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INFO VINE * 50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports *

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INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * Empty INFO VINE * 50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports *

Post by Paul Sun 11 Feb 2024, 7:17 am

50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * D486ff96ca1b916011ea57cca1d42fb6
Photo Courtesy: [Royalty-free/Getty Images]
There's no greater feeling than your favorite sports team winning the game in the final seconds with a miraculous ending. Whether it be a last-minute shot or final hail mary throw, these are the moments sports fans dream of. These moments don't come often, but when they do they are immediately etched in sports history. If you want to see some of the best endings in sports, read through this gallery and check them out. 

1994 Colorado v. Michigan

In 1994, the University of Colorado Buffaloes and the Michigan Wolverines faced off at the Michigan Stadium in a game with one of the wildest endings in college football. Michigan was ahead 26-21 with only six seconds to go when Colorado’s Kordell Stewart threw the ball into the air. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * A44ad3e592d22f93f99365ff95a58a7e
Photo Courtesy: [The Michigan Daily/Twitter]

It traveled for 70 yards before dropping into the end zone where it was caught by Colorado’s Westbrook for the game-winning touchdown. The wild ending of the contest led to it being dubbed the Miracle at Michigan as the heave from Stewart resulted in Colorado winning 27-26.

1995 NBA Finals Game 1

Game 1 of the 1995 NBA Finals featured the Houston Rockets up against the Orlando Magic. The Magic had home-court advantage for Game 1 and were ahead 110-107 with seconds to go. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 9ba028eab602887b09eaeac3b50319f2
Photo Courtesy: [Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images]

Magic guard Nick Anderson had a chance to win the game for his team but he missed four free throws in the final seconds of regulation, opening the way for the Rockets to tie the game on a Kenny Smith 3-pointer. The Rockets then won the tightly-contested game 120-118 in overtime.

2010 Men’s World Cup: Donovan’s goal

On June 23, 2010, Algeria and the United States faced off for the final group stage game of the World Cup in Pretoria, South Africa. The game was goalless until the 91st minute when Landon Donovan seized a rare opportunity in the box and scored the only goal of the game, sending the USA to the next round of the World Cup. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 57a317f0041dc79f02edc10d23b73d16
Photo Courtesy: [Brettman/Staff/Getty Images]

The game could have gone either way but Donovan secured the victory for the United States with his goal. It was one of those magical moments where it wasn't a very interesting game with neither team really threatening, but the final goal made sure it stayed in the mind of many for years. 

1993 Dallas Cowboys v. Miami Dolphins

The coldest Thanksgiving Day in Dallas history was the same day that the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins faced off at the Dallas Stadium for the 1993 Thanksgiving game. The Dolphins were behind the Cowboys 14-13 with seconds to go when their kicker Pete Stoyanovich attempted a 41-yard field goal that would have won the game but his kick was blocked.

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 8e56d6d7a38eeb1283eee0da8bc29f57
Photo Courtesy: [Joseph Patronite/Contributor/Getty Images]

The Dolphins then recovered the ball and scored a shorter 19-yard field goal that sealed the game 16-14 for the Dolphins. Blocked field goals are very often a means for celebration for the defensive team, but in this rare instance, it put the Cowboys in a worse position. 

1982 Stanford v. California

In November 1982, the University of California Golden Bears and Stanford University’s Cardinals played their annual showdown game at the California Memorial Stadium. Stanford was ahead 20-19 with only four seconds left on the clock and only needed a touchdown to win but the Golden Bears went on a run. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 4381b9355a67583a86f31e97f1afc22a
Photo Courtesy: [Robert Stinnett/Wikimedia Commons]

The Bears received a kickoff and with an improbable five lateral passes, they scored the game-winning touchdown en route to a 25-20 victory. That amount of lateral passes was unheard of, especially with the pressure on the players.

1993 NBA Playoffs Knicks v. Bulls

The 1993 NBA Eastern Conference Finals was a showdown between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks at the Chicago Arena. Michael Jordan’s Bulls held a 3-2 series lead and the Knicks were fighting to save their season heading into game 6. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * F129f1a613847736fb9bd33aab645c90
Photo Courtesy: [Nathaniel S. Butler/Contributor/Getty Images]

The Knicks fell behind by 2 with 15 seconds to go and had a chance to tie or win the game but their forward Charles Smith got blocked by Horace Grant, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen four times and Chicago clinched a 96-88 victory. A single one of those baskets being made could have easily changed the course of Jordan being known as the greatest of all time. 

