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INFO VINE * Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe *

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INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * Empty INFO VINE * Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe *

Post by Paul Fri 02 Feb 2024, 7:43 am

Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 9a23d459a248d78608bb31168cd2d0d2
Photo Courtesy: [Emma Watson/]
Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe
Unseen Photos And Unknown Facts About Marilyn Monroe
Rare Photos Of Marilyn Monroe Throughout History
Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe
Unknown Moments And Photos In The Life Of Marilyn Monroe
Historical Facts About The Life Of Marilyn Monroe
Rare Photos Of The Life Of Marilyn Monroe
Historical And Rare Photos Of Marilyn Monroe
Unseen Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe
Rare Historical Photos Inside The Life Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was one of the most influential women in American history. In the 1950s and 1960s, she was changing things as society started to change its views on sexuality. She has worked as an actress, singer, and model. Loved by the public, she continued to be a major pop-culture icon even after her death.

Here, we'll take a look at some rare photos of the famous blonde bombshell. Marilyn was always in the spotlight and had a joyful and bubbly personality both on and off-set. These photos will give you a look into her life, both professionally and personally. So, let's set the stage and get ready for some unseen moments in the life and career of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe As An Infant

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1st, 1926 at the Los Angeles County Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Her mother was Gladys Pearl Baker, and she was from a poor Midwestern family who immigrated to California at the start of the new century. Gladys was neither mentally nor financially prepared for a child, yet Monroe's very early childhood was mostly stable and happy.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 69d16a39ad34657e0126872cbeb7ce96
Photo Courtesy: [By Dell Publications, Inc. New York, publisher of Modern Screen/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn was placed in the care of evangelical Christian foster parents by Gladys. The parents, Albert and Ida Bolender, lived in the rural town of Hawthorn. Gladys also lived with them for six months. Then, she had no choice but to move back to the city because of work. Marilyn stayed with her foster family. From there, Gladys began to visit Marilyn on the weekends. When Marilyn was seven years old, Gladys purchased a small home in Hollywood with a loan from the Home Owners' Loan Corporation. Marilyn then returned to live with her mother and they shared the home with lodgers, the Atkinson's and their daughter. In January of 1934, Gladys had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She was eventually committed to the Metropolitan State Hospital. Marilyn barely had contact with her mother after this, as she spent the majority of her life in and out of hospitals. Marilyn became a ward of the state when Grace Goddard, Gladys' friend, took responsibility for her and her mother's affairs.

A Young Marilyn

In the four years following, Marilyn's living situation changed often. In the first sixteen months, she continued to live with the Atkinson's and was sexually abused during this time. Marilyn was always a shy girl, and now developed a stutter and became withdrawn. She briefly stayed with Grace and her husband, along with two other families, in the summer of 1935. Grace eventually placed her in the Los Angeles Orphans Home. This caused Marilyn to feel abandoned, even though the facility was described as  "a model institution" and was viewed positively by her peers. In 1936, she stayed with Grace and her husband Doc again, but it was short-lived because Doc molested her.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 05dd2b22e2e544d8257ba0f364de5a93
Photo Courtesy: [Not Mentioned/Wikimedia Commons]

When Marilyn was just sixteen years old, she married her first husband James Dougherty, who was also her neighbor. Although she was a bit younger than him, he said she was "very mature". Part of the reason for the couple marrying, was to prevent Marilyn, at the time still Norma Jeane, from going back into childcare. Later, they ended up divorcing. 


In April of 1944, Marilyn's first husband was shipped out to the Pacific to serve in the military. He would remain there for about two years. She then moved in with her in-laws and started a job at the Radioplane Company, a munitions factory in Van Nuys. It was there that she met photographer David Conover. He was sent by the U.S. Army Air Forces' First Motion Picture Unit to the factory to shoot morale-boosting pictures of the women employees.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * Db88b049190e5f2b3c3ceed982f98867
Photo Courtesy: [ Goat]

Although none of her photos were used, Marilyn eventually quit the factory to model for Conover and his friends. This new form of work started a fire in her, and she now wanted to jump into the modeling and acting world. Although her husband was against it, she signed a contract with the Blue Book Model Agency in August 1945. Her figure was deemed more suitable for pin-ups and men's magazines rather than high fashion. To make herself more employable, she decided to straighten her hair and dye it blonde.


