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INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *.

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INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Empty INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *.

Post by Paul Fri 12 Jan 2024, 8:18 am

The History of Basketball

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 2b59fe10deda94c9660544f033a6f76f
Photo Courtesy: [Ildar Sagdejev/Wikimedia Commons]
Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. From classic players like Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan to new school talents like Luka Doncic, Ja Morant, and LaMelo Ball, basketball has radiated its influence from generation to generation.

Its origin is ancient in age, and rules may have changed; yet, the amount of fun that it creates for anyone playing it only amplifies as time continues. You may be thinking "how was it created?" Well, look no further! Keep reading to learn about the slam dunk history of basketball.


Basketball has been in existence for centuries, yet its origin has speculation of how it came about. A serious theory that is considered is the activity of the ancient Olmec people of ancient Mexico. As early as 500 years ago, various cultures of the Americas, including the Olmec, Aztec, and Mayans, played a game similar to basketball.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. B5986407bb51e99926004720f88ae8bc
Photo Courtesy: [Sputnik/Wikimedia Commons]

With their hand or feet, the natives would use the skull of a decapitated foe's head to throw into a round, stone ring. The skulls were eventually traded out for rubber and the game picked up much momentum. It radiated across the landmasses, especially towards North America.

James Naismith

Before basketball, the concept and game of gridiron football was sweeping the nation. However, Canadian Physical Instructor James Naismith had a problem with the contact sport. Because of players smashing and crashing into each other, Mr. Naismith felt as though the game of football was too violent and would cause a high mortality rate amongst the young people that were playing.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Eaf884de435daad49617d7116ad234f3
Photo Courtesy: [Babson Library/Wikimedia Commons]

Instead of stopping football, he conjured an idea. The 31-year old graduate student created an indoor sport that would keep the athletes warm during the winter and other players safe from the physical injuries that football caused.

The invention of Basketball

In December 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, James Naismith of the YMCA International Training School collected peach baskets from around the campus to use as a goal. He then found rubber spheres that resembled a volleyball to use as the object of manipulation. After creating the setup, Naismith continued by creating 13 rules to regulate the game.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. D1cfea1a15ab475ea24728aa4c521e27
Photo Courtesy: [University of Kansas Medical Center/Wikimedia Commons]

With his students, James Naismith divided his class into two teams of nine players each and taught them the concept of the game. The objective was to throw the ball into the fruit baskets which were nailed to a wall. As the children played, the game of basketball was born.


Naismith's class loved the game of passing and throwing a ball into a fruit basket, but there was a small issue. Every time the ball was thrown, and a shot was made, the class had to wait for the janitor to come with a ladder to retrieve the ball. That's when Naismith conjured a great idea.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 090557915429cff0e9d61ec0222a604f
Photo Courtesy: [Here/Wikimedia Commons]

Once his class was dismissed with his family, he took the baskets down from the wall and cut the bottom of them out so that the ball would fall directly out of it as soon as it landed inside. This innovation made basketball much faster and efficient to play.

First Basketball Game

The first rule book for the game was published on December 21, 1891. Additionally, that was the day that the first basketball match was initiated between the YMCA International Training School and the Armory School in their court. Because the YMCA didn't have enough money to redesign the ball, a soccer ball was used instead.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 79cb145574d6fa800448e37c8c97d544
Photo Courtesy: [James Naismith/Wikimedia Commons]

The game initially was played with the bottoms attached to the peach basket, per Naismith's original rules. However, although the game was a bit slow, the game showed promise. Also, the rule was changed to officially remove the base of the baskets.

William R. Chase

Interestingly, the first ball game lasted for 30 minutes with the final score being only 1-0. The one and only point that was scored was by a young man by the name of William R. Chase. He was a student of Naismith at the YMCA.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 32d8b288011b58f2b789c822ed974f5e
Photo Courtesy: [Provincial Archives of Alberta/Wikimedia Commons]

It's said either the people didn't comprehend the game, or no one could aim properly, but William seemed to catch on after a few minutes of playing. Once the ball was shot into the basket, the players became enlighten to the concept and that's when the name "basketball" became official for the sport.

