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INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs *

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INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Empty INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs *

Post by Paul Thu 28 Dec 2023, 7:13 am

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 83b46514f3dc2e2a3a696f50510be37e
Photo Courtesy: [NASA/Unsplash]
The topic of UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, has always been a controversial one. Despite the mounting number of testimonies, photographs, and recordings, the debate surrounding their existence continues. Are they natural phenomena, secret technology, or something else entirely?

Throughout history, there have been countless eyewitness accounts of potential UFOs. Do you know about these strange sightings? Here is the mysterious history of UFOs.

Rome (218 B.C.)

The history of UFOs goes back much further than one might think. In 218 B.C., the Roman historian Livy reported one of the earliest known sightings of UFOs. The account appears in his History of Rome, also known as Ab Urbe Condita.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 926d153415804c2336fb0ed817327102
Photo Courtesy: [Livius, Titus/Wikimedia Commons]

In his writing, Livy describes phantom ships which were seen gleaming in the sky. History of Rome is Livy's only surviving work, and less than half of it remains today. It is possible that Livy wrote more about these phantom ships, but the world may never know.

Phrygia (74 B.C.)

The Kingdom of Phrygia existed in present-day Turkey from about 1200-700 B.C. In 133 B.C., it became a Roman province. In 74 B.C., the armies of Lucullus and Mithridates VI were preparing for battle in Phrygia. Suddenly, according to the Greek historian Plutarch, the sky burst open.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 8c6bf0474290a698a070ce014b225930
Photo Courtesy: [Jastrow/Wikimedia Commons]

A giant flaming object fell between the two armies. The object is described as having the color of molten silver and the appearance of a pithos. A pithos was a type of large ceramic jar used in Ancient Greece. It is pictured above. Both armies claimed to have seen the mysterious object.

Nuremberg (1561)

On April 14, 1561, the residents of Nuremberg, Germany, witnessed a startling sight. Hundreds of mysterious shapes appeared in the sky above them, including blood-red spheres, cylinders, and a massive black triangle. Crosses, crescents, and various tubular shapes were also reported.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 41ca523fcb87580ec0397416f48cafc0
Photo Courtesy: [Hanns Glaser/Wikimedia Commons]

Following this, there was a large crash outside of Nuremberg. Unlike many UFO sightings, this event had multiple witnesses who reported the same terrifying phenomena. Pictured above is a news article reporting the incident, which was published that same month.

Basel (1566)

A series of similar incidents took place five years later in Basel, Switzerland. These incidents occurred on July 27, 28, and August 7, 1566. Residents of Basel witnessed what was described as black and red spheres fighting each other in the sky.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Ebdd2258365970beaa0df4ce35a31652
Photo Courtesy: [Samuel Apiarius/Wikimedia Commons]

All three events happened at either sunrise or sunset. Pictured above is one of the reports of the sightings. This report, written by Samuel Coccius and illustrated by Samuel Apiarius, claimed that the events were of some religious significance.

Hitachi (1803)

Hitachi was a province of Japan located in present-day Ibaraki Prefecture. In early 1803, a group of fishermen in Hitachi discovered a mysterious vessel that had washed ashore. A young woman with red and white hair emerged from the vessel. She wore unusual clothing and carried a square box that no one could touch.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * C93ec7e3601c57ab94342968df467775
Photo Courtesy: [Hyoryu-ki-shu/Wikimedia Commons]

Unfortunately, she did not speak Japanese, and no one was familiar with her language. The woman eventually returned to her vessel and was brought out to sea, where she was never seen again. The name the Japanese gave her strange vessel means hollow boat. Historians believe this incident to be folklore, but some believe that the woman was an extra-terrestrial.

Zacatecas (1883)

In August 1883, astronomer José Bonilla was observing sunspots at an observatory in Zacatecas, Mexico. During his observations, he saw over 300 mysterious dark objects in front of the sun. The photographs he captured are the earliest known images of UFOs.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Dc374d5fe81885966a6a1d17340faa56
Photo Courtesy: [Brocken Inaglory/Wikimedia Commons]

Many believe that these objects were alien spacecraft. It has also been suggested that they were high-flying geese or even the fragments of a comet.

