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INFO VINE * The Historical Legacy of Selena *

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INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Empty INFO VINE * The Historical Legacy of Selena *

Post by Paul Fri 02 Feb 2024, 7:48 am

The Historical Legacy of Selena

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 503127c2d35a7edb3f31ee79ec12aec8
[vevo / youtube]
Selena Quintanilla, solely known as Selena, was a Tejano singer and an inspirational figure across the country. She was born on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas. Born to Abraham Quintanilla and Marcella Samora, being the youngest in the family, with two other siblings Suzette and A.B Quintanilla. In the latest Netflix series of Selena, it is portrayed that Selena’s name came from another couple in the hospital, soon to discover the meaning to be “Goddess of the Moon."  Scroll through these slides and find out more about whats Selena's life was really like, that the show couldn't show you!

Discovering her voice

In the rapidly-growing Netflix series that has come out this year, Selena is singing while catching fireflies on the front porch when her father discovers her. However, the true story is when Selena’s father was teaching Abraham III (Selena’s brother) to play the guitar, Selena came into the room and began singing alongside her father. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * F265b9a9806e1fa1d4c7df391a7230bd
[Ari Michelson / youtube]

Her dad was the first to recognize Selena’s vocal talent and her potential even if she was only six years old. Abraham was the one to put her into motion for a successful career in becoming a star. 

Abraham Quintenilla

Abraham was a musician himself, long before becoming a father and then managing “Selena y Los Dinos.” He played in a high school musical group Gumdrops and soon dropped out in his senior year to pursue a serious career in music. He then joined another group called Los Dinos, releasing their first single in 1959 called “So Hard to Tell." Though they were gaining popularity, they still received a lot of discrimination due to being Mexicans, which led them to go unpaid at times.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 603f97780bb656b3f34480ec91934859
[People Interview / youtube]

Apart from his musical background, he was also a veteran, being drafted into the military in 1961, where he soon met his wife, Selena’s mother whilst stationed in Washington.
They got married in 1963.
After being discharged from the military, he returned to Los Dinos, but it didn’t last long as the couple’s family grew with A.B., Suzette, and then Selena.

Marcella Samora

Born to a Coloradan mother and Texan father, Marcella Samora (known as Marcella Quintanilla) resided in Washington for many years, where she met and married Abraham, Selena’s father.
They married on June 8, 1963, and soon gave birth to their first child A.B. on December 13 of that same year.
They then relocated to Texas.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * E72e0246bd6d7a61699cb99f152b14a8
[people interview / youtube]

Marcella would come to be the mother of three young and growing musicians, behind the scenes. Even though she originally thought Selena was too young to sing, she didn’t argue with Abraham and his plans on setting up a band and she remained a loving and supportive mother for rising star Selena, reminding her to never change who she was and to remain humble despite the success and fame. 

The Family

Abraham, soon after discovering Selena’s talent, whilst considering A.B.’s skills and Suzette’s potential, formed a group Selena y Los Dinos. A.B. played the bass, Suzette on drums regardless of being a beginner, and Selena as the lead singer. Abraham originally started out playing with his kids but soon moved into more of a manager’s position.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 537a8a975650e6c37b82c2824a0e1a8b
{People Interview / Youtube]

Abraham, with his musical background, drive and passion for music, and the vision to see his kids succeed, taught them all he knew. Becoming more than just a father, but the mentor and manager of the band, while Marcella supported and assisted every step of the way. 


Selena attended Oran M. Roberts Elementary School and West Oso Junior High.
She missed a lot of classes but was dedicated to maintaining her grades by completing the assigned works. She was taken out of school by her father Abraham so that she could continue her musical career. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 8853e63a6fd417c561305ae4725f96ef
[vevo / youtube]

She later got her high school diploma through correspondence studies and despite not having finished school at an adequate time, it didn’t stop her from becoming an advocate of education, always speaking on the importance of education and never dropping out. Instead to include it on the path to realize one’s individual dreams. 

Early Performances

Selena’s first performance was when she was around nine years old. Selena y Los Dinos began performing at Quinceaneras, restaurants, weddings, fairs, etc. Some would be appreciative of their music and others would respond physically by throwing food on stage and booing.

This, however, did not stop them from performing, they ventured on, never losing sight of their vision.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 0d892798a5e4b4378b8db91368efcc63
[Vevo / Youtube]

Apart from playing in family events, Selena had a few performances in the Johnny Canales Show. Her first one being at the age of thirteen. Selena y Los Dinos first began touring in the 1980s. 