1995 NCAA Basketball Tournament

UCLA’s Bruins and Missouri faced off for a second-round game of the 1995 NCAA Men’s Division I Tournament in Boise, Idaho. UCLA was down by 1 with less than 5 seconds to go and needed a miracle to progress, as 5 seconds isn't usually enough time to get a quality shot off. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 7c24200aa8896413fa5b4682455f12d5
Photo Courtesy: [Stephen Dunn/Staff/Getty Images]

That’s when Tyus Edney stepped up by catching an inbounds pass and sprinting through the Missouri defense. He scored a layup to put the Bruins ahead 75-74 just as the clock expired. The game ended in victory for the Bruins and they went on to win their 11th national championship.

1997 Nebraska v. Missouri

Nebraska was the top-ranked team when they faced Missouri in Columbia in 1997. Missouri’s football teams had been mediocre for years but were on a surge during this game as it was a close contest throughout. Missouri went ahead 38-31 in the fourth quarter but Nebraska rallied back to tie the game at 38.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 5ea0f11fbaf922860807556a21ad47e1
Photo Courtesy: [David E. Klutho/Contributor/Getty Images]

With only seven seconds on the clock, Shevin Wiggins was hit with a pass at the goal line but he fumbled and the game went to overtime. Nebraska then won the game 45-38 in overtime, in a game that left Missouri fans upset seeing how they could have easily won that during regulation. 

1984 Boston v. Miami

On November 23, 1984, Boston College and Miami faced off with a chance for the winner to finish in the top-5 for the season. Miami was the defending champion while Boston College hadn’t recorded a top 10 finish in years though both teams had solid star players. Boston College rushed out to a 14-0 lead but Miami responded with two scores. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 063d6ab39d21e894393a1dc266ecb72c
Photo Courtesy: [Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images]

By halftime, Miami had clawed back to take a 38-34 lead and then had a chance to win the game with less than four minutes to go. However, the game ended up being won by Boston after a desperate heave from Boston quarterback Doug Flutie hit wide receiver, Gerrard Phelan, for a 47-45 victory for Boston College.

2007 NFC Wild Card

The 2007 NFC Wild Card game featured the Seattle Seahawks up against the Dallas Cowboys in Seattle. With only 11 seconds left on the game clock, and trailing the Seahawks 21-20, the Cowboys had a chance to take the lead with a simple field goal attempt. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 5e2235f61d77159146ce8676e6ddff80
Photo Courtesy: [Jed Jacobsohn/Staff/Getty Images]

However, as easy as that sounds, it all came tumbling down when Tony Romo fumbled the snap and was tackled just before the goal line. The game ended 21-20 in favor of the Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys winning drought in the playoffs persisted. This is the game where Cowboy fans really began to turn on Romo. 

2007 Fiesta Bowl

The no.9 ranked Boise State Broncos and the no. 8 ranked Oklahoma Sooners played against each other at the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The Sooners pulled ahead in the last moments but the Broncos tied the game with 7 seconds remaining on the clock and the contest went to overtime. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 3faf6f6818e88bd550b74a519835e54b
Photo Courtesy: [Steve Grayson/WireImage/Getty Images]

The Sooners and the Broncos scored a combined 22 points in the last 86 seconds of regulation but the game was decided on an Ian Johnson 2-point conversion run and the Broncos defeated the Sooners 43-42 in a very entertaining game.

1975 NFC Playoffs

In December 1975, the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings played each other in a playoff game at the Metropolitan Stadium in Minnesota. The Cowboys were behind 14-10 and were in possession of the ball with less than 30 seconds to go when their coach Tom Landry directed his team to throw a long pass.

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * F452ba6c62ed3f24b50ed74f8c2d49a2
Photo Courtesy: [Heinz Kluetmeier/Contributor/Getty Images]

Roger Staubach went out there and did just that with a 50-yard heave that hit Drew Pearson who caught it for the game-winning touchdown. Dallas thus won the game 17-14 on a gutsy call that could have gone either way. 