Aurora, Texas (1897)

Aurora, Texas, was the site of a reported UFO incident on April 17, 1897. According to residents, a UFO crashed on a farm after colliding with a windmill. The pilot of the vessel, who was said to be an alien and possibly from Mars, did not survive the crash. William Russell Taybor, a traveling pastor, buried the pilot at the Aurora Cemetery.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * A82bd104bfc27dfaa507ced839a3d345
Photo Courtesy: [Sf46/Wikimedia Commons]

Newspaper correspondent S.E. Hayden subsequently reported the incident to the larger cities of Fort Worth and Dallas. The crash has been investigated many times and was dramatized in the 1986 film The Aurora Encounter. Pictured above is a historical plaque at the Aurora Cemetery, which describes the incident as a legend.

Otago (1909)

A series of UFO sightings were reported in the Otago region of New Zealand in 1909. Locals claimed to have seen moving lights and solid objects in the sky. Multiple newspapers printed their accounts, including the Otago Daily Times. The Otago region is pictured below.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * D16726be4048dc824f1dc372a70e8fa1
Photo Courtesy: [Michelle Maria/Wikimedia Commons]

The Otago Daily Times featured a letter that purported to know what these UFOs were. According to the letter, witnesses had seen atomic-powered spaceships from Mars. Similar sightings had been reported in 1897 by the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch and the Washington Times.

Fátima, Portugal (1917)

On October 13, 1917, a series of reportedly miraculous phenomena occurred in Fátima, Portugal. A group of local children had claimed that the Virgin Mary would appear in the sky and perform miracles. A large crowd of people gathered in the city to witness the event.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 9003dc4b5fbb279479c9a6fff643503f
Photo Courtesy: [Judah Ruah/Wikimedia Commons]

According to witnesses, the sun danced and gyrated in the sky. It was also said to have emitted a variety of colorful lights. Some have dismissed the events as exaggeration or fabrication, while others have provided a scientific explanation. However, it has been suggested that what the people in Fátima saw was a UFO.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri (1941)

In Spring 1941, an alien spacecraft allegedly crashed near Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Reverend Huffman, a local minister, arrived on the scene and saw a disc-shaped vessel and three non-human bodies. The bodies had small ears and mouths, as well as large eyes and heads.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Cb239918c93089881cf5d805844b644f
Photo Courtesy: [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Wikimedia Commons]

Military officials swore Huffman to secrecy. The Cape Girardeau incident was eventually revealed to the public by Huffman's granddaughter in 1991.

Los Angeles (1942)

On the night of February 24, 1942, multiple objects appeared above Los Angeles. Many feared that the city was under attack by Imperial Japan. In response, thousands of anti-aircraft weapons were fired, and a city-wide blackout was ordered.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 220b6b6db92803b794d052254abb2e3c
Photo Courtesy: [Los Angeles Times/Wikimedia Commons]

Three people died from car accidents in the ensuing chaos. It was later reported that at least one of the objects in the sky was a weather balloon. Many believe that the objects were UFOs.

Ängelholm, Sweden (1946)

On May 18, 1946, Swedish entrepreneur Gösta Carlsson saw a UFO land in a forest area near Ängelholm. He also saw the passengers of the UFO.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 97eb77a9b656061e37da33b3238e0c09
Photo Courtesy: [ShwSie/Wikimedia Commons]

In 1963, a monument was dedicated at the site, which is pictured above. Clas Svahn of the organization UFO-Sweden also wrote a book about the incident with Gösta Carlsson.

Mount Rainier (1947)

On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold sighted multiple UFOs flying near Mount Rainier in Washington state. These objects were blue and luminescent. Additionally, they appeared to be traveling at speeds exceeding 1,500 miles an hour.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 7f0a2064c58c6e375e328377a3228857
Photo Courtesy: [U.S. Air Force/Wikimedia Commons]

At the time, Arnold believed them to be military aircraft and compared them to saucers. This gave rise to the term flying saucer. Pictured above is Arnold's report to the Army Air Forces from the following month. His sighting is widely considered to be the beginning of the modern UFO craze.