Abraham did anything and everything he Could

While keeping the band in motion with gigs anywhere they could find, there were struggles that could’ve potentially dimmed their dreams.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Dbb9192d0237c5f0f780698e683fd567
[vevo / youtube]

With the recession that hit Texas in 1981, the Quintanilla’s were forced to close their family restaurant Papagayo. The restaurant was their main source of income, and it soon went bankrupt, which led them to move in with relatives, while continuing their musical expansion. This only gave them more of a reason to keep moving forward and to realize one’s dreams one must keep moving forward and act on them because no one else was going to jump in and do it for them, just as Abraham would tell his kids. 

Selena y Los Dinos first contract

Freddie Records was a Texas-based recording label and apparently well-known in the early days. They ended up signing Selena y Los Dinos in 1981. Their first album, Mis Primeras Grabaciones, was released with Freddie Records. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Dd590a621379aa71e405faaf02f74401
{Freddie Records / Flickr]

The songs in this album were Tu solamente tu, Ya lo se que tu te vas, Parece que va a llover, Cruzaré la Montaña, Lo tanto que te quiero, Call me, Se acabó el aquel amor, Give me one more chance, and Lo tanto que te quiero y Tres veces no. They first started by promoting their album by selling singles from their track in local stores. Although, this album did not receive major recognition when Selena was alive. 

Selena had to become bilingual 

Selena had grown up speaking only English, and their band Selena y Los Dinos started off by singing English songs. But it did not take long for Abraham to realize that the audience they would play for were mostly Hispanics who gravitated to Spanish songs, hence, their best route was for Selena to learn to sing in Spanish. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Cbc44d74f4c5110db5d6b1f68c0abea9
{Vevo / Youtube]

Though Selena did not speak Spanish or let alone know even a bit, with her father’s advice and support, she committed to mastering it. In their early career, Selena followed the guidance and kept on with Spanish songs, soon to be known as “The Queen of Tejano.” The time would come for her to begin practicing extensively through audios and soap operas to be able to speak Spanish and not just sing it. 

The Queen of Tejano

Though there were points where she was criticized for venturing into Tejano music, a male-dominated genre, in 1987, she won the Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist of The Year. She won this same award for nine consecutive years. This actually was a huge turning point in her career, as more people began to respect the singer and truly recognize her as a rising star in the industry.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 5ae4f17f6496815e3877ba65e5589608
[Vevo / Youtube]

Originally Tejano was a mix of German accordions, country, Mexican, and a fusion of regional sounds. Selena changed this by incorporating more Rock and Pop-like tunes, expanding her explorations, and inviting her audience to join her. 

Other nicknames

Apart from being known as “The Queen of Tejano”, Selena was also known as “Una Mujer del Pueblo”(A woman of the people) and then “Mexican Madonna”.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 7fee9418300a1ad9367b1638dd9c5175
{Selena Interview/youtube}

People would identify her role as “Mexican Madonna” because of a conceptual picture of sexualizing her body and style. However, it is said that this was misunderstood as her style was actually representing otherwise. It was her way of expression and reinventing the Tejana body through an artistic and confident style. 

Early music

Apparently, Selena wrote her first record when she was just eight years old. One of the first albums Selena y Los Dinos had recorded while under the contract with Freddie Records, was “Selena y Los Dinos - Mis primeras grabaciones” which was not quite a hit. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 47797055136e936f4a5d9a7082a44c85
[vevo / youtube]

Freddie then said that Selena y Los Dinos weren’t fully capable of writing a full-length album just yet. Professionally, they still required more experience and stability. Abraham didn’t agree so he walked out of the contract. Regardless of not lasting too long with Freddie Records, they were soon to flourish signing with EMI. 

The writer of the songs

Selena’s songs were mostly written by her brother, A.B. Abraham had set out the band to hold up to their roles and A.B. had a significant role in the band as he wouldn’t be just a bass player, but becoming Selena’s main producer and songwriter. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 4e6deb4b6a12ca66f435f5d599f0bd1e
[vevo / youtube]

Though Selena was the radiant singer of famous songs to date, A.B. and the other bandmates Ricky and Pete, wrote many of them. Dame Un Beso, Amor Prohibido, Como la Flor, y No Me Queda Más, were all written by A.B. Even Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, the international hit was simply written as an interval, to pass time, because they had a 3-hour show to top off, and if they didn’t, the promoters would deduct their proposed wage. 