Marilyn Monroe signed a contract with an acting agency in June of 1946. She first had an unsuccessful interview with Paramount Pictures and was given a screen-test by Ben Lyon, a 20th Century-Fox executive. Although unenthusiastic about it, head executive Darryl F. Zanuck gave Monroe a standard six-month. This was to avoid her being signed by their rival, RKO Pictures.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 50fdb32d356629c7d9ebceea285e6022
Photo Courtesy: [Photo by Dave Cicero-International News Service/Wikimedia Commons]

She began this contract in August of 1946 under her stage name "Marilyn Monroe" which was selected by Lyon. She ended up divorcing her husband James Dougherty in September of 1946, as he was against her career.

Learning The Industry

Upon entering into the film industry, Marilyn Monroe had a lot to learn. For the first six months, she navigated her way through by practicing singing, dancing, and acting. She also observed the general film-making process. Being new to the scene, she took this time to advance her skills and learn just about everything she could.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * C16099849bf1460d46bc4fe4e3d928cb
Photo Courtesy: [ Goat]

When her contract was renewed in 1947, she got her first role by playing small parts in the 1947 film. "Dangerous Years", and the 1948 film, "Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!". Her studio also enrolled her in the Actors' Laboratory Theatre. This was a way for her to learn the techniques of the Group Theatre. Marilyn stated that it was "my first taste of what real acting in a real drama could be, and I was hooked". From this moment on, there was no stopping her. 


Marilyn Monroe had a lot of enthusiasm for the film industry. From early on in her career, she knew that she was meant to be working as an actress and was open to learning all that she could. However, some felt that she was too shy to ever make it big. In August of 1947, Fox did not renew her contract.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 7ef3f516108fccdba68e43884df39f4f
Photo Courtesy: [ Goat]

She then returned to modeling and doing occasional "odd jobs" at film studios. This included working as a dancing "pacer" behind the scenes to keep the leads on point.


Marilyn Monroe was determined to make it in the film industry. Once she got a taste for what it was like, it became her passion. Despite the rejection, she pushed forward and continued studying at the Actors' Lab. She was great at networking and befriended people like gossip columnist Sidney Skolsky. She also frequented producers' offices to keep her face familiar. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * Bd53af1c4cf0e3a0c83500535c93eaa7
Photo Courtesy: [ Goat]

Marilyn was very good at entertaining influential male guests at studios and became a friend, and sometimes sex partner, of Fox executive Joseph M. Schenck. He was friends with the head of Colombia Pictures, Harry Cohn, and persuaded him to sign Marilyn in March of 1948.

Platinum Blonde

During her time at Columbia Pictures, she was modeled after  Rita Hayworth and her hair was bleached platinum blonde. Marilyn would soon become famous for her "blonde bombshell" appearance. She appeared in one low-budget film while working for the studio, a 1948 film titled, "Ladies of the Chorus". She had a starring role, which featured a chorus girl who was courted by a wealthy man.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 2429f64c23bda4f928bf79bf83803764
Photo Courtesy: [Antonio Marín Segovia/Flickr]

The movie turned out to be unsuccessful, but Marilyn now had her signature image. This was a stepping stone that paved the way for Marilyn Monroe that would go on to become an American icon.


After her contract was not renewed by Columbia, she once again returned to modeling. She eventually became the protégée and mistress of Johnny Hyde, the vice president of the William Morris Agency. Through this agency and Hyde, she landed several small film roles. Two of these included critically acclaimed works. They were Joseph Mankiewicz's 1950 drama "All About Eve", and John Huston's 1950 film noir "The Asphalt Jungle".

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 0889bc422d69209e4d7ca6e2ff61b7d5
Photo Courtesy: [Antonio Marín Segovia/Flickr]

Although she was only seen on screen for a few moments, she caught the attention of Photoplay and gained a mention. According to biographer Donald Spoto, Marilyn "moved effectively from movie model to serious actress". Hyde negotiated a contract with Fox for a seven-year signing. If they chose, they were able to not renew the contract at the end of each year. Hyde died of a heart attack just two days later, leaving Monroe devastated and she even had a suicide attempt as a result. 


Marilyn Monroe starred in the movie "Niagara" alongside Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, and Max Showalter. The movie went on to be one of 20th Century Fox's biggest box office hits of the year.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * Cd213ac3402069b3d9505ae85832f37a
Photo Courtesy: [ Goat]

Marilyn Monroe was given first billing in Niagara. This elevated her to star status. The film was unique, as it was not filmed in black and white like other film noirs of the time, but instead filmed in "three-strip" Technicolor". This would be one of the last films from Fox made this way, as they then started using CinemaScope.