1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals

Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals featured the New York Knicks up against the Indiana Pacers. The series provided the Pacers with a chance for revenge after they’d lost to the Knicks in their two previous playoff encounters.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 1240ae1e32bd70cc88bfe8517524e251
Photo Courtesy: [Manny Millan /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images]

Game 1 appeared to be another loss for the Pacers as the Knicks went ahead 105-99 with less than 20 seconds to go. However, Reggie Miller then took over by scoring eight points in only 8.9 seconds to spark a remarkable comeback and lead the Pacers to a 107-105 victory.

Jean Van De Velde 1999 British Open

The 1999 British Open featured a huge fumble from Jean Van de Velde and so both the venue and tournament became associated with the Frenchman. He was leading by 3 strokes and stood on the 18th tee, needing just a double-bogey to win the title and make history by becoming the first French player to win it since 1907. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * A5683ce29716c20c63038dd0a5338a4f
Photo Courtesy: [Andrew Redington/Staff/Getty Images]

Rather than secure the win with a safe iron play, Van de Velde decided to attempt a wild shot that landed on the 17th hole. Paul Lawrie then ended up triumphing in the tournament after hitting a birdie on the 18th hole over par. A big lesson was learned here, never take any lead for granted. 

1999 U.S. Open 

The 1999 US Open’s final round was played at Pinehurst and was a chance for Payne Stewart to redeem himself against Phil Mickelson. Stewart and Mickelson engaged in an intense final-round duel, with Stewart being faced with a difficult 15-foot par putt shot at the 18th hole that he had to make to secure the victory. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 8fcd8e3a4bc40fb933a075555070c220
Photo Courtesy: [STEPHEN JAFFE/Staff/Getty Images]

He sank the putt to beat Phil Mickelson by one stroke and struck a legendary celebratory pose as he emerged the winner of the US Open, his second win at the competition. Stewart also showed lots of class after by telling Mickelson, “Good luck with the baby. There’s nothing like being a father,” since Mickelson and his wife were expecting.

2000 AFC Wild Card

The Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans played against each other at the Adelpha Coliseum in Tennessee on January 8, 2000. With only 16 seconds to go in the final quarter of the game, the Bills scored a field goal to go up 16-15 and the Titans had a chance to respond with a play. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * Df6cef91cf1c971e58c8eac571ee2415
Photo Courtesy: [Allen Kee/Contributor/Getty Images]

Their fullback Lorenzo Neal caught the kickoff and then passed the ball to Frank Wycheck who then found Kevin Dyson with a cross-field lateral. Dyson sprinted for 75 yards before scoring a go-ahead touchdown to propel the Titans to an unlikely 22-16 victory.

2012 NBA Playoffs

The 2012 NBA Playoffs series between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Clippers became historic because of the way Game 1 of the series played out. With the game clock expiring quickly, the Clippers went down by as many as 27 points before rallying to a comeback.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * D6cb1cf33ae246e2c56842c356a7220a
Photo Courtesy: [Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images]

The Clippers stepped up defensively, holding the Grizzlies to 12 misses while scoring some clutch baskets. In the end, Chris Paul scored two free throws to give the Clippers the lead and complete the greatest comeback in playoff history. The Clippers didn't go on to win it all, but they could at least hang their hats on the fact that they weren't quitters. 

1987 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals featured the Detroit Pistons v. the Boston Celtics. The Pistons had a one-point lead over the Celtics with less than six seconds to go when Larry Bird decided it was time to take over.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 50bf7aca0ecc6a7fcd9ed3533407916a
Photo Courtesy: [Dick Raphael/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images]

He was locked in defensively and anticipated a pass for Pistons' Bill Laimbeer which he stole before firing a pass to teammate Dennis Johnson who scored the game-winning layup with it. The wild game ended 108-107 in favor of the Celtics and thanks to Larry Bird’s last-minute steal.

Manny Pacquiao Split Decision v. Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley fought Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand with the WBO welterweight title on the line. The fight didn’t seem like a close affair as Pacquiao outboxed and overpowered Timothy Bradley throughout. Manny Pacquiao was a huge favorite going into the match so it wasn't a surprise to most that he was able to have his way in the ring. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * F2d3606a1ed8152fb32f65b1e3add31d
Photo Courtesy: [Kevork Djansezian/Staff/Getty Images]

It was evident that Pacquiao had out-landed Bradley but it was up to the judges to determine who the winner was. Two of the game’s three judges awarded a split decision to Bradley who emerged as the winner of the fight. The crowd was in awe when the decision was read, and lead many to speculate about the corruption in the sport. 