Big Bertha

When the band was beginning to get more known, Abraham was contemplating a better method to facilitate their tours, hence, Big Bertha came into play. When there was enough money, Abraham bought a bus which he was able to fix up as a tour bus. The bus itself did not have air conditioning, water, nor a restroom but it did get them from one destination to the other. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Cfc05e5a9ee465ee19676789eb620158
[Selfanaticos Online / youtube]

The bus itself was a vessel of the band’s journey, carrying stories, both the hardships and the successes they experienced. The bus is now in the Selena museum and it is reported that Big Bertha was also the name behind one of Selena’s line of lip glosses. 


The very first recognized albums were Alpha, a full-length album released in 1986, and then Dulce Amor in 1988.
Ven Conmigo followed in 1990, which was the first to have gotten over 500,000 copies sold. Live! hit number two on the Billboard's Top Latin charts and got Selena a Grammy for Best Mexican-American Album. Amor Prohibido was released in 1994 and also got gold status, selling over 500,000 copies.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Ce89435e08cee712b6ec289a016fb974
{Ari Michelson / Youtube]

Dreaming of You was Selena’s first English-language album which she did not get to see its success. Being released after her death, it came to hit number one on the Billboard Top 200 in 1995, making it the first Spanish-language album to ever top the charts. 

Signed by EMI

In 1989, the producer of EMI, Jose Behar, a music executive from Cuba, saw Selena y Los Dinos at the Tejano Music Awards and he was instantly struck by her magical ability to captivate and engage the crowd at just seventeen years old. He saw her as the next Gloria Estefan. When he first approached Selena, she sent him over to her dad to continue the more business chit-chat and Behar made it clear that Selena was a thriving star and she deserved to be treated like a star, not someone next in line. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 0ebf54f2371555c19e9c744f8e45ea1e
[vevo / youtube]

This persuaded Abraham to sign with EMI. Selena released her Entre Mi Mundo record which was known as her “breakthrough” record, which topped number one in the U.S. Regional Mexican Album chart and remained there for five months. Her most popular song from this album was Como la Flor as well as Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. 

From Selena y Los Dinos to Selena 

Behar woke up one morning and it hit him that the world wanted more of Selena, not a group of Selena y Los Dinos. Behar presented this to Selena, and she agreed, but of course, it wasn’t at all to throw away her family as part of the band, it was simply the conclusion of evolution in her career taking place. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Eaf930c0f3f7bfc7a0abcf18e0f5b100
[people interview / youtube]

At first, Selena’s father was defensive over what Behar had suggested, because for Abraham, the family was first and foremost, and from his point of view, Behar was wanting to shatter that. But this was further from the truth. Behar knew that Selena’s success was just on the other side of making her front and center on the CD covers and videos, and... he was right. 

Unrecognized accomplishments

Selena was one of the very few artists to be offered a crossover label, and it was effortless for her. Regardless of having sung Tejano songs years prior to being offered this crossover, she nailed the English debut (even though she wasn’t a witness to its grand success) and astounded both Behar and President of EMI Stephen Finfer. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 4187ff7c593bd029edb12b8fc3cdee20
[Ari Michelson / youtube]

Another accomplishment of hers was having taken a Japanese pop song “Sukiyaki” and transforming it into a most sentimental Spanish version.
She also transformed “Back on the Chain Gang” (a classic rock song) into “Fotos y Recuerdos” in the Amor Prohibido album. 

Chris Perez and Selena meet

Around 1989, A.B. recruited Chris to play as the guitarist in the band. A.B. saw his potential and artistic skills. Chris was a fan before even joining the band, he was struck by the unique sound of the band and the force of Selena’s vocals. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * C18c94c5290a026c69d0490f93946684
[vevo / youtube]

When Chris first joined the band, he was involved in another relationship when he discovered the chemistry between Selena and him. Their chemistry sparked on a trip to Mexico with the band, however, Selena’s father would come to disapprove. Selena’s father, Abraham did not approve of Selena being in any relationship due to her career, let alone a relationship with Chris, whom he thought was a threat entirely. 