National Game

Thanks to James Naismith and the YMCA, the game of basketball spread across North America very fast. The concept and the rule book were multiplied and distributed to other centers that would be interested in the game. Across a two-year span, various agents of the YMCA took to different corners of the nation.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. B318b9e56d8d9da1e37c39c8c3fece6d
Photo Courtesy: [Hamblin/Wikimedia Commons]

The goal was to promote the indoor sport for athletes during the winter and it worked. With simple revisions of the rules and a brief demonstration, centers and schools decided to accept the sport into their recreational programs for both leisure and physical activity.


As the game continued to grow in popularity, by the mid-1890s, basketball was making headway along the U.S. coast. YMCA centers in the northeastern United States, as well as in southern Canada, created indoor facilities to accommodate the novel sport and all of its admirers.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. E092f83c8637329aad251cbb68f34d23
Photo Courtesy: [Internet Archive Book Images/Wikimedia Commons]

Basketball was fun, yet some YMCA centers didn't think so after a couple of years. A few centers believed that basketball was too rough due to how people were playing; due to this perspective, many YMCA centers prohibited the game from being played in their facility.

Amateur Leagues

After the YMCA decided to cancel the sport of basketball from their roster of recreational activity, teams from neighboring regions decided to help due to the demand of the sport. By assisting people in finding a place to play basketball, many teams were formed which ended up creating two different leagues.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 611fec8fd7b90833e6415367dd7ff5d7
Photo Courtesy: [Asher Heimermann/Wikimedia Commons]

One of the first basketball groups to be formed was the Amateur Athletic Union. It specialized in basketball and promoted physical activity for good health development. There was also the Intercollegiate Athletic Association, which focused more on basketball programs based in schools and recreational centers.

Competitive Region

Basketball had progressed since its inception in 1891. Seven years later, more amateur organizations were created. They were local leagues from the larger east coast area including states like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. The teams from these areas would train and eventually play against one another in exhibition matches.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. F0ad07464da170cff8cc8135f049dcfd
Photo Courtesy: [Internet Archive Book Images/Wikimedia Commons]

These organizations were considered competitive teams and would travel from region to region promoting the skills and any wins that they may have obtained over the season. Some of these teams would eventually start to challenge the northeastern part of the U.S. teams.

Premier Competitive Game

Basketball had grown majorly within a decade of its birth and on November 7, 1896, it solidified itself as an official match-up sport. The first competitive basketball game took place in Trenton, New Jersey and it was between the Trenton YMCA and Brooklyn YMCA. It was played at the Trenton Masonic temple with an initial fee for admittance.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 27e418fce330fc3ec7aa097b05b296e5
Photo Courtesy: [Internet Archive Book Images/Wikimedia Commons]

In the end, Trenton defeated Brooklyn by a landslide of 15-1, leading the way as the first team ever to win a basketball match. Each player was also paid a stipend of 15 dollars for playing in the game.


With perpetual stamina and the creation of many different teams along the coast of the United States, the teams decided to come together and develop one single professional entity, the National Basketball League (NBL). It was the first professional basketball league in the world and established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1898.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. E34b4750fa0044462d8e2410f6f8809b
Photo Courtesy: [Internet Archive Book Images/Wikimedia Commons]

The inaugural 1898-99 seasonal league was made up of what would be known as the first national teams. Three teams were from New Jersey (Camden Electrics, Trenton Nationals, and Millville Glass Blowers) and three teams were from Philadelphia (Germantown Nationals, Hancock Athletic Association, and Clover Wheelmen.)


Within the first year of the official National Basketball League, two teams from Philadelphia could not uphold the standards of the professional industry and ended their national team status by the end of December 1898. However, the remaining four teams were able to successfully complete their season.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 3e66a9f07fe57d539d86f279c62f9628
Photo Courtesy: [Washington State University Libraries/Wikimedia Commons]

During the first national championship game of the National Basketball League, opposing teams from New Jersey and Philadelphia played each other in a stadium of almost 1,000 people. The first team to ever win a national league basketball tournament was the Trenton Nationals, who took home the title of champions in the 1899 season.