Roswell, New Mexico (1947)

The crash of an alleged UFO that occurred near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947 has spawned countless theories and investigations. The United States military has stated that the UFO was a downed weather balloon. Even so, the nature of the crashed object continues to be debated.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 5c43c1d7830c4e152a81a1d1f3c68625
Photo Courtesy: [Roswell Daily Record/Wikimedia Commons]

The Roswell Daily Record pictured above calls the object a flying saucer. After the initial flurry of headlines subsided, interest in the Roswell incident rebounded in the 1970s. Since then, many books and documentaries have been released on the subject.

Great Falls, Montana (1950)

The earliest known film footage of a UFO was captured in Great Falls, Montana, on August 15, 1950. Nick Mariana filmed two bright silvery objects with his 16-millimeter camera.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 1dfd4b790c1ebf5c55aa8ee2d0b017b4
Photo Courtesy: [Montanabw/Wikimedia Commons]

An investigation by the United States Air Force soon followed. The investigation determined the UFOs to be the reflections of two F-94 jets. However, several independent investigations have disagreed with this conclusion. Some believe these purported reflections were alien spacecraft.

Lubbock, Texas (1951)

From August to September 1951, residents of Lubbock, Texas, witnessed a strange formation of lights. The earliest known sighting occurred on August 25, around 9:00 PM. A group of professors from Texas Technological College saw 20-30 lights soar across the sky in several seconds. The lights were said to be larger than stars but equally as bright.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 0169769a691bd44d1839390bf0fb5d70
Photo Courtesy: [Leaflet/Wikimedia Commons]

The Lubbock Lights became one of the most famous UFO sightings of the 1950s. In April 1952, Life magazine devoted an entire article to the phenomenon. Aside from the lights, some residents of Lubbock reported seeing a flying wing move across the sky.

The Drakensberg (1954-1963)

Elizabeth Klarer, a woman from South Africa, claimed to have encountered multiple aliens in the Drakensberg mountain range. Between 1954 and 1963, she had a series of adventures and even a romantic relationship with an alien named Akon.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 8283a6effb64b11b3cfd5aa9d11bdc3e
Photo Courtesy: [Diriye Amey/Wikimedia Commons]

According to Klarer, Akon was the father of her son Ayling. However, Ayling remained on his father's home planet while she returned to Earth. Klarer was among the first women to allege a romantic relationship with an extra-terrestrial.

Kelly, Kentucky (1955)

Multiple residents of Kelly, Kentucky, claimed to have seen aliens on August 21, 1955. A UFO shaped like a disc was seen first, followed by the appearance of goblin-like aliens. The aliens were said to have approached a farmhouse and peered through its windows. The two families trapped inside fired at the aliens in self-defense.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * F39dddc5bbb1f72c8a0b12ca72f636b9
Photo Courtesy: [Crobard/Wikimedia Commons]

When authorities arrived on the scene, they found no evidence of the aliens' presence except for bullet holes. Newspapers of the time referred to the aliens as little green men. A recreation of the scene is pictured above.

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INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Empty Re: INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs *

Post by Paul Thu 28 Dec 2023, 7:16 am

Levelland, Texas (1957)

Six years after the Lubbock Lights, UFOs were sighted 30 miles away in Levelland, Texas. On the night of November 2, 1957, two workers saw a blue flash of light near the road.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 5ee9cd835adcb37f51a3a89b118d8c8b
Photo Courtesy: [Leaflet/Wikimedia Commons]

Later that night, several other people in Levelland reported similarly unusual sightings. From that night until November 3, the local police department received 15 reports related to UFOs. The events at Levelland later inspired the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Trindade Island (1958)

A UFO was allegedly photographed above Trindade Island off the coast of Brazil on January 16, 1958. Almiro Baraúna, a photographer aboard the Brazilian ship Almirante Saldanha, captured several photographs of the UFO.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 1ee0ae23944db9619c9bb90317f3d134
Photo Courtesy: [Almiro baraúna/Wikimedia Commons]

The UFO is the small gray object towards the center of the image. Though it has been claimed that the photograph was a hoax, some UFO enthusiasts believe it to be concrete evidence.