After the romance between Selena and Chris upset her father, Chris was fired from the band. Nonetheless, Chris and Selena continued their youthful romance behind the scenes, in secret. When Abraham found out of their scheme, he threatened Selena to end the romance or there would be an end to her music career. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 59f42a2c992b719907689f540953aee7
[vevo / youtube]

Selena knew her father would have to forcefully approve of Chris if they were married, therefore, one morning she went to look for Chris at his hotel room, then and there she spilled her plans on eloping. If that was the only way they could be together (by marriage) then that is what she wanted. They eloped on April 2, 1992, and her father was forced to welcome him into the family. 

Boutiques and fashion

Selena’s passion was fashion. She adored designing clothes and another one of her aspirations blossomed in 1993 when she inaugurated Selena Etc., a boutique combined with a hair and nail salon in South Texas. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * F847ed8f12e9bda778b909edadb92ec6
[vevo / youtube]

She later opened another store in San Antonio with another planned to be opened in Monterrey, Mexico, but this did not get to see the light of day. This third boutique was still in the works when she was murdered. 

A Dream

After her elopement, Selena's father accepted Chris as part of the family, seeing no other way. Abraham apologized to Chris and the tension subsided. Later Chris states in his book that he was more than willing to support any decision Selena had wanted to take in regard to her life, but Abraham wasn’t aware of this at the time. After marriage, Selena and Chris moved into a home next to Selena’s parents, adopted 5 dogs and a python.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * B437a3ec0b832564fe0ec795d8d491e6
[Interview / Youtube]

They spent every hour of the day together, side by side, and soon came the talk about a home with more privacy and adding kids to the picture. However, this dream was soon to be shattered by her unfortunate death. 

Her last concert

On February 26, 1995, Selena performed her last live show at the Houston Astrodome. Her sold-out show had 66,994 people. She had dreamt of this one venue, remembering Michael Jackson up on the same stage, and she had said to herself that one day she’d be exactly on that stage. A most beautiful manifestation she got to experience just near a month prior to her death on March 31st.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 0126d18a8f213469f60a294719d4ddbf
[final concert / Youtube]

She is remembered for this performance with her one-purple-piece and her biggest hits. 

Yolanda Saldivar

In 1991, Yolanda Saldivar who was a registered nurse swept into the lives of the Quintanilla's. She stated that she was the number one fan of Selena and insisting to Abraham about creating an official fan club. Soon after, she founded the San Antonio-based Selena Fan Club with over 1,500 members.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 09a37be05ba23ceea98100057a94e98c

She obsessively followed all Selena related activities. While keeping up with her duties as the eyes and ears for Selena. Others but the Quintanilla’s began to notice her strange behavior and soon she was to be discovered. 

The Clues

Fashion designer Martin Gomez, who worked with/for Selena and close with Yolanda as well, quit. Gomez describes her as obsessive and creepy which he could no longer handle.
She was accused of stealing from her previous employer, but this was unknown to the Quintanilla’s since they had not operated a background check in the first place entrusting Yolanda for her devotion to Selena.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 93f668320d178dff63f367a697c2b10d
[vevo/ youtube]

A woman had moved in with Yolanda, and when she witnessed first-hand her obsession with Selena as mind-altering and abnormal through photos and objects of Selena, it propelled her to leave within two weeks.
There had also been multiple complaints from fans who had paid their membership into the fan club but had not received their promised merchandise, this is when Abraham began to take matters more seriously and commenced his investigations. 

Before her death

Yolanda’s doings were gradually discovered and brought to the surface.
The band met with Yolanda in early March, demanding the full accounting. Yolanda denied all accusations that were made, defending her image, but this time, the family wouldn’t fall for her facade and Selena too began to doubt the woman who once seemed to be her support system. On March 13, Yolanda bought a .38 caliber pistol.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * B83c660971e2d699e5a10bcc73e0d089
[vevo / youtube]

Selena, in the midst of this, phoned her and asked her to bring all business records, leading to their arranged meeting on Thursday, March 30. 

Where, who, why, when?

Yolanda could not accept that she was being fired by the one who gave her a sense of “importance” and an image she wanted to maintain, and if she could not work for Selena, then she simply did not want to work for anyone else.

On Thursday, March 30, Selena and Chris met Yolanda at Days Inn to pick up the business records from her. She later realized some bank statements were missing and arranged to pick up the remaining records the next day on Friday, March 31.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Cab7ddbdeedbe990cd61a3bdfe66a901
[Crime and Investigation UK / youtube]

Harsh words were exchanged in the hotel room. Yolanda asked Selena to return a ring she’d given her from some other employees and as she was removing the ring, Yolanda took out her gun and Selena tried to make a run to the door when she got shot, penetrating the right shoulder and an artery.