1899 Season

The 1899-1900 season of basketball was more stable than the first as the league sponsors learned from their initial mistakes. The season was divided into halves with a champion for both ends. Some of the teams for the 1899 National Basketball League consisted of the undisputed champions, Trenton Nationals, Camden Electrics, Bristol Pile Drivers, Chester, PA, Pennsylvania Bicycle Club, and New York Wanderers.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Fe50051539c146b9b3f201d6229bf57e
Photo Courtesy: [Indiana University/Wikimedia Commons]

One of the teams decided to leave the league due to lack of funds and was instantly replaced with the Millville Glass Blowers. Collegiate teams like the University of Indiana were fully active in basketball as well.

League Expansion

With seven teams and 32 games on the schedule, the 1900-01 season opening of the National Basketball League was underway. Towards the end of the season, five of the teams completed the season with an above-average team rating. That year, it was the New York Wanderers that obtained the League championship title.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 7d1c79cbf2acdf42943c5911d23c0632
Photo Courtesy: [BeerAndBasketball/Wikimedia Commons]

The following season of the NBL was much more promising from the perspective of stability. With six sturdy franchises, the League expanded the schedule games to 40, and no teams dropped out that year. The Bristol Pile Drivers took home the championship title that year as well.

Harry "Bucky" Lew

History was made in 1902 when the cheering crowd of the Pawtucketville Athletic Club of the New England League persuaded the team to allow a young African American man on the court to play with them. Reluctantly, the coach allowed him to play. Although the crowd treated him like circus entertainment, Harry Haskell Lew stood his ground and made several baskets.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. E7882855a61b0db92027cd0a4cde8f1b
Photo Courtesy: [Boston Daily Globe/Wikimedia Commons]

He faced much ridicule but made it through and broke the basketball barrier. Without realizing the magnitude of his decision, that game made Harry "Bucky" Lew the first African American to play in a professional basketball game.


The 1902-03 season was more complex, which is what caused the beginning of its decline. With a total of 14 teams in the beginning, towards the end of the season, it dropped down to 11. One of the teams was doing so badly that every player was fired by the coach and the team was disbanded.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 75c6acf80de28ad8e51674701ee9657a
Photo Courtesy: [University of Wisconsin/Wikimedia Commons]

By the end of the 1903 off-season, only five teams remained. As a result, on January 4, 1904, the National Basketball League was disbanded. Following the collapse of the NBL, lawsuits by team investors were initiated which almost threw the league into complete bankruptcy.


More than a decade into the invention of basketball is when colleges started sponsoring the activity. Universities like Yale, Dartmouth, University of Chicago and Columbia University participated in perpetuating the movement. Collegiate tournaments created a season of 14 games or less, with Yale being the leader that season.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 9d12c8f772bc2bab7cc994d1c7720f90
Photo Courtesy: [Internet Archive Book Images/Wikimedia Commons]

Early games tended to have a lot of fouling and injuries due to a shortage of trained referees. As a result, fans made a plea to bring in the government to help establish more ground rules so that players wouldn't get hurt and the game could be more enjoyable for the viewers.

Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Across a span of five years, American activist groups placed serious pressure on the government to make the sport of basketball a safer activity for all who enjoy it. They wanted restrictions and more enforced regulations within the tournaments and championship games.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 10b7ee1740807719e664e61d7b6b85df
Photo Courtesy: [American Press Association/Wikimedia Commons]

In lieu of the fanatic's disputes, in 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt decided to create a governing body that was organized and operated by the universities and their teams. That summer, the Intercollegiate Athletic Association was established as a means to meet the needs of the players and fans. Its initial start-up was efficient and prosperous for the school programs.


The Intercollegiate Athletic Association gave the sport of basketball structure to operate on a national level, but that wasn't the case for other teams. Some basketball clubs remained exclusive and independent of the association. These teams were known as the "barnstormers" and included the likes of the SPHA, Buffalo Germans, and Original Celtics.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 3b4204da94f202ddc068649bc49d29b0
Photo Courtesy: [Kaldari/Wikimedia Commons]

Two all African American teams, the New York All Stars and the Harlem Globetrotters, were also Barnstormers. Of all the Barnstormers, the Harlem Globetrotters are the only team to still exist today. From this point, basketball developed more leagues to house all of the teams.