Korea, 1954

Marilyn Monroe's roots in supporting the military started when she was working in a factory that made military drones during World War II. It was also there, that she met the photographer that started her career in entertainment. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 31cee3126e4b64348f32a5ee4d69c630
Photo Courtesy: [ Goat]

She appeared with the USO Camp Show, "Anything Goes," and posed for shutterbugs following her performance at the 3rd U.S. Infantry Division.  She appeared on stage in a sparkly purple dress, which was a huge hit. This was one of the first times that Marilyn Monroe said she "felt like a star".

Cutting A Honeymoon Short

Marilyn Monroe cut her second honeymoon, with Joe DiMaggio, short to entertain the troops. After just being married weeks earlier, a high-ranking U.S. Army officer approached Marilyn Monroe and her husband on their plane to Tokyo. Major General Charles W. Christenberry, the assistant chief of staff at the army’s Far East Command, asked “How would you like to visit Korea for a few days and entertain the American troops currently stationed in Seoul as part of the UN occupation force?”  

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 86c874dc9c6d4103f50fc7145785e5b7
Photo Courtesy: [USMC Archives/Wikimedia Commons]

DiMaggio said he would not have time, but the officer let him know his question was directed at Marilyn. She asked her then-husband what he thought, and he unenthusiastically told her to do as she wanted, stating that it was her honeymoon. Their relationship had a rocky past, but Marilyn was set on going. Later, this trip became one of the most famous in history. 

A Sex Symbol

After her career took off from Niagara and other performances, Marilyn Monroe quickly became known as a sex symbol. Although controversial and protested by some women, Marilyn was on a path for long-term success. In both 1953 and 1954, she was listed in the annual Top Ten Money-Making Stars Poll.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 2c3cfa7968d18963f2ea40665b7b9f8a
Photo Courtesy: [Ed Feingersh,/Wikimedia Commons]

Fox historian Aubrey Solomon stated that Marilyn Monroe had become the studio's "greatest asset", alongside CinemaScope. In December of 1953, her status as a sex symbol was confirmed when Hugh Hefner featured her on the cover and as a centerfold in the first issue of Playboy. However, Monroe did not consent to this publication. A photo of her at the Miss America Pageant parade in 1952 was featured as the cover, and a 1949 nude photograph was the centerfold. 

Third Person

Marilyn Monroe often referred to as "Marilyn Monroe" in the third person. It was said by actor Eli Wallach that she was able to turn "Marilyn" on and off like a switch. There were certain things Marilyn would say and do, that Norma Jeane (her real birth name) never would.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 3ed529e26b5cc80602b2669fc3068ff8
Photo Courtesy: [Ed Feingersh,/Wikimedia Commons]

Wallach also said one evening he was working with her on Broadway, and she was totally incognito. The next minute, she was swarmed with attention. Her response was "I just felt like being Marilyn for a minute". Photographer Sam Shaw says he often recalls her critiquing herself in movie performances or photoshoots, saying things like "She wouldn't do this. Marilyn would say that".

Creating The On Camera "Glow"

Before applying her makeup, Marilyn would often apply a thick layer of Nivea Creme or Vaseline. She believed it made her look more luminous on film. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 9e5ecabb8f091eeb06c58ffd12d513cc
Photo Courtesy: [Ed Feingersh,/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn Monroe also preferred to stay out of the sun and once stated, “Despite its great vogue in California, I don’t think suntanned skin is any more attractive ... or any healthier, for that matter. I’m personally opposed to a deep tan because I like to feel blonde all over.”


Marilyn Monroe and her second husband Joe DiMaggio had a rocky relationship from the beginning. The famous baseball player was friends with big-time singer, Frank Sinatra. One night while the two friends were out to dinner, they received a tip from a private investigator that Marilyn was cheating with another man in a house nearby. The two then gathered up a crowd, yes a crowd, and went to the home to break in and catch her in the act.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 871fcb587ad23d8dafbf20e9f76dd0d3
Photo Courtesy: [Ed Feingersh,/Wikimedia Commons]

After breaking in, storming through, and taking photos, they realized they were at the wrong house entirely. The homeowner sued, and the entire situation blew up. Frank Sinatra had to testify before the California State Senate two years later. He eventually had to pay the homeowner secretary Florence Kotz, $7,500 for her trauma. 