1981 NFC Championship Game

The 1981 NFC Championship game was played on January 10, 1982. This game featured the highly-popular play called "The Catch." Dallas was ahead by six with less than a minute to go when quarterback Joe Montana took the snap and floated a pass to the end zone's back corner. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 01b5f53877a074591e98348432dbb1e2
Photo Courtesy: [Arthur Anderson/Contributor/Getty Images]

The ball appeared to be heading to the stands before it was caught by wide receiver Dwight Clark who came out of nowhere to catch it to score the go-ahead touchdown. The 49ers then won the game 26-21, but this is one of those catches you have to see to appreciate. 

2007 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals was an intense affair between the Cavaliers and the Pistons as the series was tied at 2-2. The Cavs were ahead 79-78 with 6 minutes to go but their star player, Lebron James, only had 19 points. He then hit a 17-foot jumper to launch a scoring run for the Cavs. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * E428305b71b3837e97d656912e2fbe13
Photo Courtesy: [Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images]

James ended up scoring 29 of the Cavs’ 30 points in only 16 minutes and forced overtime with only nine seconds remaining. Then with only 2 seconds left in overtime, James led the Cavs to a 109-107 victory with a crucial layup. 

1972 AFC Divisional Playoffs 

The Steelers hosted the Raiders on December 23, 1972, and had never won a playoff game before. Faith seemed to smile on them as the Raiders failed to score for nearly an hour of the game but somehow pulled ahead 7-6 in the dying moments, leaving viewers to assume the Steelers would fall short again. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 1aa630bb5e19f742f6b4541acea5d5e8
Photo Courtesy: [Dick Raphael /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images]

The Steelers were trailing with only 30 seconds left when their quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, threw a pass that bounced off Jack Tatum and was caught by teammate Franco Harris who ran it in for the game-winning touchdown. That touchdown won the game 13-7 for the Steelers. It's not how that play was drawn up, but the Steelers weren't complaining. 

1966 FIFA World Cup Final

England went up against Germany at the 1966 World Cup Final on July 30th, 1966 with a chance to win their first-ever World Cup title. Helmut Haller scored the opener for Germany and England went down 1-0. Bobby Moore then found England's backup striker Hurst who converted with a header to level the score. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 9659ab8851918f0c47c164bc67be7efe
Photo Courtesy: [Schirner/ullstein bild/Getty Images]

England pulled ahead once more with 12 minutes left but Germany leveled it again with seconds to go. The game went to extra time and Hurst scored after eleven minutes to give England the lead again. He smashed the ball past the German goalie once more with seconds to go and England won 4-2.

1993 AFC Wild Card 

The Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers met at Rich Stadium in New York on January 3, 1993. Houston held a 28-3 lead going into halftime and went further ahead 35-3 shortly into the second half. Bills fans started heading home thinking the game was over but the Bills began to rally from then on. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 0401dbf011d64aee7cffbffa86caef18
Photo Courtesy: [John Biever/Contributor/Getty Images]

They turned it up defensively and cut the deficit to 35-17 with a 38-yard touchdown. They kept cutting the lead and went ahead 38-35 with less than 3 minutes to go. They then won the game 41-38 with a 32-yard field goal attempt, completing the greatest comeback in NFL history.

1951 National League Pennant: Giants v. Dodgers

The New York Giants played against the Brooklyn Dodgers at the 1951 Pennant series. The third game of the series was crucial as the teams were even at 1-1. The Giants seemed destined to lose by the ninth inning, down 4-1 but they came alive as Don Mueller and AI Dark hit singles to keep them in the game. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 6bffc8dfe9d48fe3641cd6de9d41fb97
Photo Courtesy: [Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images]

Bobby Thompson then scored a walk-off home run in the last moments of the game to give the Giants a 5-4 victory and cap off the comeback. It was an amazing home run hit, and is known by fans as the "Shot Heard 'Round the World." 