Lancaster, New Hampshire (1961)

On September 19, 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were allegedly abducted by aliens. The couple was driving down U.S. Route 3 near Lancaster, New Hampshire, when they observed a UFO. When the spacecraft descended toward them, Barney and Betty experienced another state of consciousness.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 691c450c6ee6db6fa36df455f5b3f9dc
Photo Courtesy: [Ken Gallager/Wikimedia Commons]

The couple eventually regained full consciousness and returned home. They later reported their experience, which became the first heavily publicized report of alien abduction in the United States. It later formed the basis for the book The Interrupted Journey and the film The UFO Incident.

Socorro, New Mexico (1964)

Lonnie Zamora, a police officer from Socorro, New Mexico, reportedly saw a UFO on April 24, 1964. According to Zamora, he saw two people standing beside a strange object. The UFO had the appearance of aluminum and was shaped like a balloon.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 4af6cc9c16716f3d9bf32363816ae905
Photo Courtesy: [JMK/Wikimedia Commons]

An orange and blue flame roared as the object soared into the sky. Though UFO enthusiasts consider Zamora's account to be a credible one, there are many skeptics. Pictured above is an artist's impression of the UFO and its passengers based on his description.

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania (1965)

A UFO in the form of a fireball was seen over Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, on December 9, 1965. The fireball passed over at least six U.S. states before finally crashing near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 11a62ef4b892c07cce0a768e8436a245
Photo Courtesy: [Navy2004/Wikimedia Commons]

Residents of Kecksburg found a mysterious object in the woods. It was shaped like an acorn and covered with symbols similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs. However, Air Force personnel and state troopers did not find anything. A recreation of the object is pictured above.

Melbourne (1966)

Over 200 students and teachers in Melbourne, Australia, reportedly witnessed a UFO on April 6, 1966. A flying saucer nearly twice as large as a family car descended over two schools before flying towards the northwest. According to some eyewitnesses, five unidentified aircraft pursued the departing UFO.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Be39c5753f41c014421ece96f8ed2c21
Photo Courtesy: [Rexness/Wikimedia Commons]

Neither the Royal Australian Air Force nor the nearby Moorabbin Airport had any aircraft in the vicinity. Some believe that the UFO was an experimental military aircraft. Because of the large number of people who witnessed the event, there have been multiple reunions over the years.

Cussac, France (1967)

On August 29, 1967, two children encountered a UFO near Cussac, France. A nine-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother saw four alien creatures who were 47 inches in height. The creatures departed in their spacecraft, which was round and 15 feet in diameter.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Bf7c3732b27b8f63fb1670cc17e36e77
Photo Courtesy: [Le grand Cricri/Wikimedia Commons]

When authorities investigated the scene, they found dried grass and the smell of sulfur. The Cussac incident did not become public knowledge until 2007 when France released documentation of multiple UFO sightings.

Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia (1967)

A string of lights appeared in the sky over Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, on October 4, 1967. The lights appeared to descend and crash into the ocean. Eyewitnesses thought an aircraft had crashed and notified the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * D1e71b948a9a19ef38c7a5646e366ad1
Photo Courtesy: [SnowyBadger/Wikimedia Commons]

The RCMP and residents of Shag Harbour saw one of the lights appear on the surface. The light drifted further out into the ocean and eventually disappeared. Rescuers only found a mass of yellow foam in the water. After determining that it was not an aircraft or a flare, the mysterious lights were classified as a UFO.

Pascagoula, Mississippi (1973)

On October 11, 1973, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were allegedly abducted by a UFO. The two men were fishing near Pascagoula, Mississippi. Suddenly, they saw flashing blue lights and an oval-shaped object. Creatures with slitted mouths and pincers examined Hickson and Parker but eventually let them go.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 322f51aa3f40a381c7c4c53d78cf512d
Photo Courtesy: [SMG2019/Wikimedia Commons]

Reportedly, Hickson and Parker have had subsequent encounters with aliens. Parker also founded UFO Investigations, which produces television programs about UFOs. He is pictured above at the 2019 International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Berwyn Range (1974)

The Berwyn Range is located in northeastern Wales. A UFO allegedly crashed in these mountains on January 23, 1974. Residents of the sparsely populated region saw a bright light in the sky. This was accompanied by a loud noise and a large impact shock.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 89796df47b6e3505cd0a192cd8b6a2d2
Photo Courtesy: [Gabby77/Wikimedia Commons]

It was widely reported that the light in the sky was a bright meteor. Additionally, the crash and subsequent shock were said to be a magnitude 3.5 earthquake. However, UFO enthusiasts believe that the event was a UFO crash covered up by the British government.