Today, Marilyn Monroe's wardrobe is worth a fortune. She had a few pieces of clothing that set records for the most expensive ever sold. To start, the sheer, spangled dress Monroe wore to sing "Happy Birthday" to JFK in 1962 sold for $1,267,500. This hit a world record for the most expensive piece of clothing ever sold after a collectible company purchased it.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 08400160cb6c75eab5ef7ca5a4638b2c
Photo Courtesy: [Ed Feingersh,/Wikimedia Commons]

In 2011, Monroe's famous "Seven Year Itch" dress set a record, too, selling for $4.6 million. Although her casual wear goes for less, they still sold for a pretty penny. Tommy Hilfiger purchased a pair of her jeans from Otto Preminger's "River of No Return" for $37,000. The company gave them to Brittany Spears as a present. 

The Seven Year Itch

"The Seven Year Itch" starred Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. The film was about a faithful husband who was tempted by a beautiful blonde neighbor, played by Marilyn Monroe when he was left alone after his family went on vacation. Although not one of her most famous works, the movie was well known for a specific reason.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * C3adc1a27cfc3ebfd9acaf722e5023bb
Photo Courtesy: [20th Century Fox - eBay front back/Wikimedia Commons]

On the corner of New York's Lexington Ave and 52nd St, Marilyn Monroe filmed her famous scene standing above a street vent wearing a white dress. The vent caused her dress to go up and has been an iconic image for decades. Other actresses have tried to mimic it, but it just was not the same. The scene took place during the filming for "The Seven Year Itch", and will always be one of her most famous moments.

All Jokes Aside

Marilyn Monroe wanted to be taken seriously. There were always myths circulating around that the actress was "dumb". She, in fact, was far from it. She had control over her persona and characters and often talked in a quiet, faint voice, giving her audience the impression that she was "utterly innocent and uncalculated". However, she sometimes resented the fact that she was known for being a sex symbol, and for being defined by her gender.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 429e413270e6a4781a39dd2855326007
Photo Courtesy: [George Barris/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn Monroe quit school, so she was not formally educated. She was always very sensitive about that and wanted it known that although she did not have an education, she was still an intelligent businesswomen. 

 Divorce From Joe DiMaggio

In October of 1954, Marilyn Monroe divorced Joe DiMaggio with the help of her attorney, Jerry Giesler. She accused DiMaggio of "mental cruelty" and said this was one of the main reasons for the divorce. The couple was only married for 8 months. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 30d9969fb6042d85eb027a07e2318428
Photo Courtesy: [Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles Times/Wikimedia Commons]

Other tensions grew as the couple had busy schedules, often causing them to be physically separated from each other. Despite differences, Monroe admitted the two were "very much alike".  The divorce was highly publicized and one of the most talked-about celebrity occurrences during that time.

Plastic Surgery

During her early years, Marilyn Monroe kept her natural hair and appearance and embraced it. However, after some struggles for success, she decided to get plastic surgery to make herself more marketable. Aside from bleaching her hair blonde, the actress also had a slight nose job that reshaped the end of her nose.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 606a98a688b35ad18fc232d594168417
Photo Courtesy: [U.S. Army photographer David Conover's shot/Wikimedia Commons]

Additionally, Monroe had her front teeth altered so that they would not jut out as much. She then began to whiten her already fair skin with hormones cream. In order to strengthen the look of her jaw, she paid doctors to give her a chin implant.

Spike, Marilyn & Ken For Charity

Aside from acting, Marilyn Monroe wanted to do good for the world. She helped out with charity when she could, and helped raise funds. In 1952, she attended the annual Times Charity Game. She shared laughs with Spike Jones and Ken Murray, who also attended the event. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * C047666d040965855ee2a5d955f5c90e
Photo Courtesy: [Publication:Los Angeles Times, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons/Wikimedia Commons]

The annual Times Charity Game raised funds for The Boys Club. Marilyn Monroe attended the eighth annual game, and it was widely remembered due to her presence. The game was held at the Coliseum, and the Rams won, 45-23.

The Prince And The Showgirl

Although not much of a hit in the United States, Marilyn Monroe had a starring role in "The Prince And The Showgirl" alongside Laurence Olivier. Laurence Olivier also produced the movie. It was a big hit, though, in the United Kingdom, which gave her some good recognition overseas. The movie was filmed at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 32a2b9d385f6e2ac1a92366becfc8314
Photo Courtesy: [Milton H. Greene/Wikimedia Commons]

Filmed in England with a mainly British cast, the film was not a typical "Cinderella story". Some critics felt that the film was "too dull" to fully showcase Monroe's and Olivier's potential. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 71% approval rating based on seven critics and an average score of 5.8/10.

Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier

Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier starred together in "The Prince and the Showgirl". As mentioned, it was not very successful in the United States but had a lot of success in the United Kingdom. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 0d380e4205e4b53a204ec70b2fef1c8c
Photo Courtesy: [Russ Jay Burton, The Arthur Jacobs Company (publicity agency), New York/Wikimedia Commons]

Before it was produced, they were photographed together to represent the fact that they were making a film. At the time, the film had a working title of "The Sleeping Prince". When it was released, the name was changed to "The Prince and the Showgirl".

April In Paris Ball, 1957

The annual April in Paris Ball was an event organized to serve charity and Franco-American relations. It was established in 1952 at the Waldorf Astoria New York in New York City. The hotel banquet's manager, Claude Philippe, came up with the idea for the event and enlisted Elsa Maxwell to help organize it.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 51b081c47183469bb9dfba2d43399102
Photo Courtesy: [Associated Press/Wikimedia Commons]

When the first event was held in 1951, it was a celebration of the 2,000th birthday of the city of Paris. The name was changed to the April in Paris Ball after it was decided that it would become an annual event. Marilyn Monroe attended the 1957 April in Paris Ball to show her support for charity, as shown above.

A Third Marriage

Marilyn Monroe attended the April in Paris Ball with her third husband, Arthur Miller. He was her longest marriage and it was said that the pair had an instant connection. Miller was an acclaimed playwright when he met Marilyn in 1950. She was still trying to find her way to fame, but the two clicked. It has been said that he "played it cool" when meeting her.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 60b201d84e7c6c69e6004062a8580306
Photo Courtesy: [Associated Press/Wikimedia Commons]

Eventually, the marriage ended in divorce. Marilyn's issues like drinking and drug use, combined with failed pregnancies and clashes about work caused by misunderstandings, caused the marriage to fail.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

The Grauman's Chinese Theatre is also branded as the TCL Chinese Theatre. Located on the historic Hollywood Walk Of Fame, it is an iconic attraction that has been around since 1926. On May 18th, 1927, the theater opened with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille's The King of Kings. Since then, it has been home to many premiers including the launch of George Lucas' Star Wars in 1977. Although not in operation anymore, Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida featured a replica of the theater, doubling as "The Great Movie Ride" for guests.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 770b46121395a6f3fa6ad6258786595d
Photo Courtesy: [Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn Monroe was invited to sign the concrete in front of the theater, and here she can be seen alongside actress Jane Russell. They put their signatures, handprints, and footprints in wet concrete. The two left their marks in 1953. 


Marilyn Monroe was in close contact with other big-name celebrities. Here, she can be seen in conversation with Yves Montand in 1960. Montand was an Italian-French actor and singer. She has also starred alongside him in films.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 0a57bad4b4353b0ac85833807a405839
Photo Courtesy: [Dell Publishing, 1960/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn also networked with many other stars. Frank Sinatra was one, and they were even romantically involved at times. At one point in time, it was also said that Sinatra wanted to propose to Marilyn. She used her network of contacts to become a rising star and knew how to always make the right connections.


It is not a secret that Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy were rumored to be having an affair during his presidency. Here, Marilyn can be seen with JFK, at his 45th birthday celebration. It was at this event that Marilyn sang the infamous "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to JFK in her famous sparkling gown.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * C9012d22784331394d675cc39a593f37
Photo Courtesy: [JFK_and_Marilyn_Monroe_1962/Wikimedia Commons]

The performance sparked the majority of the affair rumors. Although the details of them actually together are pretty scarce, the rumors continued throughout history. The first time the two were said to be at the same place at the same time, was the April in Paris Ball on April 11th, 1957, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Both of them were photographed throughout the night, but not together. Today, even younger generations are familiar with the rumors, whether true or not.

Cover Star

Marilyn Monroe was the center of attention throughout her career. She has been featured in many magazines, including the front cover of the New York Sunday News magazine. She has also been featured on LIFE Magazine and Modern Screen. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 839af4ad752a85cf87072642afad7eda
Photo Courtesy: [New York Sunday News/Wikimedia Commons]

During her career, she was featured on the cover of LIFE a total of six times, the first being in 1952. Other big names magazines that featured her included Picture Post, Laff, True Story, and Gala.