1986 World Series Game 6: Red Sox v. Mets

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets’ 1986 World Series Game 6 was played at Shea Stadium in New York on October 25, 1986. The Red Sox were ahead by two runs in Game 6 heading into the bottom of the 10th inning when a remarkable play happened. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * A8c2a4665d01d23a5eabd7c5e512deea
Photo Courtesy: [Focus On Sport/Contributor/Getty Images]

Boston baseman Bill Buckner committed an error on a ground ball hit and New York’s Ray Knight converted with the game-winning run opportunity that Buckner’s fumble presented. New York won the game 6-5 and evened up the series. To make matters worse, the New York Mets went on to win the series when in reality the series should have ended on this night. 

1988 World Series Game 1: Dodgers v. Athletics

The 1988 MLB Season was concluded with a championship series between the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Game 1 of the series was played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on October 15, 1988.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * Fcbe6d54c3aa25554dc33455d54ed4f4
Photo Courtesy: [Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images]

Los Angeles pulled ahead with a two-run home run in the first inning but Oakland responded with a two-run lead in the next inning. Dodgers’ Kirk Gibson was injured so he couldn’t start but was inserted into the game in the ninth inning where he hit a walk-off home run that won the game for Los Angeles 5-4.

2010 Stanley Cup Finals Game 6

Game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals went down to the wire and was decided in overtime as the score was tied 3-3 at the end of the third period. Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane scored a controversial cup-winning goal four minutes into overtime. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 850f496e4e0b6cd68fdce1c8edeb2392
Photo Courtesy: [Jim McIsaac/Staff/Getty Images]

What made Kane’s goal wild was how the puck got stuck under the net padding so observers lost sight of the puck. The goal was only officially awarded after a video review and the Blackhawks won the title with a 4-3 victory. Patrick Kane and teammate Patrick Sharp must have the best eyes in the world as they were the only two players not to lose sight of the puck and immediately began to celebrate even while the play was under review. 

1983 NCAA Men’s Division I Championship: Cougars v. Wolfpack

The championship game of the 1983 NCAA Championship was played by the Houston Cougars who went up against the North Carolina State Wolfpack in New Mexico. The Cougars were the favorite as they had Akeem Olajuwon but the altitude of the stadium in New Mexico disturbed his rhythm. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * Eac7a9ef34627759468c37d6e61d4aa3
Photo Courtesy: [Rich Clarkson/Contributor/Getty Images]

The game was tied 52-52 with four seconds to go when North Carolina State’s Lorenzo Charles grabbed the rebound after a missed shot by Houston and scored on a dunk with one second remaining that gave the Wolfpack a 54-52 victory and the NCAA basketball championship.

2012 NBA Finals Game 4

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat faced off at the 2012 NBA Finals. Game 4 of the series was played on June 19, with a 2-1 Miami lead. The Thunder were ahead 49-46 at halftime and the third quarter was a back-and-forth affair but Miami pulled ahead with a four-point lead at the start of the fourth quarter. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 475f059c7dc56d8230ea70caf3d31f90
Photo Courtesy: [Mike Ehrmann/Staff/Getty Images]

Lebron James was the hero for the Heat as he re-entered the game with the score tied at 94 after leaving with a leg cramp with less than six minutes in the fourth quarter. James hit a go-ahead three-pointer in the final seconds of the game to give the Heat a 104-98 victory.

Tiger Woods Amazing Putt At The 2005 Masters

Chris DiMarco and Tiger Woods faced off at the 2005 Masters on April 10, 2005. The game went back-and-forth and down to the wire as Tiger Woods had a four-stroke lead that was quickly erased by Chris with some amazing shots. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * C39956367004968672e8b4aead88974c
Photo Courtesy: [John Biever/Contributor/Getty Images]

DiMarco had a chance to tie the game with one stroke on the 16th hole but Woods pulled ahead again with an incredible chip shot from 20-feet even though he only had room for a par attempt. The 17th and 18th holes kept up the entertainment before the game went to a playoff where Woods won.

