, and John Wells, amongst others. ER aired in 1994 on NBC with 331 episodes and 15 seasons total by 2009. ER was set in Chicago in a fictional hospital with a deeper look into the emergency room, with the frantic movement of doctors and other professionals. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * B81561a1ed6b4460c68ad2e6aadfe709
[Photo Courtesy: ER TV show / IMDB]

The show not only follows the internal world in the ER but also the losses and gains of the characters. The show was recognized as the longest-running medical drama in the history of American television. 


Deadwood aired on HBO in 2004. Set in the 1870s in Deadwood, South Dakota, the series follows the conquest of Deadwood into a town. Revealing the corruption, crimes, and lack of laws that come to affect the people greatly. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * A8be6d155d28742ad1730ff4390607d4
[Photo Courtesy: Deadwood / Hulu]

There were real-life events incorporated in the series but not all can be acclaimed to be true. David Milch wrote, directed, and produced most of the Deadwood series and won multiple awards for it. The show lasted three seasons with 36 episodes total by 2006. The movie called Deadwood: The Movie, came out seven years after the finale of the third season, which premiered in 2019. 

The Wire

The Wire is a series set in Baltimore, following the crimes which are investigated by detective James McNulty and his team, in search of the connection between drug dealers and the law enforcement agencies as well as exploring the education systems, bureaucracy, government, and the seaport system. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * 3bc2df5fd5868593fcce263b2fc8b978
[Photo Courtesy: The Wire / Amazon]

The series premiered on HBO in 2002. The show was written by author and former police officer, David Simon. The Wire was recognized for its accurate points in both society and politics. The show ended in 2009 with five seasons and 60 episodes total. 


24 is a drama/action series that covers each day (the 24 hours) in the life of agent Jack Bauer. Apart from his romances always ending very poorly, his days consist of mostly fighting off the bad guys, traitors, bombs, and nuclear attacks. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Bf667922715730bf39a82da2b3ead7a0
[Photo Courtesy: 24 / ]

The show aired in 2001 on Fox. Over its eight seasons, 24 was awarded Best Drama Series in 2004 and Outstanding Drama Series in 2006. The show became known as the longest-running counter-terrorism themed TV drama in the U.S. 24 was written and curated by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran. The show came to an end in 2014. 


Frasier was written by Christopher Lloyd, David Angell, David Lee, and Peter Casey, in association with Paramount and Gramenet. The show is about a psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, who chooses to return to his hometown in Seattle, in order to build a new life, to remember his values by reconnecting with his father, his brother, and welcoming new friendships. 

INFO VINE *  50 of Some of The Best TV Shows of All Time * Bf192f635c5aa3f416c139330c8c5aff
[Photo Courtesy: CBS All Access / YouTube]

The show won the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy Award five years in a row and the cast was individually recognized as well. Frasier came to an end in 2014, but there were reports of a possibility of revival back in 2020. 


The medical drama House first aired in 2004 on Fox. The show follows Dr. House, a genius physician who does not follow the rules. He goes off bumping heads with his colleagues, assistants, and even his own team when diagnosing his patients. Dr. House gets in trouble for speculating his patients’ symptoms and ailments through insights and theories beyond the books. He even diagnosed his own infarction. 

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[Photo Courtesy: House M.D. / YouTube]

House was ranked as the top ten shows in the U.S. throughout four of its seasons. In 2008 it was ranked the most-watched show in the globe. There are currently eight seasons and the last premiered back in 2012. However, the show has not been formally closed. 

Sex and The City

The American sitcom Sex and The City follows the lives of four dynamic women from New York, through their personal/intimate lives. Despite their differences, they choose to stick together. The show explores the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte in their own distinct natures. Sex and The City invites the audience to explore femininity, promiscuity, and all things sex through these characters.  

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Sex and The City was written by Darren Star. It first aired in 1998 on HBO. It was ranked as the best television series of all time by TV Guide (2013) and Time (2007). It had two featured films made, one in 2008 and the sequel in 2010. With six seasons, the series ended in 2004. Reports state that a Sex and The City reboot will be coming in late 2021, called “And Just Like That.” 


Written by Noah Hawley, the crime series Fargo was inspired by the film Eponymous. The show follows a different crime story each season, in a different location (particularly in the Midwest) and within a different time period, as well as almost a new set of characters. The TV series aired in 2014 on Fox and its fourth season premiered in 2020. 