North Bergen, New Jersey (1975)

George O'Barski reportedly witnessed a UFO in North Bergen, New Jersey, on January 12, 1975. As he was driving near North Hudson Park, he began to hear static on his car radio. O'Barski saw a brightly lit UFO suspended over the ground. 10 figures emerged from the UFO and collected soil samples before returning.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 0e3f71cd25054fe86835968029d81003
Photo Courtesy: [Nightscream/Wikimedia Commons]

When O'Barski returned to the park the next day, the holes from the soil were still there. Doormen at the Stonehenge apartment building, which can be seen in the distance, also claimed to have seen the UFO.

Snowflake, Arizona (1975)

On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was reportedly abducted by a UFO. He was a forestry worker at the Apache–Sitgreaves National Forests near Snowflake, Arizona. When the UFO appeared, his coworkers fled. The UFO emitted a beam of light which knocked Walton unconscious.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Db516aceb87be42c35bcd8109b6d0324
Photo Courtesy: [Nightryder84/Wikimedia Commons]

Walton awoke on the UFO, where he encountered three short, bald aliens. He also saw other humans on the UFO before blacking out. After five days of searching, Walton reappeared. The National Enquirer awarded Walton and his coworkers $5,000 for the best UFO case of the year.

Tehran (1976)

In the early hours of September 19, 1976, a UFO was spotted over Tehran, Iran. Iranian Air Force jets were nearing the object when their communications and instrumentation went out. One of the jets attempted to fire a missile, only to be fired at by the UFO.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 774ef1a5d22878070ca82a461bd3edcf
Photo Courtesy: [IRIAF/Wikimedia Commons]

Luminous objects approached one of the pilots before hurtling towards the ground. Fortunately, both jets continued safely after withdrawing from the UFO.

Emilcin (1978)

Emilcin, Poland, is home to the only UFO-related monument in the country. It was erected in memory of Jan Wolski. On May 10, 1978, the 70-year-old farmer was reportedly abducted by aliens while driving a horse-drawn cart.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 2974dc5b50c6067af8129ad7c170bece
Photo Courtesy: [Lukke/Wikimedia Commons]

The green-faced humanoids brought Wolski aboard their spacecraft, a white UFO. Wolski was eventually released and returned home.

The Kaikōura Ranges (1978)

In December 1978, multiple UFO sightings occurred above the Kaikōura Ranges in New Zealand. These parallel mountain ranges are located on the country's South Island but can also be seen from the North Island.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 7fcbc1db27484d6713694dd43cba8ad1
Photo Courtesy: [Michal Klajban/Wikimedia Commons]

The first sighting was reported on December 21. A series of lights appeared around a cargo aircraft before vanishing and reappearing elsewhere. The lights were visible on radar and were later filmed by an Australian television crew on December 30.

Stephen, Minnesota (1979)

Val Johnson was a Deputy Sheriff for Marshall County, Minnesota. On August 27, 1979, Johnson was patrolling near Stephen, Minnesota. Without warning, a beam of light appeared above the road and zoomed towards his patrol car.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 65a1c06b85243dff0e242c88c741a774
Photo Courtesy: [Gary Tischer/Wikimedia Commons]

Johnson passed out. Upon waking, he found that he had been unconscious for 39 minutes. His patrol car was damaged, and Johnson had sustained retinal damage. On September 11, Johnson recounted his experience with the alleged UFO on Good Morning America.

Livingston, West Lothian (1979)

The Livingston Incident is the name given to an alleged UFO encounter near Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. On November 9, 1979, a forestry worker named Robert Taylor saw a flying dome hovering above the ground. Taylor, who had been walking with his dog, was suddenly seized by small, spherical shapes.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * F89f1132d382bb15b4a88fa6657ee54a
Photo Courtesy: [Taras Young/Wikimedia Commons]

As the shapes dragged him towards the UFO, Taylor became unconscious. After regaining consciousness, Taylor returned home. His clothes were torn, and his chin and thighs had been grazed. At the time, police classified the incident as a criminal assault. Following the incident, Taylor experienced an unquenchable thirst for several days.