Making History

"The Guide to United States Popular Culture", has referred to Marilyn Monroe "as an icon of American popular culture, Monroe's few rivals in popularity include Elvis Presley and Mickey Mouse ... no other star has ever inspired such a wide range of emotions—from lust to pity, from envy to remorse." Additionally, Monroe may have been "the most photographed person of the 20th century" according to art historian Gail Levin. She has also been named "The sixth greatest female screen legend in American film history" by The American Film Institute.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 62b50f153a5399b40ccf6d401600c624
Photo Courtesy: [20th Century Fox - eBayfrontback/Wikimedia Commons]

Monroe was on the Smithsonian Institution's list of  "100 Most Significant Americans of All Time". VH1 and Variety both placed her in the top ten of their rankings of the greatest pop culture icons of the twentieth century. Marilyn Monroe remains a valuable brand, as her image and name have been licensed for hundreds of products. Brands like Max Factor, Chanel, Mercedes-Benz, and Absolut Vodka, have all featured her in their advertising. 

Conflicting Legacy

Marilyn Monroe has had a very conflicting legacy. On one hand, she is known for being a big movie star, singer, and model. She was one of America's most famous sex symbols and an icon for women looking to embrace their sexuality. On the other hand, she had a very troubled personal life stemming from childhood trauma. Monroe struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and had a few failed marriages.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 9b8b261bb168dfeed8228dc9aae37ff0
Photo Courtesy: [RKO - eBayfrontback/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn's death was very controversial, and some still believe there is truth to the conspiracy theories that JFK had something to do with it. Regardless, Marilyn Monroe remains a pop-culture icon and will forever hold that legacy.

A Memorable Performance 

Marilyn Monroe always felt she was born to be an entertainer. She had determination, and never gave up even when she was rejected. When she performed for the troops deployed in Korea in 1954, she said "[The trip] was the best thing that ever happened to me. I never felt like a star before in my heart. It was so wonderful to look down and see a fellow smiling at me".

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * F575230d594185bf5408af3c566e14ea
Photo Courtesy: [U.S. Dept. of Defense - eBay/Wikimedia Commons]

The troops were thrilled to see her, which put even more of a smile on her face. One man, named Ted Sherman, stated "I was with a group of Navy guys who happened to be at Daegu Air Force Base when we heard Marilyn would entertain there that night. We convinced our transport pilot to find something wrong with our R4D transport, so we could delay the return flight to our ship in Tokyo Bay for that one night".

The Misfits 

Marilyn Monroe had a starring role in the movie "The Misfits" which was released in 1961. The film was an American Western drama written by Arthur Miller and directed by John Huston. Marilyn starred alongside Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift. The supporting cast includes Thelma Ritter, Eli Wallach, and Kevin McCarthy.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 3fbe28b1173773fd8d87769b1cb5360e
Photo Courtesy: [Macfadden Publications New York, publisher of Radio-TV Mirror - page 23/Wikimedia Commons]

The film had very high expectations for the box office, due to its high profile cast and anticipation. However, once it was released, it did not do as well as originally planned. It has been historically referred to as a "box office disaster" of its day. The final cost of production was about $4 million, despite being shot in black and white. Although it was a flop, Monroe still received the 1961 Golden Globe Award as "World Film Favorite".

Dealing With Nerves

It has been said that although Marilyn Monroe was calm, cool, and collected on screen, she had issues with nerves behind the scenes. She often had issues remembering lines, and was at times somewhat quiet. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * Fc067a3fbc55824fc5cc82292ebc37a8
Photo Courtesy: [Modern Screen/Wikimedia Commons]

"Bus Stop" costar Don Murray, has said that she would break out into rashes whenever they were filming a scene. Some have speculated that her anxiety was brought on by her dramatic and unpleasant upbringing, and others have said that it was because she was a naturally shy person. Whatever the reason, Monroe always pulled off her roles and was nothing less than a star in her performances.

Memorizing Lines

It has been said that Marilyn Monroe often had a hard time remembering lines. This somewhat contributed to her early years, when some studios decided not to renew her contracts. Don Murray co-starred with Marilyn in the 1956 film, "Bus Stop". He stated, "The joke was, she couldn't make two sentences meet".

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * D16687cdc90a5e5a20cd95cae7c4043f
Photo Courtesy: [Photographer not credited/Wikimedia Commons]

Some felt that this was a lack of professionalism and preparation on Monroe's part. Murray, though, believed that this was due to nerves and that Marilyn was never intentionally unprepared. 

The Asphalt Jungle

In 1950, Marilyn Monroe appeared in one of her earliest roles in a movie called "The Asphalt Jungle". She gained a lot of recognition for this appearance, as the movie turned out to be a big hit. According to MGM Records, the movie made $1,077,000 in the US and Canada. Rotten Tomato's critical consensus says, "The Asphalt Jungle is an expertly told crime story with attention paid to the crime and characters in equal measure."