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The show received numerous awards; one of them being the Outstanding Limited Series Emmy Award, plus Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Casting. The show was nominated for various categories as well. Fargo continues, but no reports of when the fifth season will air. 

Twin Peaks

The 90s crime TV show series, Twin Peaks first aired in 1990 on HBO with three seasons in the span of a year. The last episode premiered in June 1991. Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch, the mystery/horror series follows Agent Dale Cooper as he investigates the murder of young high schooler Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, Washington (a fictional town). 

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The show carries a surreal essence with supernatural components, soap opera kind of characters, and darkish humor. The show was considered to be what transformed television series in the following years. Twin Peaks inspired other franchises with a film in 1992 called Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me as well as tie-in books such as The Diary of Laura Palmer. After 25 years, Showtime returned with yet another season of Twin Peaks in 2017. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The 1997 horror/supernatural drama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer follows the life of Buffy Summers, a high school girl, as she discovers her destiny as a Vampire Slayer chosen to fight against demons, vampires, and supernatural entities. However, she’s not alone, with a group of loyal friends and a guide, she is supported in embracing her destiny. 

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The show aired on the new WB network and received 6 million viewers. Despite the show not being entirely recognized by mass media, it did receive numerous nominations. There were many tie-in products for fans like novels, video games, fan-made films, and comics. The last season aired in 2003. 

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a science fiction TV series. The series follows the Time Lord (aka the Doctor) as he/she explores the universe in search of the dark forces and the civilizations in danger. The Doctor is actually an extraterrestrial, but molds into a human. The Doctor does not travel alone, but with human companions who are fascinated by the multiverse. 

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The show aired in 1963 on BBC up until 1989. The show resurfaced in 2005 with in-tie products, including comics, films, novels, books, and even inspired numerous television series. The British program was recognized as one of the finest of its era and won various awards and nominations. 

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under was written and produced by Alan Ball. It premiered on HBO in 2001 with 63 episodes in five seasons. The show is about a funeral home, run by the Fisher family, following the characters and their interpersonal relationships, religion, lies, and mischief. 

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At the beginning of each episode, there’s a death (whether caused by illness, age, or murder) and the rest of the episode follows the characters as they reflect on the aftermath of the death. The show’s dark humor was actually the big spark of the series. It was ranked by Time, Empire, and The Guardian in their best-of lists. The show ended in 2005. 

The Sopranos

The crime drama The Sopranos is based on the Italian-based-mobster, Tony Soprano. The show follows the Italian-American mobster, Tony Soprano, with his conflicted life as he tries to balance his personal/family life and being the leader of a criminal scheme. 

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He explores his difficulties with his therapist Jennifer Melfi. The show premiered in 1999 on HBO. It was considered to be thought-provoking and controversial in many aspects. It still inspired various books, video games, and merchandise items. The show finished with six seasons with the last one aired in 2007. 

Saved by The Bell

The most recognized show of the late 1900s, Saved by The Bell was a television sitcom. It revolved around the lives of a group of high schoolers and their shenanigans with the principal always trying to catch up. The show was mostly light-hearted and humorous, with occasional social issues, drug abuse, women’s rights, and environmental issues being brought to the surface. Saved by The Bell was geared to tweens and adolescents. 

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It first aired in 1983 and its last episode was in 1993. Then came Saved by The Bell: The College Years and Saved by The Bell: The New Class and released two movies. It received massive recognition for being a show that was educational and informational. The series made the list of the Top 20 School Shows of All Time. 

The Flintstones

The American animated sitcom The Flintstones first aired in 1960 on ABC. Based in the stone-age but a modernized version of it (with 20th-century resemblance). The show follows the life and misadventures of the Flintstones family and their best friends the Rubbles. 

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The characters live like a modern family with modern appliances in a stone-age town, with dinosaurs and wooly mammoths as their co-inhabitants. The Flintstones was recognized as one of the most successful animated series of the era. Recognized for catering to the entire family with humor and being visually pleasing for kids. The show ended with six seasons total in 1966 but kept on being aired for three decades. 

All in The Family

All in The Family is about a large family that explores various issues that were unusual (at the time) in American society like racism, miscarriages, homosexuality, and women’s liberation. This series was a turning point for a more realistic essence to TV entertainment. All in The Family was the most-watched during the summer replays. 

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It was ranked as number one by the Nielsen ratings for five consecutive years. It was also ranked as the top-fourth-best written series by The Writers Guild of America in 2013. All in The Family was a CBS original that aired in 1971. With nine seasons, the show ended in 1979. 

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