The overseeing bodies of college basketball was starting to become relevant entities within the sport. After the establishment of the Amateur Athletic Union in 1897 for the YMCA, another organization was formed. In April 1905, the collegiate "Basketball Rule Committee" was developed as an enforcer for the regulations.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 1b7d4760bd904239f3f98f3e9af8be1d
Photo Courtesy: [NCAA/Wikimedia Commons]

Four years later in 1909 the "Basketball Rule Committee" was absorbed because of its organizational growth. As a result, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, more commonly known as the NCAA, was born. Their sole purpose was to keep the balance of players, rules, and safety, as it still is today.

International Game

Basketball took a strong hold in North America with ease and other countries started to take notice, especially in Europe. 1909 was also the first year that an international basketball game was held. With Saint Petersburg, Russia being the host of match-up, it was a stellar performance from the Europeans.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 3e1153ba8ac4a66847456584068bf0b2
Photo Courtesy: [Miami U. Libraries/Wikimedia Commons]

The Mayak Saint Petersburg team played and defeated the YMCA American team that year, making them a fan favorite for winning against America. From there, basketball started becoming a growing sport in Europe. As time progressed, more teams would be developed as proof that basketball had a home throughout European countries.

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INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Empty Re: INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *.

Post by Paul Fri 12 Jan 2024, 8:20 am

Professional teams

The first six professional teams are what carried the load of basketball until it became popular enough for other leagues to add to their roster. One of the premier teams was the Original Celtics, which was a derivative name of the New York Celtics, which began in 1914. The Celtics joined the Eastern League in 1921 and won many games and even a championship.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Dadd04c58d2e45ae5591ab684cdab9ce
Photo Courtesy: [Shakeydeal33/Wikimedia Commons]

After a 13-0 season, the Celtics left the Eastern League due to lack of competition. Yet, without many options, they rejoined in the next season. However, they dominated the other teams so ferociously, that they left the league once again.


The 1920s was a trying time for basketball. Although there were teams, leagues, and governing bodies, gridiron football and hockey were the dominant sports to be played. Some of the basketball teams were interesting enough to watch, but because of low attendance, some of the leagues were forced to be shut down.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 7d601c89fea7a279057ebae666b7114b
Photo Courtesy: [Seattle Municipal Archives/Wikimedia Commons]

Overall, there were close to 20 significant failures from organizations trying to sell tickets and bring in more fans. This seemed hopeless until the formation of one of the more prominent basketball governing entity, the American Basketball League, a corporation that owned multiple clubs.

American Basketball League

The American Basketball League (ABL) was a corporation that owned many basketball teams as a way to ensure proper playing and filled seats at games. Early teams, including the Original Celtics, SPHA, Boston Whirlwinds and the Cleveland Rosenblum were members. The teams would engage in playing each other as well as other clubs from different leagues.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 185c563739fd29b96f64ddf250bd5aa9
Photo Courtesy: [Internet Archive Book Images/Wikimedia Commons]

To test out the new organization of the ABL, games were played with space in between them. The operations were thorough for achieving the attendance and entertainment goals of the corporation, yet it still wasn't enough to make other teams want to join the fold.


Almost halfway through the season, the Original Celtics left the American Basketball League to find more games on their as a Barnstorm team. Since there was a major opening, other teams fought at the chance to win the national championship that year, which went to the Cleveland Rosenblum.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 7f9f93eae151cd19104530e976c22d26
Photo Courtesy: [National Photo Company Collection/Wikimedia Commons]

They would go on to win the championship for two more consecutive seasons. However, in 1931, the American Basketball League was shutdown due to the onset of the Great Depression. Many people were stricken with lack food and water and chose not to attend ball games so that they could eat.

Olympic Exhibition

Basketball was sweeping nations, but it wasn't until the game became a contender for the 1924 Paris Olympic Games that it upgraded. Although it was not an official part of the famous games, the point was to show proof of concept that basketball would be a good fit at the Olympic level.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 8ca7af17a1699cd6b9aa3af1c13474c1
Photo Courtesy: [Sportingn/Wikimedia Commons]

Since then, basketball had shown to be a promising force in the Olympic realm. Governing bodies were collected for discussions of basketball becoming an integral part of the Olympics' game roster, but more work had to be done to increase attendance during the Great Depression.