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Photo Courtesy: [Macfadden Publications New York, publisher of Radio-TV Mirror - page 20/Wikimedia Commons]

"The Asphalt Jungle" received four Academy Award nominations. The Library of Congress selected the film to be preserved in the United States National Film Registry, on the basis that it is "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

DownBeat Magazine

DownBeat magazine is an American magazine that features "jazz, blues and beyond". It was established in Chicago in 1934 and is named after the "downbeat" in music, also called "beat one". This is also called the first beat of a musical measure.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 94518d2e5073867a5ea6ee1b6d7eb390
Photo Courtesy: [Down Beat magazine/Wikimedia Commons]

In 1952, Marilyn Monroe posed for the cover of DownBeat Magazine with musician Ray Anthony. Anthony was born in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, and is an American songwriter, actor, bandleader, and trumpeter. The two had great chemistry during the shoot, and it turned out to be a success.


Later known as Ciro's Le Disc, Ciro's nightclub was a nightclub on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. It was owned by  William Wilkerson. Upon its 1940 opening, the club became a very popular hot spot for big-name celebrities. In 1965, it was reopened as a rock club. It eventually became The Comedy Store in 1972, after a few name changes.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 2623079350ce7523b139fcc3752dc671
Photo Courtesy: [Dell Publications, Inc. New York, publisher of Modern Screen - Page 37/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn Monroe frequented Ciro's along with other popular names like Lauren Bacall, Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Ava Gardner, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnaz, among many others. Here, she can be seen at the nightclub for a soirée celebrating Louella Parsons.

Behind The Scenes Of The USO Tour

During Marilyn's visit to Korea in 1954, she is most well known for performing for the troops. However, she had a lot of laid back moments behind the scenes when she was not performing. Photos have since surfaced of her in the backseat of a car, as well as enjoying coffee with soldiers and two women.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 67ef3af7588a561604b478955c3b17e9
Photo Courtesy: [USMC Archives - Flickr: Marilyn Monroe, Korea, 1954/Wikimedia Commons]

As shown above, she can be seen smiling while being escorted by personnel, and she can also be seen smiling while walking away from an Army helicopter followed by a uniformed photographer. The trip will go down in history as an extremely memorable occurrence. 

Marilyn Monroe And Marlene Dietrich

It was rumored that Marilyn Monroe had romantic ties with German-born actress Marlene Dietrich. Anyone familiar with old Hollywood knows that Dietrich was "the original pansexual", so the rumors that later ensued were no surprise. 

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 0ece53f381200061fb2ab8d1917c4c9b
Photo Courtesy: [ky_olsen/Wikimedia Commons]

Marilyn Monroe allegedly slept with Marlene Dietrich and caused quite the controversy. A film critic once wrote about Dietrich that she "has sex but no positive gender" Marilyn Monroe was rumored to also have been with other female actresses, including Barbara Stanwyck, Greta Garbo, and Paula Strasberg, along with a few others.

Helping America During A Dark Time

Marilyn Monroe rose to fame during a dark time for the United States. She was popular through the Cold War, the atomic bomb, and the totalitarian communist Soviet Union era. All of these happenings led Americans living through the 1950s to be paranoid and anxious. Marilyn Monroe offered a joyful and playful personality to American households. Photoplay described her as "a national institution as well known as hot dogs, apple pie, or baseball", as she was specifically known as an American star.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 66daa9613a01aa13878f7861df7b3228
Photo Courtesy: [Self made screen capture from a public domain film trailer/Wikimedia Commons]

Fiona Handyside, a historian, stated that French female audiences associated whiteness/blondness with modern America and cleanliness. Marilyn Monroe symbolized a modern "liberated" woman, who's life is always the center of the public eye. She was an inspiration for not only American women but also women around the world.

Let's Make Love

In 1960 Marilyn Monroe starred in the movie "Let's Make Love" with Yves Montand. The movie was anticipated to be a huge success because of Monroe's high level of fame at the time. The musical comedy film was a work of 20th Century Fox in DeLuxe Color and CinemaScope, and was directed by George Cukor and produced by Jerry Wald. Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, and Tony Randall are among those also featured in the film.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 8a9b2b5a2bb8badccac5da9da011d7d1
Wikimedia Commons: [20th Century Fox/Wikimedia Commons]

Some felt that the movie was a disappointment, but it was actually a moderate box office success. The first weekend, it opened at the top of the box office and made $6.54 million in total. Even though this was the first movie starring Marilyn to make such little money upon its initial release, it was the top-grossing musical of the year. The film was also one of only two musicals in the top 20 of 1960.