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INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Empty Re: INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs *

Post by Paul Thu 28 Dec 2023, 7:17 am

Valencia (1979)

On November 11, 1979, a commercial airliner was forced to land in Valencia, Spain. The reason for the emergency landing was a series of red lights, which appeared to be on a collision course with the airliner. The captain changed altitude, but the UFO followed.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 1fceee755f8a913755f5cc3b1c73035d
Photo Courtesy: [Montaje Héctor Montoya/Wikimedia Commons]

Eventually, the airliner changed course and landed at the Valencia Airport. This was the first time that a commercial airliner had to land because of a UFO. A Spanish Air Force fighter was subsequently dispatched to find the lights. The fighter pursued the UFO for over an hour before a fuel shortage forced the pilot to return to base.

Arequipa (1980)

In April 1980, a Sukhoi Su-22 reportedly intercepted a UFO in the Arequipa region of Peru. The pilot of the aircraft, 23-year-old Oscar Santa Maria Huerta, pursued the UFO. He even fired 64 shells at it.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 8d30df3b11f43006711c19d293812fce
Photo Courtesy: [World Wide Gifts/Wikimedia Commons]

According to Huerta, the UFO had a cream color and almost resembled an incandescent lightbulb. Because of insufficient fuel, Huerta was forced to break off his pursuit.

Rendlesham Forest (1980)

Between December 26 and 28, 1980, mysterious lights were seen near Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England. The phenomenon was sighted by U.S. Air Force personnel at RAF Woodbridge, who described it as a UFO.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * Acf478ea06b4ac90d20ace645a92f031
Photo Courtesy: [Taras Young/Wikimedia Commons]

Pictured above is the east gate at RAF Woodbridge. The Rendlesham Forest incident became the most famous UFO sighting in the history of the United Kingdom. Bright stars, a fireball, and even the Orfordness Lighthouse have been suggested as possible explanations.

Trans-En-Provence (1981)

Trans-en-Provence is a small village in southeastern France. On January 8, 1981, a UFO allegedly landed outside the village. The eyewitness to the event was a 55-year-old farmer named Renato Nicolaï. While tending to his property, he heard an unusual whistling sound. Suddenly, a flying saucer landed on the ground about 160 feet away from Nicolaï.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * F6f0ca492e84da7be525b2dbf41db3b0
Photo Courtesy: [Tredok/Wikimedia Commons]

The UFO ascended almost immediately after it descended and flew towards the northeast. The only trace of it was burn marks on the field where it had landed. CNES, the French space agency, investigated the area and found traces of phosphate and zinc. While Nicolaï believed he saw a military aircraft, the Trans-en-Provence incident has never been plausibly explained.

Dalnegorsk (1986)

The inhabitants of Dalnegorsk, Russia, reportedly saw a UFO on January 29, 1986. Around 8:00 PM, a large reddish ball silently drifted towards Mount Izvestkovaya, also known as Height 611. As it approached, the UFO began to descend and finally crashed.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * D19a9bf886e55db61fab0514c31d467f
Photo Courtesy: [Романвер/Wikimedia Commons]

Mysteriously, the object made no sound as it collided with Height 611. According to eyewitnesses, the object continued to give off light for about an hour. Lead, drop-shaped beads, and mesh fragments were found at the site. While some photographs were taken of the site, the images were lost when the film developed as blank.

Voronezh (1989)

On September 27, 1989, a UFO was sighted at a park in Voronezh, Russia. Several children in the park saw what appeared to be a ball but suddenly morphed into a disc.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 5db1b0f4916ef763e2da13f24e88f27f
Photo Courtesy: [Bychkov Denis/Wikimedia Commons]

Other eyewitnesses saw the UFO, but only the children saw an alien exit the craft. Hundreds of UFO reports were made after the incident, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs said they would send troops to Voronezh if the aliens reappeared.