Stock Market Crash

In 1929, the stock market crashed had caused serious financial despair for those who had investments. As a result, those with money started hording it, which meant less filled seats in the stands, once again. This caused the 1930s to be a time of challenges for the sport of basketball.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. D05278b1a0abc209a2fd7be360149490
Photo Courtesy: [Christophe Badoux/Wikimedia Commons]

As a way to cope, the Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur (FIBA) - or International Basketball Federation - was created. It is a national organization that governs the sport of basketball worldwide. Teams in America and Europe joined, as well as those from continents that would develop their own leagues.

England Basketball Association

By 1933, the American Basketball League was reinstated as a method of evaluating the teams in the mist of the financial crash. The League saw a serious lack of attendance but still held up to the standards of the sport. Luckily, colleges and universities were still playing, which kept the sport alive in the U.S.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 288e81ddc8394def6315f17430276f86
Photo Courtesy: [Basketball England/YouTube]

Years passed as FIBA and the ABL scaled the sport of basketball from the social ruins of the stock market crash, which turned out to be more successful than originally planned. Additionally, across the water, the England Basketball Association was formed in 1936 as a way to formalize their teams and leagues.

March Madness

By the mid 1930s, basketball started to evolve and become more competitive. The ABL and the Intercollegiate Athletic Association decided that they would host a one-and-done basketball competition to decide the national championship. It would take place in March and teams would be ranked according to their overall records and division.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 0c154432bb08c68f22402ba29fc98b37
Photo Courtesy: [Bentley Historical Library/Wikimedia Commons]

This is the inception of the ever-popular March Madness. Most of the players were considered amateurs but were still treated at a professional level. The Midwest Basketball Association was created as well, but many of their players were poached with money and promises of professional playing time.


To uphold the sport of basketball, certain changes to rules and regulations were implemented for both college and professional basketball. Professional basketball had many semi-pro leagues created due to lack of funds and full-time players. By 1938, the National Basketball League was formed and consisted of 13 teams.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 49c215630940a0997f4e7a81dde6a021
Photo Courtesy: [Spyder Monkey/Wikimedia Commons]

A collegiate-sponsored tournament took place in 1939 and competed with the National Invitation Tournament. Additionally, the NCAA became the official body of the national championship tournament. College basketball rules changed by including a mid-court line to reduce stagnation from players, and the end of initiating a center jump-ball after each score was made.

Women's Basketball

The 30s was a significant time for women's basketball as it was seeing changes as well. During this time, basketball was seen as "too rigorous" for women, so their rules were altered. Their court had three sections instead of two and players had to stay in assigned areas. Additionally, the ball couldn't be dribbled for more than three seconds or three times.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Fbe943e0937afc24ffefa30042b23480
Photo Courtesy: [National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons]

Women's teams played worldwide and were paid as the professionals that they were. Some of these teams would go to play over 100 games during a season while on the road. Prominent women's teams of that time were the All American Red Heads and the Ozark Hillbillies.


1942 created a prominent endeavor in the history of basketball. At this time, the National Basketball League was segregated with all the players being Caucasian, while a majority of the African American teams were barnstormers finding their own teams to play against. Yet, the National Basketball League became racially integrated that year.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 0f97f04f43c4ff6547de1021d760db49
Photo Courtesy: [Here/Wikimedia Commons]

Initially, 10 African American players joined two NBL teams, the Toledo Jim White Chevrolets and the Chicago Studebakers. More African American players would be added to the NBL teams in the later seasons. Many Caucasian players were not happy about the integration, but it filled the stands and made for more exciting games.


The rivalry started in the mid-1940s as the Basketball Association of America was developed. The professional American league was founded on June 6, 1946, and started with 11 teams. The NBL and BAA had many similarities, including their rules and style and play of basketball. For the first two seasons, teams engaged in tournaments under this new entity, which caused challenges for the NBL.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. D65d65a4b4ce5cd024ee96658063fe48
Photo Courtesy: [NBA/YouTube]

After three years of colliding with one another and accumulating each other's resources, the National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America merged to become the National Basketball Association, more famously known as the NBA.

Merger Alterations

The NBA became the most notable professional basketball league in the world because of their exclusive level of competition, their sought out and highly recruited talents, and their steep and generous salaries. The NBA commissioner at that time, Maurice Podoloff, continued to make changes through the early and mid-1950s.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 590f82c8f98405ca6625c5a6747d965b
Photo Courtesy: [The Sporting News Archives/Wikimedia Commons]

For example, the free-throw lane was widened in 1951 as a means to reduce dominant impacts for centers. Three years later, the 24-second shot clock was employed to keep the momentum of the game flowing. Later, the three-point line would be introduced as a way for teams to spread out the players.