Endorsement Of American Culture

Today, the majority of Americans can say that they at least know who Marilyn Monroe was if not many details about her. She has an iconic legacy and is known as one of the biggest stars in American history. 

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Photo Courtesy: [FPG/Wikimedia Commons]

Laura Mulvey, a film historian, wrote the following excerpt about Monroe: "If America was to export the democracy of glamour into post-war, impoverished Europe, the movies could be its shop window ... Marilyn Monroe, with her all American attributes and streamlined sexuality, came to epitomise in a single image this complex interface of the economic, the political, and the erotic. By the mid-1950s, she stood for a brand of classless glamour, available to anyone using American cosmetics, nylons, and peroxide". 

Modern Screen Cover

For over 50 years, Modern Screen Cover was an American magazine that featured articles, pictorials, and interviews with movie stars. Later, it would feature television and music personalities. In September of 1954, Marilyn Monroe was featured on the cover.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * F14e2e77eaca6e2968f93d7767ef306a
Photo Courtesy: [FPG/Wikimedia Commons]

The magazine was founded in 1930 and ran for 55 years, until 1985. Famed photographer George Hurrell and famed writer Faith Baldwin were among contributors to the magazine. In Marilyn's issue, there was a pin-up section. It only made sense to feature her, as she started in her early years as a pin-up model.


Marilyn Monroe was known for her photoshoots. She started out as a model, so they came easy to her. She has been featured in countless magazine issues and even was a collector herself. It has been said that she owned seven gossip magazines, which she took with her when she moved out of her Roxbury, Connecticut home after her divorce from her third husband, Arthur Miller.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 5b4e1d07f0838fb0db6827d6ff6ed5f5
Photo Courtesy: [New York Sunday News/Wikimedia Commons]

This photo features Marilyn Monroe posing for the New York Sunday News, in which she was also featured on the cover. Marilyn is most famously known for her covers for LIFE Magazine, many of which are collector's items today.

Susan Elizabeth Strasberg 

Susan Elizabeth Strasberg was an American stage, film, and television actress. She was nominated for a Tony award at the young age of 18 for her role in the Broadway show "The Diary of Anne Frank". She was projected to be the next Hepburn-type icon.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * Caf39cf9de3feb8a63b2e77b24a1fa9a
Photo Courtesy: [International News Photos - eBayfrontback/Wikimedia Commons]

The above photo shows Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier visiting Strasberg backstage when she was starring in "The Diary of Anne Frank" on Broadway. Marilyn Monroe was big on networking, so it was never out of the ordinary to find her visiting other stars, especially when they were big in the news. The production for the show closed on June 22nd, 1957.

The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe passed away on August 4th, 1962. Eunice Murray, her housekeeper, was staying at her Los Angeles home on the night of her death. Murray reported that she woke up at 3:00 A.M. on August 5th, with an overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. When she went to check on Marilyn, she saw a light coming from under her door but was not able to get a response from her. She called Monroe's psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, who soon arrived at the house. He broke into her bedroom through a window to find her dead in her bed.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * A6b6ee6bf7196d23e98eb0e63fa0d909
Photo Courtesy: [Zinn Arthur/Wikimedia Commons]

Around 3:50 A.M., Marilyn Monroe's physician Dr. Hyman Engelberg arrived and pronounced her dead at the scene. The L.A.P.D was notified at 4:25 A.M. The toxicology report showed that her death was caused by acute barbiturate poisoning, and there were empty medicine bottles found next to her bed. An accidental overdose was ruled out because the amounts found in her system were several times over the lethal limit. Monroe's doctors have said that she was "prone to severe fears and frequent depressions" with "abrupt and unpredictable mood changes".  They also stated that she had overdosed several times in the past, some of which were possibly intentional. Due to all of these factors, her death was ruled as a probable suicide.

Forever An Icon

Marilyn Monroe will forever go down in history as one of the most influential entertainers of all time. She persevered and made it through rejection to reach her dreams, and went above and beyond what anyone ever thought was possible.

INFO VINE *  Rare Historical Photos Of Marilyn Monroe * 0131c92584991650ec7620e8d5142a3c
Photo Courtesy: [Unknown author/Wikimedia Commons]

Today, pop culture is still influenced by Marilyn Monroe. Her face is branded on clothing and accessories, and many dress up as her for Halloween and other occasions. Although many have tried to impersonate her, there will only be one Marilyn Monroe. She will continue to influence America for decades to come and will go down as one of the most important figures in history.

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