Selena had left a trail of blood on her way to the lobby when thankfully, employee Shawna Vela heard the last words of the famous singer Selena. She desperately screamed that she was shot and to lock the doors or otherwise she’d shoot her again, she then said Yolanda’s name before she collapsed. 

An Attempt to Escape

As Selena was being rushed to the hospital, where she died about two hours after the shooting, Yolanda was making her way out to the red pick-up truck getaway car she had borrowed from her nephew. As policemen surrounded her, she threatened to commit suicide, placing the pistol up to her temple. This manifested into a standoff that lasted about 9 hours.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 73bad08fdfd1c8900d4fe9ffd9cd32ea
[Yolanda Interview / youtube}

Eventually, the police did get her to surrender and by this time, a crowd of TV & news crews had gathered at the gas station just across the street. They prayed, cried, and sang to honor Selena. 

Yolanda Saldivar’s trial

The prosecution had 133 exhibits with 33 witnesses in order.
The trial took place in Houston, after having been rearranged and relocated due to the press and attention, in an attempt to have a more private trial.
It is said that Yolanda testified by stating that the shooting was an accident and it was her that had presented Selena a closure to their business partnership. According to her statement, it was Selena that had begged her not to leave. When Selena was leaving the room, Yolanda told her to not close the door, and apparently the gun went off. However, this story was not bought by the jury.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 43364e07bbd7c6857121af023b831bc4
[Crime and Investigation UK / youtube]

Yolanda’s defense placed a statement that it was due to Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla, that Yolanda was painted poorly amongst all peers, saying Quintanilla detested Yolanda, insinuated that she was a lesbian, and also claiming to have raped her which Quintanilla denied. Regardless of some contradicting statements from witnesses, the defense’s words were lost in the trial.

It only took two hours for the jury to find Yolanda guilty and placed her on a life sentence with no possibility of parole until after 2025. 

The Funeral

Before the funeral, knowing that there would be an audience, the Quintanilla family decided to have a public viewing at Bayfront Convention Center in Corpus Christi. There were over 60,000 fans present. Fans left her long-stemmed white roses at her casket - these roses were her favorite. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 58848aea10287dded814136912801b06
[Selena's grave / Flickr]

Even those who couldn’t attend the memorial paid their own respects at their own churches and cathedrals. Dressed in her iconic purple piece most have come to know her for, Selena was laid to rest on April 3, 1995. Her funeral itself was done privately, with family and friends at Seaside Memorial Cemetery in Corpus Christi. 

Guns and Violence

Having just lost his youngest daughter to a woman with a gun, it only is reasonable that Abraham Quintanilla was not at all for legalized weapons. He viewed the world as a dangerous place, saying that someone could kill you at any given moment for the slightest thing, even for just being you. He even mentioned telling Selena to not go out at night alone as there are many people who could harm her just because of her fame.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 30a8352fc4aaa499c7b64ad14dbe0ceb
[KSAT12 / youtube]

He was against the weapons bill that the Texas legislature was going to pass in 1995. 

What happened to Los Dinos

After Selena’s death, A.B. continued in this career, he founded the Kumbia Kings, Electro Kumbia and Kumbia All Starz, and other groups.
He then embarked on a solo career. He is in his 50s now has had multiple albums and singles. Suzette, Selena’s sister, retreated from playing drums in the same year of Selena’s death in 1995 but has continued discovering and signing new Tejano bands, working in Q-productions and at The Selena Museum. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Ee77b4113a9407c83ff37c3405528e1d
[vevo / yooutube]

Chris Perez was not a widower for too long, he soon married Vanessa Villanueva in 2001 and had two children together. They ended their marriage in 2008. He continued his career by performing in the Chris Perez Band and The Chris Perez Project. 

The other band members

Perhaps not mentioned a lot but Los Dinos was composed of a few other band members. Ricky Vela was a keyboard artist and it wasn't until 2020 that he was then again recognized for composing a rendition of Angela Aguilar’s No Me Queda Mas song.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * A22e58bbb5bc7cd394e687436dd1ddce
[vevo / youtube]

Don Shelton was a backup vocalist and died in 2014 at the age of 47 due to cancer.
Arturo Meza played percussion and Pete Astudillo as a backup vocalist and played the tambourine. Both of these two members continued their careers after Los Dinos. 