More Integration

It wasn't until the late 1950s and early 1960s that the NBA would see a spike in African American players, which revitalized the NBA. During this decade, African American players are said to have made the game of basketball more exciting because of their high-flying ability and slam dunking, which hadn't been initiated before by Caucasian players.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Ad25789797eaa66e148d5d696ca8d409
Photo Courtesy: [Halvorsen brian/Wikimedia Commons]

Most of the players by the late 1960s were African American because of their skills. With another decade of success, the late 70s was a threat to basketball because of the decline in attendance and television ratings. However, players like Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Hakeem Olajuwon enhanced the spectator's game.


To add, European countries started to see an influx in their basketball leagues as well. During the 1970s, the United Kingdom had evolved its leagues to include both men's and women's teams. Additionally, the British Basketball League (BBL) presented the highest level of pay in the country for the men's team.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 8e1953b0895be5e760cfd8073d26dc82
Photo Courtesy: [Nationaal Archief Fotocollectie Anefo/Wikimedia Commons]

The league was accompanied by 11 teams and became official years later in 1987. All the teams were housed under the British version of the FIBA Europe. Both England and Scotland teams were part of this association which has radiated into more teams and championship leagues during the modern age.

NBA Influence

Globally, basketball was growing and radiating its influence across the world due to the ample amount of traveling that U.S. teams did within the association. It helped popularize the sport in other countries by viewers watching the 1992 U.S. Men's Olympic Basketball team known as the "Dream Team." Players like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley inspired millions overseas.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. Da10df4e857f52edc3bf0bfc10980301
Photo Courtesy: [ESPN/YouTube]

The National Basketball Association continued to spread its influence by helping other governing entities establish their rules and regulations. Many executives from other countries were reluctant to receive help from the U.S. but chose to accept it as a show of good sportsmanship.

Global Basketball

FIBA had 117 member countries in 1990. Across the world on continents like Africa and Australia, basketball was starting to take shape, which is where most of the member countries came from. With all of the countries joining organizations, basketball was becoming the second largest participation sport in the world.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 355d32a754a71b475fa9b7a8f5ee7aa2
Photo Courtesy: [NBA/YouTube]

The turn of the century expressed how much the sport of basketball had grown since its inception. Within a century of existence, basketball officials and organizations developed more than 219 teams in 16 national leagues with almost 100 competing at under 15 levels; all of which happened by 1999.


The NBA hadn't engaged in a Canada-based game since 1946 because of the struggle it was for the teams to obtain proper clearance. However, Canada was able to become a charter member of the BAA and hosted games between NBA teams and Canadian clubs.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 50afc384d876e46478705da2ff251d17
Photo Courtesy: [Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons]

To make the process more efficient, the NBA decided to expand into Canada and create teams that would progress the league. Among those teams was the induction of the Toronto Raptors in 1995 and the Vancouver Grizzlies, now the Memphis Grizzlies. The two expansion teams were the premier NBA franchises based in Canada and have seen much success.


Initially owned by the NBA, the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) was meant solely for women who had the skills to play basketball at the professional level. The NBA Board of Governors approved the concept on April 24, 1996, for the ladies to play their premier season in June 1997. The women relayed their readiness with the simple phrase, "We Got Next."

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 0c446506d5be53cdb2856531b69e2f7a
Photo Courtesy: [WNBA/YouTube]

Within five years of inception, the first four WNBA titles were won by the Houston Comets and led by their superstars Sheryl Swoopes and Cynthia Cooper. Other prominent WNBA stars include Lisa Leslie, Tamika Catchings, Maya Moore, and Lauren Jackson.

NBA Lockout

One of the most significant occurrences in NBA history is the 1998 NBA lockout. It was the third of four in history and lasted for almost seven months. The lockout was caused by owners creating a stalemate on the players' salary cap without any intentions of willing to renegotiate the structure. The lockout-shortened the season by 50 games along with the All-Star game being canceled.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 09e6333f34ff440a64afd58fad61037b
Photo Courtesy: [Miller17CU94/Wikimedia Commons]

In the end, the owners and players reached an agreement that only reduced the players' salary cap by 2%. Additionally, new six-year collective bargaining agreements were altered to better suit the players and coaches.