Super Bowl XIII: Dallas Cowboys v. Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XIII was always going to be intriguing as the American Football Conference champion faced off against the National Football Conference champion. The game determined the 1978 NFL champion and was played at Miami’s Orange Bowl. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * D80a3e4fb867644ec8c6e917a4b82ef5
Photo Courtesy: [Nate Fine/Contributor/Getty Images]

The Cowboys trailed 21-17 at the end of the third quarter but Pittsburgh scored two touchdowns within 19 seconds of the fourth quarter to pull further ahead. The final minutes of the game featured more drama as the Cowboys scored two touchdowns, but it didn’t matter in the end as the Steelers hung on to win 35-31. A very wild ending with both teams making a rally and making it so that you had to watch every second of that game. 

2001 World Series Game 7

The 2001 World Series was played between the New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Yankees were ahead 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth but the Diamondbacks fought back to stage a comeback. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 50e4066abd008db04a5a56567c95261b
Photo Courtesy: [JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images]

The Diamondbacks tied it 2-2 and then Luis Gonzales stepped up to the plate and hit a beauty that brought home the game-winning run. The Diamondbacks stunned the Yankees to win their first World Series title in franchise history. This ending was so incredible that Sports Illustrated chose this game as the "Best Postseason Game of the Decade."

2010 Winter Olympics

The 2010 Winter Olympics hockey game was played between Team USA and Team Canada on February 28, 2010, and had 18,000 spectators at the Hockey Place Arena in Canada. Scoring was opened by Canada’s Jonathan Toews after 12 minutes of game time. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 641831f31037d36679273e3e03d41d2b
Photo Courtesy: [Jamie Squire/Staff/Getty Images]

Corey Perry then doubled the lead for Canada in the second period but Team USA picked up the momentum and responded with a Ryan Kesler goal five minutes after Perry’s. The game was then tied by Zach Parise with seconds to go which sent the game into overtime. Sidney Crosby became the hero for Team Canada in overtime with a superb game-winner that secured the 3-2 win for Team Canada.

1996 Masters 

The 1996 US Masters became known for a rare Greg Norman collapse that cost him the advantage. He was ahead on at least nine occasions in the game and was ahead going into the last round of the major but he ended up blowing his six-shot lead in the last round of play and Nick Faldo went ahead by two on the par-3 16th hole.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * Dff22ed45997d643b192ff346a7abb1d
Photo Courtesy: [Stephen Munday/Staff/Getty Images]

He went ahead by four shortly after as well and closed out the game with a final birdie, winning the game in which he’d fallen behind by six. To this day, this game holds the record for the largest lead ever blown in a PGA Tour tournament, a record that we are sure Greg Norman would love to see broken. 

1986 AFC Championship Game

In January 1986, the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns played the AFC Championship Game in Cleveland. Scoring opened with a Bernie Kosar touchdown after an 86 yard drive by Cleveland. Denver went ahead 10-7 in the second quarter after a field goal and a rushing touchdown. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * B69a4fb7c7edf37061d191b4c8ff5c82
Photo Courtesy: [George Gojkovich/Contributor/Getty Images]

With less than six minutes on the clock, the Broncos were trailing 20-13 but their quarterback John Elway then facilitated a 98-yard drive in 15 plays to tie the game with only 37 seconds left in regulation. The game went into overtime and there, the Broncos were able to make a 33-yard field goal to win the game. Game-winning or tying drives like this are rare to see so fans were treated to a great game. 

2004 Western Conference Finals Game 5

The 2004 Western Conference Finals entered the history books for one of the most astonishing shots in NBA history. With 0.4 seconds left on the clock, the Spurs were ahead 73-72 in the tightly contested Game 5. This game had all kinds of star power with Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan leading their teams. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * C8cfc0f324cf3c7bbc469687737be3d7
Photo Courtesy: [Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images]

Then Lakers had one play to save their season and they responded with a play that ended with the ball in Derek Fisher’s hands, who launched a shot immediately as it touched his fingers. Fisher's shot went in and the game ended 74-73 in favor of the Lakers after the referees reviewed the shot and determined it had left Fisher's hands before time expired. 

2003 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

The Miami Hurricanes went up against the Ohio State Buckeyes at the 2003 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. The game was played in Tempe, Arizona, at Sun Devil Stadium, and ended up going to double overtime. Miami had the edge in the first overtime and appeared to have won the game but Ohio rallied to tie the game at 24, which caused the game to go to a second overtime. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * De1a6e70c7b86a45c479d58be2fbfed1
Photo Courtesy: [NCAA Photos/Contributor/Getty Images]

Ohio State soon scored a touchdown to go ahead 31-24 and the Buckeyes won as the score remained 31-24 at the end of the second overtime. This wild ending left viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they cheered one minute and were in heartbreak the next. 