A Book by Perez

Chris Perez, the widower of adored singer Selena, longed to share a more personal view on Selena, a side that the world had not gotten to see. The book, To Selena, with Love, was written by Perez, without mentioning it to the family until it was finished, for the sole purpose of writing in peace with no interference. When finished, he then talked to Abraham Quintanilla about it and was given his support.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * B031e7fa89a87cda9021a0d589e57f8e
[Chris Perez / ]

The book is a story of romance and passion from the very first day Chris met Selena, to the disapproval of Abraham, their marriage, the in-betweens, all up until Selena’s death.
Published in 2012, this book was a gateway for Chris to release all that was suppressed within him throughout the years after his wife’s death. 

Selena’s other endeavors

Selena’s aspirations were more than just music. She was captivated by fashion as many may have noticed back in those days. Selena would design her own outfits and yes most of the sparkly, sensual, and edgy looks she wore were designed by her.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Df328a16b560797aab76d42c6f4d17a8
[Ari Michelson / Youtube]

She owned several fashion boutiques in Texas.
Prior to her death, she was working on her clothing line, perfume, and cosmetics line, of which her sister Suzette has promised to finish what she’d started. 

Stay in School Message

Selena inspired and advised the youth to stay in school, focus on education, and continue to pursue their dreams. 

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * A618d2b6928fb99b8fb7efbd48e60e58
[Ari Michelson / Youtube]

Her emphasis on making the studies a priority must have come from her life without a stable ground in school, for having traveled from a very young age in pursuit of her music career. She was a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program spokesperson. She truly cared for people and mostly channeled that through helping the youth. 

Movie played by Jennifer Lopez

The movie was a way for the Quintanilla family to tell the raw and truthful story of Selena and discredit any other unauthorized films telling the story of Selena.
There were about 22,000 actresses that auditioned for the role of Selena Quintanilla.
Salma Hayek was approached about the role but to no avail. Because Warner Bros were considering other non-Latina actresses for the role, Director Gregory Nava tried his best to pull Jennifer Lopez in for it.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * 41f5c2790a03c97cc923d1e29f1352ff
[jennifer lopez / ]

When Lopez got the role, many went frantic as she wasn’t of Mexican descent but that soon subsided.
Jennifer spent a lot of time with the Quintanilla family, even to the point of moving in with Suzette Quintanilla.
Her audition required dancing and singing, but in the film, Lopez got to lip-sing to the songs instead. Overall, the movie came to be a sensational hit across the globe. 

The Series 2020

In 2018, Netflix ordered a series on Selena. The screenplay was written by Moises Zamora and produced by Campanario Entertainment along with Abraham (Selena’s father) and sister Suzette. This series is a family-authorized version of Selena’s life of which has recently won over Netflix viewers across the globe.

Keeping the legacy of Selena alive.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * Fc7f5aa1f1c6c191cb68f948a128cf26
[Selena, The Series / ]

The Netflix series is more than just the Selena the audience knew, but a story portraying the life of Selena behind the scenes, her youth, love, and hardships that the world couldn’t have imagined. The show’s first season is based on the struggles and youth of Selena and the second season is meant to be based more on her career leading up to her passing. 

Christian Serratos

The 30-year-old star Christian Serratos, who takes on the role in the Netflix series Selena, had grown up listening to the star way before she could even speak.

INFO VINE *  The Historical Legacy of Selena * D422a37dc237e2ed45e26fac18bb6b89
[Christian Serratos / ]

She mentions her fear of playing such an iconic being, transforming it into motivation to do the best and tell a story that the world had never gotten to see or hear about in its most organic form. Having the Quintanilla family supporting the series, helped her tremendously as it gave her a wider and yet detailed view of Selena’s life. 

A Book to come by Abraham

Abraham mentioned back in February of 2020 that he’d written a book along with ghostwriter Nancy De Los Santos.

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[Crime and Investigation UK / youtube]

Because there have been many unauthorized books about the life of Selena, he wanted to do justice by finally bringing forth what he’s been wanting to do just after his daughter’s death. Back in February, he said he’d be releasing the book later in the year, however, it is possible that the book will come in early 2021 as there have been no other reports to this date. 