21st Century

The 21st century of basketball proved that the sport had been fully established and would need certain professionals to be their star players. The Los Angeles Lakers were the top team and ballers like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal became prominent household names when it came to basketball. The team would go on to win three consecutive championship titles.

INFORMATION VINE * The History of Basketball *. 1203e9372097de7e3548b03320a408c8
Photo Courtesy: [Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons]

Because of the championships that the Lakers won, basketball became even more notable and worthy of playing in eastern countries like China and Japan. Semi-pro and little leagues were developed with inspiration to pay homage to the sport of basketball.

Noteworthy Teams

The first decade of the new millennium for basketball was one of the most noteworthy times. It was marked by the development of dynasty franchises like the Spurs, Lakers, along with the Trail Blazers, Thunder, and Heat. These teams were remarkable because of their team captains and lead players.

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Most of the hype was based in the U.S., however, the overseas inspiration created many international sensations that decided to come and play for an American team. Players like Yao Ming of China, Joel Embiid of Cameroon, and Giannis Antetokounmpo of Greece.

NBA Draft

The NBA draft of the new millennium brought forward many of the franchise faces that we see today that continue to perpetuate the game of basketball. For instance, in 2003, household names like Lebron James and Dwyane Wade were drafted. They, and many other companies, have used their likeness for endorsements, banners, and to attract more viewers.

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The NBA also started to focus more on acquiring bigger players for their team. Outside of being able to score multiple points per game, their size, speed, and ability to block and shoot became the staple standards of recruitment straight out of college.

Malice at the Palace

Basketball was booming around 2004 and many people were enjoying it; however, it came with its challenges as well. One particular issue with basketball that many organizers were concerned about from the beginning was physical altercations. On November 19th, two teams proved them right.

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The Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons engaged in a never-forgotten brawl at The Palace in Michigan. A Pistons center attempted a layup but was blocked and fouled by a Pacers forward. Shoving ensued between the two and a fight broke out between the teams, which also sparked a brawl in the stands between the viewers.


The first game of the NBA versus EuroLeague took place in 1978 and carried on into the 2000s. The top-tier level EuroLeague teams would go up against the heavy-hitters of the United States for a fierce competition based on professional skill, pride for country, and respect for the game. In 2003, more EuroLeague competitions took place and played within NBA Rules.

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The games consisted of two NBA referees and one EuroLeague official. Euro-teams like the Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv, Winterthur FC Barcelona, and CSKA Moscow, and the Bourges were all in attendance. The cross-gaming of different countries only solidified the game of basketball internationally.

NBA Global Games

After playing with the EuroLeague and realizing that international games brought in millions of dollars, the NBA devised a plan to play exhibition games between U.S.-based and internationally-based basketball teams in 2011. Preseason games were held in Southeast Asia and NBA teams would take on teams of the Philippines.

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South America is also a location of the global games. Two of the NBA's finest teams had their preseason game in Brazil. Mexico, Germany, China, and Puerto Rico, and even Italy were also countries that hosted and played against the NBA teams. NBA global games are a tradition that is still upheld today.

Her-story is Made

2014 was a prominent year for both the National Basketball Association and women. The San Antonio Spurs figured that new coaching was necessary to scale the team to higher heights, so they decided to bring on a new instructor who had strategic ideas and multiple years within the industry of professional basketball.

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In the summer of 2014, the San Antonio Spurs hired Becky Hammon to be one of their new assistant coaches for the overall team and head coach of the teams' summer league. Becky Hammon made history that year by becoming the league's first full-time female coach, with many other NBA teams following suit.

NBA Legacy

The game of basketball has evolved over time. It also became slower-paced and started placing more emphasis on defense as much as offense. Between rules and regulation changes, recruiting bigger men, paying fair wages, and creating a women's league, basketball has become a universal sport for anyone that chooses to play it.

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Basketball is now a steady-tempo game with teams using every rule and opportunity to win. As the industry progresses, so do the star athletes, creating a modern multi-billion dollar enterprise. Basketball has influenced people around the world and is now an integral part of American culture.

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