2008 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship

The national champion for the 2007-2008 NCAA Division I men’s basketball season was determined by a game played between the Memphis Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks at the Alamodome in Texas. Both teams kept within striking distance of each other and with 2.1 seconds to go, the game was tied at 63 on a Mario Chalmers 3-pointer that sent the game to overtime.

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 8100007a76702bc0960ef020f45b71e7
Photo Courtesy: [Streeter Lecka/Staff/Getty Images]

The game got even crazier when Robert Dozier had a good look at a half-court shot that looked like it was going in as fans were ready to cheer, but the shot bounced off the backboard. Overtime featured more lead changes as Kansas pulled out to a 69-63 lead. The Tigers tried to mount a comeback but failed to keep up and Kansas won 75-68 in overtime.

1960 World Series Game 7

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees competed at the 1960 World Series on October 13, 1960. The series was a back-and-forth affair and the Yankees forced a game 7 after tying the series in Game 6 with a blowout 12-0 win.

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 137c55a5a396a2244a5067605b6209f8
Photo Courtesy: [Hy Peskin Archive/Contributor/Getty Images]

The Pirates had a two-run lead at the top of the ninth inning but they blew it and the inning commenced at nine all. Bill Mazeroski then hit a walk-off home run to clinch the World Series for the Pirates with a 10-9 victory. Mickey Mantle has said in an interview that this remains the only game he cried in after losing. 

2006 BCS Championship

On January 4, 2006, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California served as the BCS National Championship Game for the 2005 season. The USC Trojans and the Texas Longhorns were both unbeaten in the season heading into their contest, so there was a lot of hype leading up to the game. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 47ce393313ccd5a84d342988b0c7dde1
Photo Courtesy: [Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images]

The game went back-and-forth but with nineteen seconds to go, Vince Young, the quarterback of Texas, scored a touchdown which was followed by a successful two-point conversion to give Texas a 41-38 victory and crowned the BCS National Champions as a result. USC was stunned by losing the game in the last seconds since they were coming off a 34-game winning streak. 

1993 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship

The national champion of the 1993 NCAA Division I college basketball tournament was determined at the Louisiana Superdome. Michigan’s Wolverines went up against North Carolina’s Tar Heels, both No.1 teams in their divisions and so the game was closely contested.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 4e6899f776576a8900a87c443dc7db39
Photo Courtesy: [David E. Klutho/Contributor/Getty Images]

The Tar Heels were ahead with 11 seconds left when Chris Webber tried to call a timeout rather than attempt to tie the game. The Wolverines had no timeouts left and North Carolina got two foul shots and possession so they won the game 77-71. Fans were shocked at such a mistake by Webber, but it then all made sense sometime later when Webber was found guilty of taking under the table payment from a booster. 

Super Bowl XLII

The New York Giants and the New England Patriots competed at the 2008 Super Bowl. The game was close all throughout but the Giants went down 14-10 in the fourth quarter. Their rally began with less than 3 minutes to go as Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw a beautiful pass to teammate Plaxico Burress for the game-winning touchdown with less than a minute to go.

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 6101562dbc8277958b3f9da21efb4d87
Photo Courtesy: [Drew Hallowell/Contributor/Getty Images]

The Giants won the championship with a 17-14 victory after their incredible comeback. Fans were used to seeing Brady mount winning drives like this but were in shock in the final minutes to see Eli direct such a calculated drive. This is the highest-ranked Super Bowl game according to

1998 NBA Finals Game 6

Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls traveled to the Delta Center in Utah to play the Utah Jazz in game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. The game was intense as it featured two of the best players in the NBA in Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 5a2c39d643bd5a43d415cddf89d9bc60
Photo Courtesy: [Scott Cunningham/ NBAE/ Getty Images]

The most important play of the game rightly involved these two players as Michael Jordan stole the ball from Malone with seconds to go and the Jazz ahead 86-85. He then hit the game-winner with less than six seconds to go and the Bulls won 87-86. This wild ending has led to this game being called one of the most iconic NBA games in history, and Jordan's famous shot with only five seconds to go has been etched in the minds of fans. 