Unauthorized works about Selena

There are many works that keep on being produced and published without the Quintanilla's consent. For instance, El Secreto de Selena by Maria Celeste Arraras was not at all authorized by the Quintanilla family, and a piece of work that was publicly condemned by them.

There are multiple works that are false, or best to say, not as they occurred and experienced by the Quintanilla’s themselves.

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{vevo / youtube]

People may think that all these new books, CDs, and endless products are part of Quintanilla's plan to release more of their beloved Selena, however, most of it is from the EMI records. 

A Museum

After Selena’s death, many if not more continued to honor her legacy through festivals, events, dressing like the star, etc. The Quintanilla family sought to keep Selena’s spirit and name alive, and soon opened up the one and only Selena Museum in Corpus Christi. Q productions was founded in 1993, which became the studio where Selena y Los Dinos recorded and practiced. 

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[Selena Statue / Wikipedia]

Within Q productions, the family opened up Selena Museum, small but filled with all of Selena’s mementos including her car, fan letters, her notebook of fashion designs, Big Bertha (their tour bus), childhood dolls, iconic outfits, and more. 

An egg collection

Selena loved jewels, glitter, and...eggs, anything in the shape of an egg she began collecting them. Selena’s “odd collection” started from her fascination with Faberge eggs. 

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[Ari Michelson / Youtube]

It is said because she was born on Easter Sunday, she found it even more honorable to discover eggs and their individual story. She collected over 500 designer eggs which are now displayed in the Selena Museum just in the order as she once had them placed in her living room. 

Selena as a Subject in a University

The University of Texas in San Antonio is now bringing a new course study based on the legacy, career, and Mexican-American history of the beloved singer Selena.

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[The University of Texas in San Antonio / ]

Professor Sonya Aleman was inspired by the raw and grounded career of Selena and thought to create a course that could incorporate the topics of race, Spanish language, gender identity, and class. Sonya was also inspired to bridge and address the gap that students of Mexican/Latin backgrounds have experienced throughout their lives by creating a most enlightening experience for the youth. 

A Reunion in 2005

Los Dinos held a reunion on April 7, 2005, at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. This reunion was a concert to honor the 10th anniversary of Selena’s passing. It was a tribute concert called Selena VIVE! with over 70,000 people. 

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{Jennifer Lopez / ]

Jennifer Lopez gave an introductory speech. Various musicians paid their tribute to the singer by playing their own renditions of Selena’s songs. It was the most-watched TV special in the Spanish language.
It was said that there was going to be another reunion, however, canceled due to the current pandemic in 2020. 

Texas Women’s Hall of Fame

In 2016, two decades after her death, Selena was inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame. Suzette, Selena’s sister received the award on behalf of Selena, sharing her gratitude and awe of all who have remembered Selena and continue to see her as a role model. 

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[Selenas Memorial / ]

Well-deserved for the most impactful change Selena had in the music industry as a Tejano singer, and upon the lives of many, bringing hope to the generations to come, especially Hispanic women. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame

On November 3, 2017, with over 4,000 fans to witness and honor the star ceremony, Selena got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After the long-gone artist, fans were pressing on when Selena would get her star, and behold, she did it. Her star now stands in front of the Capitol Records building on 1750 Vine St. The Quintanilla family along with former husband Chris Perez attended the ceremony.

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[people interview / youtube]

Remembering that the purpose of life was not to live forever but to create something that would live forever, words spoken by the star herself. 

Selena’s Day

President George W. Bush, who was the current governor, introduced Selena’s Day on April 16th, 1995 (the day of her birth as well) in honor of the iconic singer who achieved grand success but never forgot her roots. 

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[Ari Michelson / youtube]

Selena’s Day continues to be a celebratory date for many generations. Even those who did not get to see and live through her success when she was alive, are the ones who celebrate her even more so today. On this day, instead of being a tragic memoir, it is a celebration of the imprint she has left the world with. 

Selena's Legacy

Selena was only 23 years old when her life was cut short. However, in honor of her legacy, many can see the impact she has had and continues to have on every generation. Her youthful, charismatic, lively, and even hard work-ethic keeps inspiring her audience. Her music keeps on spreading from generation to generation. 

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[young selena / youtube]

Chris says that he is sure she would’ve loved to be remembered for the message she always shared, to follow one's dreams and never give up, keep studying, and stay in school. Selena remains the most celebrated, honored, and remembered Latina singer. 

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