Varginha (1996)

In January 1996, at least one UFO was reported in Varginha, Brazil. Residents also claimed to have seen an alien, which the Brazilian government allegedly captured.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * C9f446a4e8f53d07350c3a9b157ec59b
Photo Courtesy: [Oluap2512/Wikimedia Commons]

The government denied this claim, but the incident remains a part of the city's history. Pictured above is a water tower shaped like a spaceship, which serves as a symbol of the UFO sighting.

Phoenix, Arizona (1997)

A mysterious pattern of lights appeared in the skies over Phoenix, Arizona, on March 13, 1997. The Phoenix Lights were also seen in Nevada and the state of Sonora, Mexico. Descriptions of the lights varied, but the majority of eyewitnesses described the V-shaped pattern depicted below.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 452da9bf619a7f3940966631a497b19f
Photo Courtesy: [Codyorb/Wikimedia Commons]

The Phoenix Lights appeared between 7:30 and 10:30 PM. Among the witnesses was Fife Symington, who was governor of Arizona at the time. The United States Air Force claimed the lights were flares dropped by aircraft on a training exercise. However, many residents of the area believe what they saw was a UFO.

Pasargadae (2005)

During the reign of Cyrus the Great, Pasargadae was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. This ancient city is now an archaeological site. Among its most notable features is the Tomb of Cyrus.

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Photo Courtesy: [Bernd81/Wikimedia Commons]

In 2005, a tourist claimed to have seen a UFO at Pasargadae. Reportedly, the UFO was hovering above the Tomb of Cyrus, which is pictured above.

Chicago (2006)

On November 7, 2006, a UFO was sighted near O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. The witnesses were 12 United Airlines employees and several people outside the airport.

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Photo Courtesy: [formulanone/Wikimedia Commons]

According to them, a dark gray, metallic flying saucer hovered over the airport. After five minutes, the UFO soared through a hole in the clouds. The hole closed shortly after.

Alderney (2007)

Two UFOs were sighted near Alderney on April 23, 2007. Ray Bowyer was flying near the island when he and his passengers witnessed two bright objects within a span of 15 minutes. Bowyer was piloting an aircraft for Aurigny Air Services similar to the one below.

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Photo Courtesy: [Wdollivier/Wikimedia Commons]

The second UFO appeared as Bowyer approached the first. As Bowyer descended the aircraft, the objects became obscured from view. Fortunately, the encounter with the UFOs did not affect the aircraft or anyone aboard.

Fuerteventura (2008)

In 2008, a UFO was seen by people on Lanzarote, the northernmost of the Canary Islands. The UFO appeared to be hovering over the island of Fuerteventura, which is pictured below.

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Photo Courtesy: [Fab/Wikimedia Commons]

After about three minutes, the UFO inexplicably disappeared. No official explanation for the UFO was ever determined.

Harbour Mille (2010)

Harbour Mille is a small village on the south coast of Newfoundland. On January 25, 2010, multiple residents of the village reported seeing UFOs.

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Photo Courtesy: [User19004/Wikimedia Commons]

At least three UFOs were seen in the sky above Harbour Mille. According to witnesses, the UFOs made no noise but looked like missiles. Around the same time, a group of boys in Calgary, Alberta, claimed to have seen similar objects.

Hangzhou (2010)

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang, China. On July 7, 2010, a UFO was seen hovering over Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The UFO was spotted around 8:00 PM, and the airport was shut down about an hour later.

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Photo Courtesy: [MNXANL/Wikimedia Commons]

After nearly two hours, the airport resumed normal operations. Two photographs were taken of the UFO. In one of them, it appeared as a glowing object with golden light coming out of it.

Houston (2014)

On August 20, 2014, people in Houston, Texas, saw lights hovering in the sky. The lights formed a disc-like shape. Multiple photos and videos were captured of the lights and posted online.

INFORMATION VINE * The Mysterious History of UFOs * 0c534d633a0409ac7517298b9ec831af
Photo Courtesy: [Katie Haugland Brown/Wikimedia Commons]

Following these sightings, the Houston Museum of Natural Science announced that they are investigating the UFOs. Depending on their findings, the mysterious history of UFOs may become a little clearer in the future.

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