1956 World Series Game 5

Game 5 of MLB’s 1956 World Series was played by the Brooklyn Dodgers who went up against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New York. The Dodgers held a 2-0 series lead but the Yankees tied the series in Game 4. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 488da5696432c9720efee90e752a0cfd
Photo Courtesy: [The Stanley Weston Archive/Contributor/Getty Images]

Don Larsen was the star of Game 5 for the Yankees as he threw a perfect game, the only no-hitter in MLB postseason history and the Yankees won 2-0. Larsen’s game remains the only perfect game in playoff history and the Yankees won the series 4-3. The ending of game 5 had fans on the edge of their seat in disbelief from what they were watching. 

1992 NCAA Men’s East Regional Final

Duke went up against the University of Kentucky at the 1992 NCAA Men’s East Regional Final in Minnesota. Duke was behind 103-102 with 2 seconds to go in overtime, then Grant Hill threw a full-court pass to Christian Laettner who hit his shot just as time expired on the clock. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 8b77c76de280a8cd706f3c402015c8e0
Photo Courtesy: [Damian Strohmeyer/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images]

Duke won the game 104-103 and advanced to the final where they defeated the Michigan Wolverines for the NCAA title. The game is regarded as one the greatest college basketball games of all time by ESPN and Sports Illustrated, and is referred to by most as "The Shot."

2004 American League Championship Series

The Boston Red Sox played the New York Yankees at the 2004 American League Championship to determine the American League champion and a chance to play in the 2004 World Series. The Yankees held a 3-0 series lead and were ahead 4-3 in the bottom of Game 4’s ninth-inning.  

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 0b942325736b6d264bcd063026198686
Photo Courtesy: [Al Bello/Staff/Getty Images]

Boston tied the game soon after courtesy of Mariano Rivera and the game went back-and-forth again until the bottom of the 12th when David Ortiz scored a walk-off two-run home run to win it for Boston. This game set the stage for the Boston Red Sox who following this game pulled off a reverse sweep of the series winning the next two games and then winning the series with a dominating 10-3 win in game 7. This series seemed doomed until Ortiz hit that home run and sparked new life into his team. 

Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II

Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II was an epic rematch that was held on June 28, 1997, with the WBA Heavyweight Championship on the line. Holyfield dominated Tyson and won the first three rounds of the contest. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 106ea6e34042f3f1199e9880da299ce0
Photo Courtesy: [Jed Jacobsohn/Staff/Getty Images]

Tyson began the third round with intensity but was caught in a clinch by Holyfield but Tyson rolled his head and bit his opponent’s right ear. Tyson was penalized with a two-point deduction and the fight was resumed but they got tangled again and Tyson bit Holyfield again. The fight was discontinued and Tyson was disqualified, definitely a shock to all of the attendees for a fight to end that way, especially one of that magnitude. 

2011 Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankees

The Tampa Bay Rays were having one of their worst seasons in 2011, and their hopes to make the playoffs weren't looking so good. On September 28, 2011, the Rays needed a victory against the New York Yankees to qualify for the postseason but they went down 7-0 heading towards the bottom of the eighth inning. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 78e0f9b9b35eaa5e8e03c5c0fc72d344
Photo Courtesy: [J. Meric/Stringer/Getty Images]

Tampa began a rally from then on, scoring six runs before getting a game-tying home run from Dan Johnson. In the bottom of the 12th inning, Tampa’s comeback was completed with an Evan Longoria walk-off home run that led to an 8-7 victory for Tampa.

2011 World Series Game 6

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers faced off for the 2011 World Series. Game 6 of the series was by far its most dramatic as the Rangers were ahead 7-5 in the bottom of the 9th inning but the Cardinals erased the lead and tied the game. 

INFO VINE *  50 of The Wildest Endings In Sports * 8e177c2a6190ab9b5d2fbc4dd8caf3d4
Photo Courtesy: [Jamie Squire/Staff/Getty Images]

In the bottom of the 10th inning, the Cardinals again came back to tie the game after a two-run advantage to the Rangers. In the 11th inning, the Cardinals finally held the Rangers scoreless before winning the game 10-9 thanks to a walk-off home run.

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